Uncomfortably Numb


hindenburg-wide410-200WARNING :: If you are not wanting to hear about the dark days coming, then do not read this.

I woke up this morning to the fact that we will get four more years of the same.

Well, actually not, it is going to be worse.

I don’t think that people understand the gravity of what has taken place.

I hate saying this but our nation as we know it is no more.

I was hoping to have till April, but now, who knows. We may have till tomorrow.

One of my facebook friends who is a history buff also stated the following…

“I feel sick, in my heart. You see, I love History, studying it analyzing it. Seeing the patterns and trends. I believe, again, based on my studies, that within a year we will be living in a very brutal dictatorship.”

2013 – 2015 – somewhere in this span our country will take a great fall.

If from nothing else then at lease by incredible economic catastrophe.

These economic storms are coming starting Jan 1 2013 and there is nothing that can eventually stop them.

– The Financial Cliff
– Inflation Beginning To Run Amok
– Food Prices Going Up / Shortages of Food
– ERISA Law Going Into Effect
– Another Housing Bubble Will Burst

The natural laws of economy and nature have kicked in a long time ago. There is no escaping these events and no matter who was voted in, they are still coming.

What Romney offered was a little more time.  Now, who knows.  

I pray for mercy and that we might have till April 2013. But now I am not sure that will happen. The man who occupies the oval office will push even harder and faster with his plans to destroy this nation.

Now we might be able to kick the can down the road on a few months, but it still does not eliminate all the events, just delays the pain. And the pain and suffering is going to come.

Couple all this with the weakening of our defenses, our military being made a politically correct in many ways, lawlessness and hedonism with no limitations and you can see why I sit here “uncomfortably numb.”

We are a nation primed for a dictator, an invasion, sever oppression, and the list goes on. Look at history, in fact look at pre WWII Germany and we are there.

One of the first things that popped into my head this morning is that the German people elected Hitler. They turned all power over to him… willingly too.

Life is not going to go on as normal. Things are going to change and change drastically. Terribly dangerous ugly days lie ahead of us.

Look at what we are facing.

– A lame duck president hell bent on destroying this nation, totally ignoring the will of the people.

– A lame duck Senate  hell bent on supporting the president.

– A lame duck congress, which is republican controlled, so that means nothing is going to budge thus enabling “the man who occupies the oval office” the giddy opportunity to sign as many executive orders as he deems necessary. Thus deeming congress and our constitution null and void.

Long ago we as the church allowed the unrighteous to rule and when we did, they took it with gusto. Now the unrighteous have had the reins for quite some time and there is nothing that we can do. This has not been an overnight event, it has been a long time coming.  

Listen, I was not a fan of Romney, what I saw in him is added time and that is all. Time to batten down the hatches, make adjustments and get ready to ride out the storm.  Like it or not, Romney was just a few hairs to the right of the current administration and he would have taken us down the same path, just slower.

Our ship has been too far gone for some time now. I had hope that we could possibly change course, but today, we are locked into our heading and the direction is not pretty at all.  

We are walking in the same steps ancient Israel did prior to being placed into bondage.

For heaven sakes, read Isaiah and see what happened to Israel. She got what she deserved in light of God’s Judgment.

God does not change. I have been digging into history looking for other examples and been reading up on England 1550 – late 1600s.

God brought down England the same way He brought down Israel. The same disobedient steps Israel took, England took.  For the past 20-30 years we have been repeating the exact same steps Israel and England took.

Great London FireGod destroyed Israel.

God destroyed England.

The patterns are clearly there.

In fact, look up the Great London Fire. It took place on Sept 2 1666.

Does the timeframe sound familiar?

By my calculations 1666  was also Sabbatical year. Just like 9-11 and 2008.  In fact I believe it to be a “high sabbatical year” because it was followed up by jubilee in 1667.

The fire wiped out all of London and destroyed the country. One can clearly see that this pinpoint in time was a catalyst, England never recovered to her prior greatness, even to this day.

Same with Israel. She has never recovered to her former greatness.  

England suffered famine, pestilence, civil war, even persecuted Christian at the orders of Elizabeth. King James recanted that law, but never the less, the people of that time still looked down on bible believing Christians as dogs.

We as a nation is going to face the same thing and in fact we have already started to feel the pangs.

God’s natural laws are in play. Economic storms are heading our way no matter what.

We are a nation ripe for judgment, that is a fact. We have been on this path for some time, so it really should not surprise us.  

My heart is heavy and I pray that what I believe that lies before us does not come to fruition.

I am not a prophet, nor claiming anything like it. I study His word and look for trends. Isaiah, Jeremiah they both spell it out. It is all there in black and white, one just has to read it.

We as a nation is going to suffer pain at the hands of a tyrant. We are then going to be put into bondage by our enemies OR we will have some form of destruction never seen before on our soil. Whatever  event God deems to judge us by, we will never fully recover and never return to our former greatness.

God’s Word shows this to be true and history backs it up.

Like bible believing Christians throughout time have done, we will need to do as well.

Proverbs 22:3 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

Exodus or Underground, those are the only options.

There is a third option that many will face. It is the same plight 6 million Jews and 11 million people faced as a whole under Hitler.


Can’t happen here? We kill millions of babies every year, what are a few bible believing Christians and Jews in comparison?

The unrighteous view us as worthless air breathers anyways. So no skin off of their teeth to see us put down.

In fact, this is nothing new to our own countries history. We have persecuted a sect of people about every 100 years and the time is ripe to do it again.

Why do you think all those fema camps have been built?

I do not like saying these things, but they need to be said. Being a watchman is not a job of popularity, it is a job of necessity and the blood of the innocent will be on my hands if I do not sound the warning.

The sifting has begun and I pray God’s protection and mercy upon the remnant.

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By Ray Gano