The Servant Warrior – Discipline – It is Vital To the Servant Warrior Life


ray-gano-medIn this article I am going to take on probably one of the tougher aspects of living the Servant Warrior life, that is living a life of discipline.

None of the other virtues, traits, character aspects will ever see their full potential until one becomes disciplined.

Now, I have to admit that this is a tough one to write about because I have my own shortfalls in this area as well.

I am going to let you in on a little secret, I tend to procrastinate in some things and not so much in others.

No matter, it is something that I personally need to overcome and fix in my life. But what I have found out in walking the path of that servant warrior, alone “I” cannot fix it, that is something that God has to help me with.

That is the part of discipline that is hard.

The life of a Servant Warrior does not just magically appear. It is something that you have to work at almost every minute of every day of your life.

The working every day of your life part, is where the discipline comes in.

Developing the character, virtues, proper mind, body and spirit is something that takes time. In fact it takes a lot of time and with some parts, our whole lives.

Without self-discipline you will barely get started with what you want to do and probably peter out just after you get the ball rolling.

It all starts with making excuses for this or that. Miss your quiet time, skipping prayer, allowing the couch to call vs getting outside and working out with the sword, sticks, or whatever physical fitness you do.

In the end it comes down to doing one of two things.

1 – Suffer the pain of self-discipline


2 – Suffer the pain of regret and disappointment.

One way at looking at being self-disciplined is being diligent.

Here are just a few scriptures from Proverbs that speak about this.

Proverbs 10:4 He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich.

Proverbs 11:27 He that diligently seeketh good procureth favour: but he that seeketh mischief, it shall come unto him.

Proverbs 12:24 The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute.

If you really want to live the Servant Warrior life, you will have to choose one of these, self-discipline or regret.

What all this comes down to is taking control of your mind and body.

The New Year is coming up.

How many people do you think will take on a new year’s resolution and say ” I want to lose 20 lbs.”

How many people will fail?

You want to know WHY people fail?

It boils down to two things.

1 – The lack of self-discipline

2 – Not having a goal or setting a goal

Look at how many people in the bible achieved great things.

One of my favorite examples is Noah.

Do you know it took Noah 120 years to build the ark?

Boy is that self-discipline or what?

But here is the difference between a common man and the Servant Warrior.

I bet there were many times that Noah woke up and did not want to work on that ark. Sure he may have taken some time off here and there. Getting away from your work from time to time is a good thing. God wants people to rest.

But it is the self-discipline that Noah had that kept him going.

Now, one has to admit the motivation to get the job done is a pretty big motivator as well.

The whole ” I am going to destroy all life on the earth” does help.

There are many other examples of people in scripture accomplishing great things, but the wonderful thing is that in all of this, God was also involved and He helped the people achieve.

It wasn’t due to their own accord that many of the great men and women of the bible performed great deeds. It was because they submitted to God, thus allowing HIM to work through them.

That is the difference between the Servant Warrior and the common man.

The Servant Warrior has God assisting them, when the common man has him and him alone to help achieve the goals he has placed before himself.

So what do you want?

Either you discipline yourself for the future rewards, which in the long run are wonderful; or you live life foolishly only doing what a weak mind and body dictate.

This is why I profess being a procrastinator. It is something that I constantly work at. It has been painful, but what is worse is that it is even more painful when I do allow procrastination to seep in.

One of the aspects of being a Servant Warrior is taking care of one’s body. If you are like me, there is room to lose a few extra pounds, do some toning up, and becoming more proficient at the sword, sticks or other weapons I like to train with.

If we continue to put off honing those skills, or whatever it is we wish to do, the odds are very good that you will not only regress (backslide) but you will also lose those skills.

There is the old saying, “three steps forward, two steps back.”

How many of you know what I am talking about?

This is where discipline comes into play. It is the battle for your mind between the Servant Warrior in you and the sluggard that lives in all of us.

It is self-discipline that keeps us moving forward in losing those few extra pounds. BUT… it is discipline that helps us keep those few pounds off and working towards a better body.

