11 Practical Steps To Insulate Yourself From Societal / Economic Collapse


By Ray Gano

It is amazing to me that when I mention ANTIFA or BLM or some of the other communist/socialist groups out there, 8 out of 10 people have no idea what I am talking about.

Today’s American is more concerned with what is the latest score of their favorite football, basketball, baseball team than what is really going on here in the US.

FOLKS… our nation is fractured big time and we are literally witnessing an underlying civil war take place this very moment as I type these words.

What is happening is that these communist terror groups working within the US are focusing on two issues…

  • Create domestic terror and attack conservative Christian values where ever they are able; be it the gas station, restaurant, city park, in front of your own home. Thus, bringing about chaos in our nation …. AND / OR
  • Bring about an economic collapse that will then in turn create absolute chaos in our nation.

Both of these actions are taking place right now and 90% of America are not even aware that this is going on.

Most Americans are still operating under the delusion that the “good times” will return soon, but a growing minority of Americans are starting to realize that things are fundamentally changing and that they better start preparing for what is ahead.

These “preppers” come from all over the political spectrum and from every age group.

More than at any other time in modern history, the American people lack faith in the U.S. legal and economic system.

In dozens of previous columns, I have detailed the horrific social and economic problems that we are now facing in excruciating detail.

Many readers have started to complain that all I do is “scare” people and that I don’t provide any practical solutions.

Well, not everyone can move to Montana and start a llama farm, but hopefully this article will give people some practical steps that they can take to insulate themselves (at least to an extent) from a nation collapsing in upon itself.

But before I get into what people need to do, let’s take a minute to understand just how bad things are getting out there.  The economic numbers in the headlines go up and down and it can all be very confusing to most Americans.

However, there are two long-term trends that are very clear and that anyone can understand….

#1) The United States is fractured socially in many different areas. No Unity what so ever. Our nation is divided and communist revolution is being pushed in many areas.

#2) The United States is getting into more debt every single month.

Our Economy

Yes, it is true the President Trump is doing an OUTSTANDING job and I totally support him.

Buy he has been left with 4 globalist president’s work that he has to unravel and set our nation on a true course.

We may have to face a point of him “ripping the band-aid off” and feeling some pain during that process of setting the nation back on its proper path.

The excess goods and services that we buy from the rest of the world get “consumed” and the rest of the world ends up with more money than when they started.

Each year, hundreds of billions of dollars leave the United States and don’t return.  The transfer of wealth that this represents is astounding.

But not only are we bleeding wealth, we are also bleeding jobs every single month. Yes, President Trump has raised the job rate to 4.6%, one of the highest in a very long time. But we still need to have that start trickling down for it to grab hold and gain traction.

BUT.. it is the socialists / democrats / globalists that are fighting in in congress, senate and other areas that is slowing this trickle down to that.. a trickle.

The millions of jobs that are still leaving the U.S. and going to China, India and dozens of third world nations. Middle class Americans have been placed in direct competition for jobs with workers on the other side of the world who are more than happy to work for little more than slave labor wages.  Until this changes the U.S. economy is going to continue to hemorrhage jobs.

The U.S. government has helped to mask much of this economic bleeding by unprecedented amounts of government spending and debt, but now the gross US federal government debt is estimated to be $21.48 trillion, according to the FY19 Federal Budget AND is getting worse every single month.

Not only that, but state and local governments all over America are getting into ridiculous amounts of debt. Just look at California and what they are doing to destroy their state from within.

So, what we have got is a country that gets poorer every single month and loses jobs to other countries every single month and that has accumulated the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world which also gets worse every single month.

NOW … top that off with the social upheaval that we are seeing at an alarming rate and you can see that the US is in a precarious position right now.

Needless to say, this cannot last indefinitely.  Eventually the whole thing is just going to collapse like a house of cards.

So what can we each individually do to somewhat insulate ourselves from the economic problems that are coming?

11 Things You Can Do To Prepare Your Family

1 – Get Out of Debt: The old saying, “the borrower is the servant of the lender”, is so incredibly true.  The key to insulating yourself from an economic meltdown is to become as independent as possible, and as long as you are in debt, you simply are not independent.  You don’t want a horde of creditors chasing after you when things really start to get bad out there.

