We Can’t Waste This Chance That God Has Provided


ray-gano-medBy Ray Gano

It as been a few weeks now since Trump pulled off a historical victory.

Already we are seeing things move in a positive direction. BUT… we need to make sure that we do not put him on a high pedestal!

While his victory could potentially be a great turning point for America let’s not forget that He’s just a man and if the Church and the Nation doesn’t change it will be in vain.

I have posted to the site a really good article titled “The King Cyrus Crisis: If we blow this…disaster will strike” – By Mario Murillo

In the recent days, I have to admit that I have liked reading Mario’s political commentary. This is one such article and I want to cast some light on it so that people will read it and take it to heart.

Here is his opening statement…

“Trump is not a pastor or a moral reformer.  Trump is a foot in the door—a stay of execution.  He is an act of God to buy the church time to repent and return to her rightful role in American life.”

I totally agree and we as Christians need to remember that we are being given mercy and a chance to reinvigorate the culture war.

If we sit back on our laurels and “let Trump do it all.” If we take that attitude of complacency, we will fail. Now more than ever we must continue to rise up and be a voice as well as take action.

I was encouraged when people went and picketed the Hamilton show and insisted on getting their money back for the tickets.  This is the sort of action that we need to start showing.

We can no longer afford being the “the silent majority” we need to become the “vocal and active majority.”

James tells us that faith without works is dead.

This is the same sort of situation, we must be willing to act. We need to get behind this conservative movement so that we can help re-instill our Christian heritage and possibly see prayer returned to schools, the 10 commandments placed back in public places. Planned Parenthood defunded and if Trump can place the proper sort of justices, see Roe v. Wade overturned.

This is just a sample of what is at stake, but if we are not willing to take action, then all will be for not.

We must be willing to make the hard choices and do the right things. We need to get out of our comfort zone and be willing to get out on the battle field.

It is time for us as lay people to stand up and let these liberal left Marxist / communist minded people know that we are not going to let them steal our nation again.

take-a-stanndWe need to be willing to get back in their face and push back.

The culture war is being revived, we need to become bold, courageous, stand and not just hold the line, take back ground that we have lost. It is time to advance on these secular humanists who hate Christianity and reclaim our Christian culture so that America can be great again.

We need to keep praying for Trump, Pence and their family’s peace, safety and security. Pray that Trump & Pence, along with their transition team make wise and Godly decisions as well as pursue God like never before!

We can not waste this chance that God has given us.

We can not go back to sitting on the couch and just watching the world go by on Fox News.

It is time to step outside the box, dawn the armor of God, and get in the game and let the enemy know that we are not going to back down and we are going to push back and keep pushing these liberal communist agendas back.

It is time to get radical for God again and take radical action.

It is time to prove that our faith is not lost and God is NOT dead.