A Rise In Crime – Lawlessness In The Last Days


crime-scene-410-x200It was about 9:00 PM Sunday night.

Tracye got a post on her Facebook from a friend here in town.

A woman texted her fiancé the words “HELP ME”

The lady had been missing since Friday afternoon.  She left work at the Scooter Store in New Braunfels to pick up her son at school in San Antonio, but never made it. (1)

This morning she is found in a Laredo Hospital. That is almost 200 miles away.

What has happened is unknown at the moment, all we know is that her fiancé  got texted those words.

This really concerned Tracye and I because we live in a pretty small town.

But that is not all, here is another head line…

Man stabs woman outside New Braunfels Walmart

A woman was stabbed in an attempted purse snatching outside of a New Braunfels Walmart early Sunday.

The stabbing took place just before 11 a.m. in the parking lot of the Walmart off of I-35.

Police say the suspect tried to swipe a 64-year-old woman’s purse. He also stabbed her several times before fleeing the scene.

The woman was air lifted to University Hospital and is in stable condition. (2)

Here is one more…

Man Shot in an Attempted Brutal Kidnapping

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas — Glenn Shane Godden, 39, of Seguin, was killed by police after attempting to kidnap a woman.

According to police, it all started when a man called authorities and said his door had been kicked in and his 32-year-old daughter was missing.

When officers arrived, they saw a white van speeding away from the area, dragging a woman (outside the car window and being held by her hair from the driver’s side door.

According to police, Godden drove past one cruiser, but then rammed head-on into another police cruiser, landing on top of the hood.

The woman became pinned underneath both vehicles.(3)

New Braunfels is a very small town. Our population is around 45,000 people and yet Tracye and I are astounded at the violent crime that is taking place. Especially in such a rather small quiet conservative town.

But what is worse is that this is more and more becoming the norm no matter where one lives.

pork_barrel_spendingIn fact it is getting worse all over the nation.

The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators

In the early 1960s, the Census Bureau began publishing the Index of Leading Economic Indicators. These 11 measurements, taken together, represent the best means we now have of interpreting current business developments and predicting future economic trends.

From this idea The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators, a compilation of the Heritage Foundation and Empower America, attempts to bring a similar kind of data-based analysis to cultural issues.

This report is a statistical portrait (from 1960 to the 1990s) of the moral, social and behavioral conditions of modern American society–matters that, in our time, often travel under the banner of “values.”

It should not surprise you to learn that according to The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators, America has been deteriorating socially, morally and I believe spiritually over the past 30+ years.

Since 1960, the U.S. population has increased 41%;the total social spending by all levels of government  has risen from $143.73 billion to the unimaginable $112 Trillion an increase that people can not even wrap their brains around.

Inflation-adjusted spending on welfare has increased by 630%+, spending on  education by 225%.

But here is a shocker, over this 30-year period and again this report was published in the 1990s, there was an increase in violent crime by 560%, a 419% increase in illegitimate births; a quadrupling in divorce rates; a tripling of the percentage of children living in single-parent homes; more than a 200% increase in the teenage suicide rate; and a drop of almost 80 points in SAT scores.

That was over a course of 30 years. We are now 10+ years past that and without knowing the statistics, one can just tell that it has gotten even worse.

The fact that violent crimes are on the increase here in our sleepy little town tells me that lawlessness is on the rise and getting worse by the day.

I mean should we expect it to be any other way when murder, violence, aggression and such is on TV 24/7/365?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that based on the last 100 years, one can clearly see that violence, lawlessness and the lack of “natural love” for one another has reached epidemic proportions.

It has gotten to the point that literally no place is safe… and it is getting worse.

casey-anthony-casePublic schools resemble prison yard territories, kids are basically forced to join this social group or the next. On the streets gangs are rampant. In fact children are not safe in their own homes anymore.

They are beaten, maimed, raped, held as prisoners for sexual pleasure, then murdered because they become a burden and discarded as trash.

Remember the Caylee Anthony case?

Even though she was found not guilty, I honestly believe that it was the jury being lazy and not wanting to do their job properly. They opted for the desire to no longer be sequestered by the court instead of doing their proper job and issuing true justice.

Teenagers have lost all respect for authority, they have become cold, hard hearted, self centered, selfish and violent.

“The increases in violence we’re observing are among very young people and they are very dramatic,” said Glenn Pierce, the director of Northeastern’s Center for Applied Social Research.

This crime wave isn’t confined to inner-city neighborhoods in large urban areas. Cities with populations of 25,000 saw a 40 percent increase in homicides – the same as cities 10 times their size.

Want proof, here is a short list…

# March 2009: Fifteen people were shot and killed at Albertville Technical High School in southwestern Germany by a 17-year-old boy who attended the same school.

# November 2008: 15-year-old Teah Wimberly was charged in the shooting death of Amanda Collette, 15, on the campus of Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

# October 2008: Four suspects, Kawin Brockton, 19, Kelsey Perry, 19, Mario Tony, 20, and Brandon Wade, 20 were charged in a shooting that took place on the University of Central Arkansas campus in Conway AR. Two students – Ryan Henderson, 18, and Chavares Block, 19 – were fatally shot. A third person, 19-year-old Martrevis Norman, a non-student visiting the campus, was shot in a leg and was treated at the nearby Conway Regional Medical Center.