2 – Find New Sources of Income: With the birth of The IRA, there simply is no such thing as job security anymore.  If you are dependent on a job (“just over broke”) for 100% of your income, you are in a very bad position.  There are thousands of different ways to make extra money.  What you don’t want to do is to have all of your eggs in one basket.  One day when the economy melts down and you are out of a job are you going to be destitute or are you going to be okay?

IF you need some ideas on what you can do, contact me and I can help.

3 – Reduce Your Expenses: Many Americans have left the rat race and have found ways to live on half or even on a quarter of what they were making previously.  It is possible – if you are willing to reduce your expenses.  In the future times are going to be tougher, so learn to start living with less today.

4 – Learn To Grow Your Own / Supplement Your Food: Today the vast majority of Americans are completely dependent on being able to run down to the supermarket or to the local Wal-Mart to buy food.  But what happens when the U.S. dollar declines dramatically in value and it costs ten bucks to buy a loaf of bread?  If you learn to grow your own food (even if is just a small garden) you will be insulating yourself against rising food prices. Another thing is to learn to hunt and fish. There is “low cost” food out there for the taking, you just need to assert yourself. (Low Cost = you still need to pay for hunting and fishing licenses.)

5 – Make Sure You Have A Reliable Water Supply: Water shortages are popping up all over the globe.  Water is quickly becoming one of the “hottest” commodities out there.  Even in the United States, water shortages have been making headline news recently.  As we move into the future, it will be imperative for you and your family to have a reliable source of water.  Some Americans have learned to collect rainwater and many others are using advanced technology such as atmospheric water generators to provide water for their families.  But whatever you do, make sure that you are not caught without a decent source of water in the years ahead.

6 – Buy Land: This is a tough one, because prices are high depending on where you are looking. If you are able to buy land when prices are low, that is going to insulate you a great deal from the rising housing costs that will occur when the U.S dollar does totally go into the tank.

7 – Buy Prescious Metals: this is a no brainer, but it still amazes me how many people are not doing this. Right now silver is sitting at $14.41. That is a very affordable price and a price that everyone can afford.  We must start “paying ourselves first” and start pulling in these sort of assets.

The best place that I recommend is Renaissance Precious Metals. It is who I purchase from.

8 – Get Partially Off The Grid: An increasing number of Americans are going “off the grid”.  Essentially what that means is that they are attempting to operate independently of the utility companies.  In particular, going “off the grid” will enable you to insulate yourself from the rapidly rising energy prices that we are going to see in the future.  If you are able to produce energy for your own home, you won’t be freaking out like your neighbors are when electricity prices triple someday.

9 – Store Non-Perishable Supplies: Non-perishable supplies are one investment that is sure to go up in value.  Not that you would resell them.  You store up non-perishable supplies because you are going to need them someday.  So why not stock up on the things that you are going to need now before they double or triple in price in the future?  Your money is not ever going to stretch any farther than it does right now.
EXAMPLE – Toilet Paper

10 – Develop Stronger Relationships: Americans have become very insular creatures.  We act like we don’t need anyone or anything.  But the truth is that as the we see a socio-economic melt down we are going to need each other.  It is those that are developing strong relationships with family and friends right now that will be able to depend on them when times get hard.

11 – Get Educated And Stay Flexible: When times are stable, it is not that important to be informed because things pretty much stay the same.  However, when things are rapidly changing it is imperative to get educated and to stay informed so that you will know what to do.  The times ahead are going to require us all to be very flexible, and it is those who are willing to adapt that will do the best when things get tough.


Learning to stay ahead of the curve / threat is a wise position to take. The more that you can get ahead of it and prepare, the better your family and loved ones will be able to sail through to the other side of the socioeconomic storm.

Focus on taking a baby steps and do small stuff to push you forward daily. It is hitting the singles in baseball that win the game, not the home runs.

Keep pushing forward and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Go to http://raygano.com and click CONTACT to send me an email.


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