It is self-discipline that makes us get out and do some sword work, stick work, exercising one’s self so that we can protect and care for our loved ones.

It is self-discipline that keeps us on track to always do what is right, instead of allowing that sluggard that lives in all of us a chance to gain that foothold.

Don’t Use it – You Will Lose It


As a Servant Warrior, we have many skills that we need to hone.

Yes we have physical skills, but we also have mental and spiritual skills we need to constantly work at.

What happens if we stop practicing / using our skills, we lose them?

For example, look at prayer.

How many people do you know are really great at prayer? They seem to always say the right things, be eloquent, and do not ramble on?

Do you think that they were just born that way or that they take the time to constantly hone that skill?

How do you hone the skill of prayer?

SIMPLE… you pray and you pray a lot.

The same goes with studying the bible, scripture memorization, talking to others about Christ, walking in faith, and the list goes on.

How many of you can look back in your life and see times when your spiritual lives were doing really great.

But look at you now, your prayers may not have that gleam in them like they once had, you can’t recall that verse like you used to, someone tells you to look up Habakkuk and you have to go to the front of the bible to see what page it is on.

See what I mean?

This is what Archilochus was meaning when he said…

We do not rise to the level of our expectations.

We rise to the level of our training.

Sure we may all look at ourselves and think we are really good at this or that. We may even watch some sort of action movie thinking we have the ability to do what we see the good guy doing. In fact, we might even have the same skill.

But if we do not continue to train at all our Servant Warrior skills, they begin to diminish and eventually we lose them.

So if we are not self-disciplined to work at the skills of being a Servant Warrior and continue to train in those skills. When the time comes where we need to actually call up those skills, how many of us will be 100% proficient at that skill that will be needed at that time?

This is why discipline is so important to walking that Servant Warrior path.

Whatever skill you want to perfect in life, you have to discipline yourself to work at them. If you don’t, you will find yourself living a life of envy and regret. You will envy those who did have the discipline and you will regret because you allowed yourself to miss out on those rewards.

William Arthur Ward, the author of “The Fountains of Faith” once said…

“The price of excellence is discipline.”

If you want excellence in your life, which if you are a Servant Warrior, that is something you do want, then you must be willing to live a life of excellence, and living the life of excellence is what it means to be a Servant Warrior.

As Servant Warriors (AKA Bible Believing Christians) we should be striving for that life of excellence.


Because we serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Our Father in Heaven is the creator of all the universe.

We serve Jesus Christ who laid His life down for us, so that we can live with Him forever.

Is living a life of self-discipline easy?


It is painful, it takes work and even at times very hard work.

It takes having control over your sluggard mind that just wants to be a couch potato.

It means doing more, training more, being more.

The Servant Warrior Page on Facebook

I recently started a group on Facebook called The Servant Warrior.

You can visit and join the page by going here…

One of my fellow servant warriors said the following, and I thought that it really painted a great picture of what we as Servant Warriors have to face.

Now in this she is addressing the women out there, but the points that she raises is for all of us Servant Warriors.

karen-rickardHere is what she said…

How many women here see themselves in the role of a Woman Warrior?

I think of the things that are coming and I know that the Lord has called me as a Warrior.

My first thought is the protection of my grandchildren, as my 5 sons are grown and all warriors. I have had law enforcement training and military training for I always knew I was called to be a warrior.

But I am seeing many women stepping into the warrior mode. I see so many making sure they will have food, learning the basics of growing their own food, canning, seeking alternative heat and lights.

This is the basic survival skills all warriors have.

I know firsthand of those learning how to protect their loved ones and their home.

I see it as the Lord has given us a preview of what is coming for us to be prepared.

If you think back to the settlers in the West, these were mostly Godly people trying to make a living and they had to learn to protect what was theirs.

Same things are happening now in these ungodly times.

I was confused at first about my role. Until I was reading my bible through.

Women have been called to be warriors.