# August 2008: Fifteen-year-old sophomore Ryan McDonald, was shot and killed by fellow sophomore student Jamar Siler, also 15 in the school cafeteria at Central High School in the Fountain City neighborhood of Knoxville, Tennessee. The two had been in previous altercations, the details of which were not released to the general public.

# February 2008: Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, United States, killing six and wounding eighteen.

# February 2008: Fourteen-year-old Brandon McInerney, a student at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, California shot and killed fellow fifteen-year-old student, Lawrence “Larry” Fobes King.

# February 2008: 17-year-old student Cornelius Cheers opened fire in the Mitchell High School cafeteria in Memphis TN, critically wounding 19-year-old student Stacey Kiser. The school was locked down for the rest of the day and the perpetrator was arrested and taken into custody.

# February 2008: 23-year-old nursing student, Latina Williams, opened fire six rounds with a .357 revolver in a second-floor classroom at the Baton Rouge campus of Louisiana Technical College before turning the gun on herself and committing suicide. The two victims were Karsheika Graves and Taneshia Butler, who were both fatally shot.

# October 2007: Two teachers and two students were shot at SuccessTech High School in Cleveland, Ohio before shooter, Asa Coon, committed suicide.

# September 2007: Delaware State University student, Loyer Braden, shoots two fellow students, killing one.

# Cho Seung-HuiApril 2007: 33 people are dead after two separate shootings at Virginia Tech, making it the worst school shooting in US history. On April 16, 2007, Cho Seung-Hui, a senior in the English department, who the South Korean Foreign Ministry said had been living in the United States since 1992, was the only suspect named in columbine_school_shootingconnection with the deadliest shooting rampage in modern U.S. history. (4)

Folks, this was just a small sample that I pulled.

Here is what Scripture says…

Matthew 24:12  And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

2 Timothy 3:1  This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

So should we be surprised at this getting even worse?

Folks, I am not one who believes that one day the rapture takes place and then the very next day all the earth goes to hell in a hand basket.

I believe that we are seeing AND WILL CONTINUE TO SEE an ever growing foreshadow of things to come.

In other words, it is going to get worse and worse as days go by.

What Do We Do?

Over the years men of God have dropped the ball. They have allowed what I believe a “feminization” of the church to take place. More and more women “wore the pants” in churches than men. It is still that way today. More women attend church, are involved in church and help direct church while basically men just hang home to watch their football, baseball and basketball games on TV.

We as men of God have neglected our proper role and because of that society has taken on a more “feminized” viewpoint over what God’s Word states.

Now I know that I may be upsetting some folks out there, but this is a fact and has been the fact for the past 125+ years.

Somewhere along the way, men lost their back bone.

jesus-jihadThe whole foundation of the family structure is based upon the man of the home doing the right thing, being a loving father and husband and disciplinarian, but also the Christian warrior he is called to be to guide and protect his family as well as his community.

What does God’s Word say?

Psalms 144:1 Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.

Jeremiah 48:10  Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

Luke 22:36  Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

And one that really hits home very hard…

1 Timothy 5:8  But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

Godly men’s apathy has grown so bad, we are now suffering the consequences due to our neglect.

Instead of standing and doing the right thing, we have gotten used to illicit sexual relationships, adolescent promiscuity, abortion, cheating, lying, stealing, prostitution, rape, divorce, and even murder.

All of this has taken place because we as men of God have refused to stand in the gap and do what is right in light of God’s Word.

We have gotten used to financial mismanagement on both civil and personal levels. We have accepted political corruption. We have rejected personal and social responsibility and learned to blame anyone or anything else for our problems and failures. We have traded in our infinitely valued divine image for a nickel-plated pagan shrine erected in honor of self-interest, immorality, and social apathy.

What we need to do as men of God is to draw the line in the sand and say “no more.”

Men of God need to learn to grow their back bone again and start being the men of God they are called to be.

We are at a stage in time where the wolves are becoming a serious menace on society and the only way to combat that is to once again become the “sheepdogs” that we were once many years ago.

We need to relearn what we have lost. How to the proper leaders and not dictators. How to defend our families, and if called upon, to offer the ultimate sacrifice to protect them.

When walking in the parking lot with your family, let your body language state that you are the sheepdog and no one is going to accost those you have stewardship over.

Better yet, we need to obey Christ himself and if we do not own a weapon, do what we need to do so that we can protect our families.

armor_of_godThis does not mean go buy a gun and then stick it in the night stand drawer. We as Christian warriors need to train and become proficient so that when that evil day comes, we are able to stand and fight.(Eph6:13)

Our nation is going down the tubes, we are called as Christians to “occupy till He returns.” That is our marching orders. We need to return to our duty till that time of our appointment with Him comes or till He calls His church home.

No matter what, we have a responsibility to ourselves and to our families.

Times ARE getting bad and they will get even worse than what we have been seeing already. Scripture tells us that this will take place and God does not lie.

Therefore till that time comes, we must be ready to stand for what is right and return to our heritage, that being the Christian Warrior God called us to be and stop neglecting the duties He has placed upon us.


By Ray Gano






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