Missions Minded


troy-koehne-med-2013We finished up our annual missions conference Sunday night. A question was asked that stuck with me.

How far would you go to see someone saved? Maybe it’s your neighbor, or perhaps a loved one that’s near and dear to your heart.

We can no longer afford to idly sit back while the ones we love parish into a sinners hell. We all know enough to go and tell a loved one their need for Jesus. But we hesitate while another person slips away.

A good man at my church pulled me aside last night. He was broken with tears rolling out of his eyes. He said that he had a friend that had a massive stroke. He was told that this friend would be gone in a matter of hours.

That wasn’t what had him in tears. He looked me dead in the eyes, and said, “Troy. I could have told him about Jesus. I could have witnessed to him. I had the time again and again, and I didn’t tell him. I feel awful and ashamed. If he goes to hell, it will be my fault.”

What do you say so someone like that? You could give them a sugar coated response, but deep in your soul you know that it doesn’t help. There is still time or we will pray that God sends someone to him before it’s too late.

The fact is, God already sent someone and that’s as far as it went.

Hell is real people. You know it and I know it. Just because your preacher doesn’t have the guts to tell you the truth, because they won’t preach the whole counsel of God’s word, doesn’t mean people won’t go there. God’s word is still God’s word. He is not going to change his mind just because you didn’t want to believe it.

Now you may think that’s a cold response, but we have all been there. We have had many opportunities to tell people about Jesus, and we didn’t. Plain and simple. We know where they are going and it boils down to we don’t really care. Because if we cared, we would tell them.

So how far would you go? Yes, I know you are one person. I know you can’t go overseas to some foreign country, many of you can’t even go to the next town.

But we still have options that God can use. We can pray. I don’t mean giving lip service to God like you do to people in passing. I mean you get on your face before God and you cry and scream for your loved ones, for those who are lost, for those who are near, and those who are far. James 5:16b (KJV) says, the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

It’s time we quit playing willy-nilly with our prayers. If you want to see people saved, pray like you have never prayed before.

How far would you go? I’ll do whatever it takes to reach the lost. You always hear that after a conference. We are on an emotional high and while believing that God has indeed spoken to us, we don’t count the cost.

Missions takes money! That’s the bottom line. Everyone starts getting nervous when the M word is thrown out there. But it’s a true fact that supporting a missionary overseas will cost you something. Being a missionary in your own backyard will cost you something. There is always a cost.

It costs us to go out to eat. But we don’t consider that a cost at all. It’s something we want to do. But to send $25 a month to someone who actively is involved on seeing souls saved, we simply can’t afford too.

It’s not that we can’t afford too, it’s that our priorities are out of whack. People in Bangkok don’t matter to us because we don’t see them, we don’t hear about them, but God sent his Son to die for them just like he died for you and me. Are you going to tell me that the cost of a cheeseburger is more important than keeping someone out of hell?

Maybe you just don’t understand. God uses his people to do things. That’s the way he set it up. As the body of Christ, we are to be God’s hands and feet. If something needs to be done, it’s up to us to get it done.

Look, if you would rather eat a cheeseburger than be a part of the things of God, that’s your choice. God will not bless you! You will get nothing from God!

What’s going to happen is the people who will do the will of God will be blessed in ways you could only imagine. And when that happens, you are going to get mad because you had the chance and did nothing.

So how far will you go to reach the lost? You may not know any missionaries to support but I know of one organization that needs your help. Many of you support them already some of you are getting fat off of what they do because it benefits you. That’s almost like stealing.

Ray Gano at www.prophezine.com works very hard to continue to spread the gospel around the world. We need to support that. While you are eating cheeseburgers, he’s faithfully seeking God, trying to find better ways to get the gospel around the world.

Your dollars will literally go around the world. $25 bucks isn’t much to ask for every month and some of you can do more. Partner with Ray, let him know you are in the trenches with him. Drop him a line, let him know you are praying for him. Ask him what his needs are.

I can tell you, he lives on a shoe string budget trying to do a global work.

There are souls that will never be presented the gospel if we don’t help. It will take time and investment, but the rewards will last for eternity. Let’s be mission minded this year and help take the gospel where it’s never been before. Let’s do it before it’s too late.

By Troy Koehne