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    Ray Gano

    In this area I want to talk about the different demons we might encounter while conducting deliverance.



    I really enjoy your work on this topic!


    Even though the Gospels clearly indicate that Jesus healed people of demon possession, it is difficult for people to put much credence in demons due to a lack of experience and first hand knowledge. In a scriptural belief ideology, I believe that demons exist but like most people, first hand knowledge is not present.

    I do know how to counteract demonic influence, “by calling on the name of Jesus” but so far I have not had to use that defense.



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    I know demons exist I have spoken to them during deliverance , and been attacked by the demonic realm as well,fairly viciously I might add, believe me its real, some of us occasionally get to glimpse into it . its not a happy place.They have a very efficient command and control structure in place , they have to , especially when they realized the mistake they made by killing Jesus. But The word of Jesus is strong and repels them never forget that, I also think, and iv’e spoken to others that do deliverance , that the more stronger you get in the spirit, the demons that are assigned to you seem to be stronger as well, its only a thought but I think im pretty close to the mark on that one, others may be able to agree or correct me on that one. there is nothing in scripture to support it though. We also know the holy spirit is stronger than any demon.
    Also the majority of people that don’t believe in the demonic you need to understand is that the demonic realm have them where they want them, the demons give them everything, ie: money expensive homes, toys for the boys, holidays, prestige an apparent happy life and so on and so on,the demons leave them alone they have them where they want them but those non believers are on that wide and straight path to destruction : Mathew 7:13-14 .

    However when a non believer accepts Jesus into his or her life which is a wonderful thing , there’s nothing better ,I can attest to that,things tend to start going a bit pear shaped ( Aussie metaphor ) the demons don’t like people turning to God and they will do anything to get them back into sin, they tend to attack where you are the most weakest, and slowly drag you back to where they want you in sin, unfortunately a lot of people succumb to this , Deliverance ministries really need to keep working on the people that they have bought to Jesus, and not leave them to their own devices, but equip them with the tools to deal with it and keep working on them, we do.
    I know its not us but the holy spirit that works in us , and we have to keep reading the word of God, because very soon we are going to need it , we are going to be tested , and the only way we will get through is by the word of God and fellowship with other like minded Christians, and also resting in gods word , its the truth , and no other, don’t be deceived by the enemy.
    thanks for reading
    much love


    I hear you Tony. Demonic activity is getting more and more blatant and in our faces. It is being boldly pushed on children in school (i.e., those after-school Satan clubs–realllllly???), the Hollywood types are huge cheerleaders of the dark side, and don’t even get me started on the politicians and their Satan-worshipping pedophile rings! It is all around us. Training in spiritual warfare is an absolute necessity these days–for our own protection and to help all the multitudes out there who are suffering. There is so much need. Yes we do get attacked but our Lord is so much stronger than all the filth of hell. As you mentioned, staying in the Word and close to the Lord is where our safety lies. Praise God!
    Prayers & blessings to you as you fight the good fight!


    Ray, as far as demons that we may encounter…..I do believe the spirit of Jezebel and Belial are very very active right now. We see evidence of their “work” everywhere. The spirits of death and antichrist are also active. And what’s up with all those arches being paraded around the world to honor Baal and now Hectate (?)–demons of Babylon?! I wish people would WAKE UP to what is going on. Those who refuse to see the supernatural hands behind the scenes are being manipulated and controlled by them and they don’t even know it. No wonder the world has become such a sad, sad place.

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