PZ Radio’s In Depth Series – John Price – Author of The End of America

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PZ Radio’s In Depth Series – John Price (3+ hours)

john-book-drop-shadBy our stats and ratings on some of the boards out there, PZ Radio is doing well. In fact we still rate in the top 5 podcasts downloaded from ChristianPodcast.com / Godcast100.com

I have gotten emails from the readers telling me how pleased they are that I am doing PZ Radio again, and the downloads show me that you are listening.

Several years back I would do a PZ Radio special here and there. These too were very popular and that gave me an idea.

Why not have in depth radio interview ranging from various scriptural topics that people need to know about today?

So to start things off, I asked my friend John Price to come on PZ Radio and sit and chat for a bit.

Three hours later and I have to say that we have an incredible show.

For those of you who do not know, John Price is the author of the book “The End of America.” In his book he documents 5 biblical prophets who gave us 223 verses containing 30 clues to the identity of “The Daughter of Babylon.”

Now when people see this they instantly jump to the “mystery Babylon” idea and this is not at all what John is talking about.

In fact many of these verses I have read myself at one time or another and when I read them, I just blew over the references to “the daughter of Babylon.” I don’t know why it did not jump out at me, but the term didn’t.

BUT… when I read John’s book and read the verses myself again, BAM!! The verses jumped out at me like 3D Technicolor and I wonder how did I ever miss them in the past?

In this three hour interview we talk about…

  • How will the church be treated during those difficult times?
  • How will this nation treat Isreal in the End Times?
  • What will happen to this nation as a result of what it does to Israel?
  • What does God say to His people about staying in the land?
  • Should we flee and if so, why?
  • How does Islam relates to all this?
  • Finally… what will happened in the world once America is no longer in power?

To help people absorb and also be a good Bereans, I have included a 70+ page study guide going through each of the 30 scriptural clue found in John’s book

I am also including John’s article “FLEE!!! Seven Compelling Reasons To Move FROM America.“

We are asking that folks give a gift of just $5.00 for the PZ Radio In Depth Interview, the 70 page study guide and the FLEE article.

If you feel led to donate $15, $20, $50 to help our efforts here it would be a huge blessing.

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Thank you again for being there.

Once I get the Pay Pal notice, I will send an email to you with a link to the download page.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.



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