I always knew I was named after Deborah in the O.T. and when I got to Judges I was amazed reading about my namesake.

I know that I will be by my husband’s side, fighting whatever fight that might ensue, physically, mentally and prayerfully.

We are called to Christ and he gives us each a calling, an anointing.

Recently I was flying home from Texas and a nice looking gentlemen asked if he could sit by me. He said he was praying and the Lord led him to sit by me. I found out during our 30 minute heart to heart conversation he is a renowned evangelist, named Robby Mitchell. He told me God was calling me into a role.

I can’t wait to see what God will use me for. I will be more than happy to talk to any of you Ladies, and will accept all friend requests. God Bless each of you

~ Karen Sinquefield Rickard

Hard times are coming.

In fact, hard times are here already. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is going to get worse.

This is why I believe that God is calling people out. Calling people to stand up and be The Servant Warriors we have been call to be.

What is interesting is that I am not alone in this. I started this page on Saturday and already I have over 170 people who have joined The Servant Warrior page.

The message and calling people out to be the Servant Warrior again is resonating with many.

There is so much bad in the world today. Why not stand for what is good, just, and righteous in the eyes of God.

I am standing with God. I am working to be more self-disciplined in the ways of God and walking that path of righteousness.

Now do not get me wrong, I am far from perfect and boy do I blow it more often than not.

But the difference is I do not allow the enemy to keep me down. I preserver and I discipline myself to get back up and stand again. And if the enemy knocks me down again, I will continue to get back up. At times it will not be as fast, and at times I will jump right back up, but no matter what, I will not give way to the enemy. I will do all I can and I know that with God’s help and power working through me, I will continue to fight the good fight as a true Servant Warrior of God.

What Do You Choose? Servant Warrior or The Side Lines?

tsw-logoThere are many who are called to be the Servant Warrior. In fact it amazes me how many are out there. But as good as that is, it is sad that there are many who are choosing to live the easier softer life and remain on the side lines.

Like it or not, there is no such thing as retirement. We serve God till our last dying breath and at that point He calls us home to our heavenly reward.

It does not matter how old you are or how young you are. Male, female, short, tall, fat, thin. It does not matter where we are from or the color of our skin. IF you are a true bible believing Christian, you are called to be that Servant Warrior for Christ.

Folks, we are living in the last days of the last days.

We do not know when Christ will return. But we do know that Christ commanded us to “occupy till He returns.”

I have to be honest and say that we have been lax in that job. But the battle is not over and now more than ever God is calling people to service as Servant Warriors again.

I stand today humble yet proud that I have answered that call to be The Servant Warrior.

My heart beats again feeling that charge within and the fire burns in my bones to help others discover the same.

I know that many out there feel like they can do nothing and the enemy has been beating you down. I know exactly what that feels like, been there done that, got the “T” shirt.

But that is changing, not only in me, but I know in others as well. I feel like I am empowered again, those batteries getting charged up again. I feel good knowing that I am choosing the right path and that the discipline will pay off in the long run.

I look to that day when I can stand before Our Lord and hear Him say…

“Enter my kingdom my good and faithful servant.”

You don’t know how much I want to hear those words from My Lord, My Savior, My King.

The words of a job well done, I fought the good fight and ran the race well.

It is my self-discipline that will help me get there, but it will be the Power of God working through me and seeing me through that will make the difference.

It isn’t the people we elect or the laws that we make that will matter. What matters is God working through the hearts of men and women who choose to stand in these dark days.

It will be the power of God working through the Servant Warriors that will make the difference.

That is what is exciting to me, that is why I feel good about what we are doing here at Prophezine. That is why others are also feeling good because they too are answering that call of The Servant Warrior.

The path is not easy and many times it is painful, but the feeling inside knowing the good we are doing for the King with whom we serve is a nice feeling to have.

I have to say that there is no better feeling, no greater purpose or challenge than to answer that call.

Put that spark, that zeal, that charge back into your life, pick up the cross and follow Him as The Servant Warrior.

By Ray Gano