The Demon Wars – “Ray Why Do The Demonic Still Harass Me?”


By Ray Gano

I have gotten several emails from folks explaining to me their predicament. Stinking demons harassing them, causing sleep paralysis, horrible smells, bad / horrific / sexual dreams and the list goes on.

Now, all of the people that I have had contact with are good solid Christians. They love the Lord and are born again.

But still, they have demonic activity in their lives and don’t know why.

Here is one woman’s story…

“Wednesday night all three of us were attacked.  For me it started with feeling like bugs were crawling on me, and spider webs being dragged across my face, arms, neck.  Then something animalistic scratched several times from inside the sofa. Then I heard an evil animal growl, and saw this evil, putrid, rotten demon.  I had to rebuke it in the name of Jesus, I said I was covered by the precious blood of Jesus, and it left.

The same night my eldest daughter was woken from her sleep with this loud buzzing coming from inside her ear, then a wicked spirit pushed her down in her bed, drained her of her energy, and she could barely breathe, and talk.  She was moving her arm, and that demon grabbed her arm, and pushed it into the bed.  It finally fled, she had the worst attack.

My mom said she felt one of her dogs scratching her, and put it’s nose on her.  She looked and nothing was there. She went and looked for them, and all the dogs were asleep.  Then one of her dogs became violently ill as soon as she finished praying, her toast burnt, and the temp on the toaster was all the way down.

That same demon came back to me on Thursday night, but not as powerful as before, or so I thought.  I woke up Friday morning, and my body felt terrible, and I was very run down. Last night was fine.”

Luckily, this woman knows how to battle the demons, her problem is why do they keep coming back to torment her?

After a number of emails and such what we determined is that she was probably being cursed by a family member who is a practicing witch and has other issues associated with her sexually. The family member knows that she has a demon attached to her and welcomes it. The family member does not like that she and the rest of the family are Christians and has worked at dividing the family.

Here is another case…

 “It is also true demons will try to mess with your mind sleep or awake. As I was about to drift off to sleep I would hear in my mind someone call my name sternly trying to get my attention.  Back then you didn’t tell anyone in the church they’d think you were nuts. More recently when I bound the generational demons and commanded they leave me in Yahshua’s name they tried to drawn me into a sexual situation while I was sleeping that night and as I was waking became aware of it and refused in His name.  They stopped immediately.”

This woman explained that she lived a very good life, loves the Lord and yet still having these experiences.

Both of these people ask WHY?

Why Do Demons Haunt / Torment Christians Who Are Living a Right Life?

As I mentioned, I have been getting a large number of emails dealing with this topic, good Christian folks being harassed / tormented / haunted, etc.

There are some things that we need to remember about demons.

First  – They MUST adhere to God’s natural law, thus they must adhere to the doctrine of freewill.

What does this mean?

They can tempt, but not torment / haunt / attach themselves to a person / enter their home without an invite.

I am not sure of how many of have seen the old vampire movies and how a vampire cannot enter the home without being invited?

Well that wives’ tale stems from the demonic. Demons are not allowed to basically “set up shop” unless they are invited.

See, God created man as a rational being, we as man have the ability to control our own actions or at least we believe we are.

We have the freedom to accept God or choose to accept the enemy. Which if we are accepting anything else but God, we are accepting the enemy.

Bob Dylan said it best in boiling down freewill “ It may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but cha’ gotta serve somebody.”

Now here is the catch and this is the loop hole that the demonic play.

There are times that we do not think or realize that we are inviting the demonic realm into our lives and homes because over the years we have been so “dumbed down” about the entire demonic issue.

Like The Moth To The Flame

To put it simply, demons are like moths attracted to the flame.

When you have demonic activity in your life, and it persists, there is most likely something that is going on where you have unknowingly opened up that doorway / portal into your home without your knowledge.

The three main issues that I have noticed are …

A) – There is an issue in one’s life that the demons are using / leveraging to gain access to you.

Example – do you have any hidden sins or unconfessed sins that are festering deep inside that you have pushed back so deep you have forgotten about them?

Is there a secret sin in your life that you are still clinging to?

If this is the fact, you need to confess it and do not give the demonic something to latch onto. (1 John 1:9)

B) – There is possibly something in your home that a friend or more likely a relative has given you. The object is how the demon is gaining access to you.

Example – you bought a tribal mask at a garage sale which you thought was really cool and would look good on your knick-knack shelf. Problem is that there is a demonic presence associated to that mask and because you brought that into your home under your own “freewill” the demon now has a “doorway / portal” into your home.

Believe it or not, I have had a number of these sorts of incidents and people have described pagan objects, unrealized occult objects, family heirlooms and the like.

If this is the case, then I highly recommend getting rid of the item. If you are able to burn it, then that is how I would dispose of it.

There are stories where people have thrown “haunted items” away and somehow that item ends back up on their doorstep.

Scripture tells us…

Deuteronomy 7:25 “The graven images of their gods shall ye burn with fire: thou shalt not desire the silver or gold that is on them, nor take it unto thee, lest thou be snared therein: for it is an abomination to the LORD thy God.”

There was a reason that God told the Israelites to burn the graven images because there are demons associated to those items.

C) – If one is married, there might be something that involves the spouse and it is either one or the other above items… hidden sin or object in the house they unknowingly brought in, etc.

