The GREAT PZ Thumb Drive & Books Offer – Help us buy a bed


Hello PZ Insiders and PZ Members,

For those of you who may not know, we have moved back to the US  from Central America where God called us to service for the past four years. We landed back in the US about 5 weeks ago with just suitcases in hand and very little else. We left everything behind.

I am writing because we need to raise money so that we can purchase some basic furniture.

We need the following…

  • A complete bed – $1680.00
  • TV & TV Stand – $650
  • 2 ea 6 ‘ white folding tables that will be our desks to work from
  • 2 ea office chair – $160
  • Cable Modem – $109.00
  • WIFI Router $198.00 ( we need a pretty powerful router due to the size of the two story house.)

The total for all this is just over $3000.00.

To help us earn the money needed I have put together Survival Thumb Drive Library Package.

In this you will get an autographed copy of my best selling book “Survive The Coming Storm” and I have put together a 4 Gig thumb drive with over 400 ebooks, PDFs, audio and video files. The great thing about this thumb drive is that you can copy it and give each family member this great survival library.

To give you an idea of the contents, here is the screenshot of the all the folders.

When you open this thumb drive survival library you will notices that the folders are either all CAPS or upper case lower case. The folders that are all caps are general survival topics that can be used for people living anywhere. The other folders are geared more to the suburban / city dweller and has a lot of information to help in more city / urbanized living environment.

I have even included information to help disabled and seniors with survival and preparedness specific to them.

Also included on the survival thumb drive are the books – “Where There is No Doctor” & “Where There Is No Dentist.” These two books are literal life savers and to this day I still reference them when I need to treat at home.

To get this great survival library package
all I am asking is for a minimum donation of $40.00.

But That’s Not All…

If you are willing to donate $75.00 or more, I will also include and autograph the following books – Ebola Crisis and Weaponize.

SPECIAL NOTE – this is the first time that these books have been offered in paperback format. They were only available on Kindle, but they have been doing so well on Amazon that they are now being published in paperback format.

Please help us earn the money needed so that we can purchase this basic furniture for the new place we are moving to here in Texas.

To purchase this great survival library, please click on the following link and enter in the amount you wish to donate.

Please remember that we are asking a minimum of $40 for the book and survival thumb drive.

To get the entire package and all the books autographed, please donate $75 or more.


 At this moment we can only ship within the United States. If you live outside the US, contact me first to see what the cost of shipping will be and see if we are able to ship to you.

Thank you for helping us this way and purchasing The Survival Library Thumb Drive.

BACK STORY – Why We Need The Help

I know that some folks are wondering why we need this help.

As you know we are purchasing a home in Conroe Texas area and God had really given us favor when it came to my VA loan. In fact, our loan officer has been ready to close since April 12th. Which I have heard that getting our loan ready that quick is almost unheard of.

When we went to go tour the home, we have met with the sellers, who seemed like really nice people. We let them know our situation and that we moved from Panama, living out of suitcases and have been renting a car as well as having to eat out for most of our meals.

They seemed sympathetic and said that they would work at getting out early and we were very excited that they were willing to do this.

Well, somewhere along the way they decided that they are going to take even longer and we are not closing till April 27. They became difficult and their agent has been very rude and difficult to work with. Even my loan officer has had issues with them and we do not understand why, especially since they claim to be Christians.

Anyways, we have been digging into money we had budgeted for our basic furniture due to this delay in closing and it has hurt the pocket book big time.

Please help us earn the money needed so that we can purchase this basic furniture for our new home here in Conroe Texas.


When you order, please include your mailing address and your phone number just in case I need to get hold of you.

Thank you for helping us this way and purchasing The Survival Library Thumb Drive.

In His Service,

Ray & Tracye Gano

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