D) – Generational Curse… I am not going to spend anytime on this one because it deserves its own article for another time. Just know that there could be things in your family tree that you may not realize.

ALSO… you do not have to go back a bunch of generations to find evil. Your parents, grand-parents, aunts and uncles will suffice, maybe your great grandparents. Again, natural law is that they have to be introduced and some great great grandfather who was dead prior to you coming into the world will not be able to physically introduce you to the demon. (knowing or unknowingly) That is why I say that generational demons are passed down from parents, grandparents or great grand parents. People you have actual physical contact with.

But I am starting to go into detail and I want to hold this one off till I can dedicate an entire article to this topic.

E) – The ground your home is on is a demonic strong hold. This is what happened to us and it took us a some time to finally figure it out. But when we did, the attacks became even worse.

Why Is This? Our Dominion

succubi after the soulWhen warring against Satan and his demons then stay within our God given boundaries such as our homes, families, belongings, ministries and property.

This is where we have dominion and the support of natural law.

As the old adage goes, our home is our castle.

Demons have a small shred of respect for our dominion because they must.

What we are doing is working within the natural law which God created and the order with which He gave authority.

As the man of the family I am head of household and priest of our home, I have authority and dominion over my home as well as all that is under my roof. I am responsible for the good and the bad that goes on. So, like it or not, if my home has evil there, it is ultimately my fault for not acting within that head of home capacity.

Now with that said, in today’s hustle and bustle world we may over look things, not be as situationally aware, not as in tune with God as we should, tired, lazy, etc.  This is how the evil gets in, when we are not being aware and thinking that things are just honky-dory normal.

Basically we become complacent and that is what the enemy likes. Complacent little Christians.

BUT… if we remain vigilant and really keep the spiritual radar turned on, we will know when things are not right and demonic have set in or we are just having a bad day.

When I am aware spiritually and physically, it is that capacity that gives me my authority over my dominion. The same goes for my wife, who is second in charge.

Our dominion as Christians is our family, home, belongings, ministry and property.

If you step outside that dominion boundary, you are then entering the devil’s playground and whenever you enter his playground, you will get dirty.

I have mentioned this before and I still run into people that walk around with bottles of oil anointing everything in their path.

Now is this wrong? No, but they are operating outside their realm of authority. Attempting to tackle Satan and his minions over larger areas usually results in unnecessary attacks and opening up that big can of trouble.

Things We Need To Remember As Christians Dealing With The Demonic

FIRST – We have always got to go back to the key issue with demons; they have a clear-cut agenda. Their goal is to steal, destroy and kill. They know that they are going to hell and they want to bring as many humans with them as possible.

NOTE – Now, I want to make something clear, that all bad things that might be happening to you or someone you know is not necessarily demonic, like it or not bad things happen to good people. We need to remember that and not go all “mid-evil” on a situation thinking that there is a demon hiding behind every corner.

What we don’t want to do is go off half-cocked and running around like wackos rebuking every single little thing in our lives and the lives of those around us.

SECOND – When one becomes demonically possessed, oppressed, haunted or has a demon attached to them, this just did not just happen overnight.

Demons, like sharks will swim around, testing their prey, nudging them here and there and then when they think the time is right, they attack.

Basically they want to make sure that they have been invited in, again, they are very legalistic and they adhere to God’s natural law.

I also want to mention that they want the best experience and put as many odds in their favor. So they are very cunning, slow and deliberate in their actions to see what they can get away with. They tend to chip away at you in the beginning rather than hitting you with the whole wrecking ball all at once. Not to say they do not, but they tend to be patient and cunning.

This has been a long time coming and sometimes it is without our knowledge or complete understanding.

So, if you are someone who has demonic dealings in your life and yet you are a great Christian living a right life in these last days. Ask yourself why are you the flame and why is this demon moth attracted to you.

You may need to pose this question also to God and know that you can also reach out to me and I can try to give you my best opinion from my experience.

I hope that this has helped answer some questions.

If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact me at and I will be more than happy to help.




  1. Hey Mr. Gano,
    It’s good to see someone putting articles out on spiritual warfare and the subject of demons, oppression and possession and you had several good points. There is however two important points that I believe you have overlooked Ray.
    First off is un-forgiveness in our hearts, a place many Christians seem to overlook. Jesus tells us plainly in the parable of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18 :22-35, how if we have been forgiven and refuse to forgive those who offend us, that we will be turned over to the tormentors. Are these physical torturers or tormenting spirits? Clearly the later. From my experiences dealing with tormented people, whether mentally ill or demonized, holding onto un-forgiveness was the number one problem with both.
    Second is another controversial subject with Christians, and that is the use of sorcery, whether by illegal drug use or Western medicines. When you look at Revelation 9:21, where the people would not repent of their murders, sorcery, etc…. The Greek word for sorcery here is pharmekia, which the Strong’s Concordance defines sorcery as; the mixing and administering of potions. Isn’t that what Western medicine really is. God gave us natural medicines in plants and found in nature to effect healing for many things. But federal law makes it a felony to claim that any natural product can heal or cure disease.
    When they find something in nature that does heal or remedy ailments they try to recreate it in a lab, only producing half of the structure that God created. We have been deceived into holding doctors and medicine up on a platform equal with God’s healing nature. We are practicing sorcery. I hope you will pray about this and let God guide you in all truth. Your sincere friend in Jesus Christ. Stuart L. Cockerham