Badges, We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges


argentina-baton-pas-410-200For the past four days I have been praying over what I was to write. I glimpse of something would pop into my head and then poof away in a cloud of mental smoke.

I wanted to write something that was upbeat and encouraging. But every corner I would turn, something else would pop into my head.

As you know, Tracye and I took advantage and voted in the early voting. It was a few days before the official day to vote that we cast ours for our choice.

After voting we were glad to have that off our plate. It has been weighing heavy on us.

On the way home something popped into my head. Something that I did not like.

What was it?

” The last election (4 years prior to this past Nov 6) was the last “free” elections we had. This one was rigged and the current administration will win.”

I remember telling Tracye this thought, and she totally agreed with me.

As much as we wanted and hoped Romney would win, we knew in the pit of our stomach that Obama would win this election. Now I want to be clear, we did not vote for him because we liked him. We voted for him only in hope that by doing so would push back the storm for a season.

foxnews-just-called-itAround 11:00 PM CST Fox News declared Obama the winner. About an hour or so later, Romney gave his concession speech.

We were in shock, but on the flip side we knew it was going to happen as well. I guess we were hoping that what our guts were telling us would happen, would be wrong.

Nov 7 was Tracye’s birthday. I got up ahead of her and checked the news in hopes that maybe the close vote would swing in the opposite direction overnight.

It didn’t.

Tracye got up, I made her coffee like I always do, gave her a kiss hug, but did not tell her “Happy Birthday.”

She looked at me and asked if anything is new.

I knew what she meant. No, Obama still won.

About three hours later I wished her happy birthday after she had her coffee and some of the shock of that day’s reality had wore off a bit.

Later that day I took her out to dinner at Macaroni Grill, one of our favorite places.

(PZ NOTE – Macaroni grill sends out coupons for dinner if you get on their email list. We hit the jackpot on Tracye’s birthday because we got $7.00 off the meal and her dessert was free because it was her birthday. It is worth signing up for this)

On the way back home I had one of those thoughts pop into my head.

I told Tracye..” Something just popped into my head, he isn’t going to give up the office. He is going to figure out how to run a third time, or Michelle will run next to keep the power in their hands.”

She agreed.

Over the weekend, I read an email; my jaw hit the floor when I read the following…

One thing we’re certain what he will do is run for a third term…

Whether by changing the Constitution or by simply running his wife, Michele, in his place we can’t predict. We only know Obama will never give up the amount of power he will garner in his second term. Look at his entire career. Obama has never shied away from taking power… or taking credit. Like any good Chicago politician, he knows how to use influence. He will capitalize on this energy revolution to become the most powerful president in modern history. Like other energy-backed demagogues around the world (Putin, Chavez, the Kirstners in Argentina), he will not willingly give up his power.

He will use oil and natural gas to transform America into a modern petro-socialist state. And he will use oil to stay in power… for as long as possible…

These predictions might surprise you. But when this comes to pass, what will shock you is how millions of Americans will applaud these changes. Your neighbors don’t want freedom. They don’t want lower taxes. They don’t want more opportunity.

You know what they want? More handouts.

They want their president telling other people what to do, all over the world… just because he’ll create the illusion that he’s helping them. Like with his cell phone giveaways and his mortgage reduction schemes, he’ll continue to punish and tax those who work hard. Just like the Roosevelt’s, he will excoriate and attack the people and the companies who have created the oil riches… just to win the public’s approval. And then, he will use those same resources to buy favors and luxuries for millions of Americans… people who have done nothing to earn it. This will create more and more political dependence… more and more corruption… more and more socialism…. and the crowds will love him for it.

No one cheers more for a tyrant than those he enslaves. And so it will be in 2016, when the crowd will demand yet another Obama presidency.

These are changes that very few people understand… changes that are inevitable… and that are underway right now.

In some ways, these changes are unbelievably good. Investors, for example, who buy natural gas assets now, while prices are still incredibly low, will likely make an absolute fortune in the years to come.

But some of these changes are bad… very bad…. And they’re very dangerous to people like me (and perhaps like you) who value their freedom, who value the tradition of limited government… who value the traditional American ethos of fair play and hard work.

There’s nothing much I can do about the mad lust for power we’re about to see unleashed in the White House. I can warn you about it, and that’s about it. There’s no way we can hope to outvote the masses… especially not when more Americans than ever before are already on the government dole and nearly half of America pay no income taxes at all.

The only way I can really help you is to show you how these massive economic changes are happening… and how to position yourself to profit from them. Let’s start with the safest ways to profit from this boom. I’m talking about the absolute cannot-miss bets to make. (1)

This is from a recent report that Porter Stansberry put out. Yea I know that there are some out there that do not like him, but I hate to say it, he has his finger on the pulse when it comes to economic trends and outcome.  He has hit the target in the bull’s eye multiple times.

Needless to say I was kind of shocked when I read that report.

Folks, something in my gut tells me that we have taken a turn for the worse.

It will not matter what our constitution says, we have put a person into office who will not give up power.

In fact, those who put him in will continue to get all the freebies and he will ensure his power base will continue to benefit.

This is how he will gain a third term, those who voted him in, will do it again.

The constitution be damned, they do not care.

A funny movie line comes to mind…

” Badges, we don’t need no stinking badges.”

That is what took place this election and what our future holds.

“Constitution? We don’t need no stinking constitution.”

Don’t believe me, look at what took place this last term.

It has been proven that the person who occupies the oval office is not deemed suitable to be president. This is due to lack of proof as to where he was born. “Official birth certificates have been presented and proven forged. Stall tactics and drawn out court cases over this have taken place. Millions spent to freeze records and put under lock and key.

“Constitution? We don’t need not stinking constitution.”

Our constitution has already been made null and void by this administration.

Yes, We Are Repeating History

I know that I keep pointing to History and so often people like often say “it can’t happen to us here in the US.”

Well I believe it is. Once again I point to Argentina, which appears to be the working model that the powers that be are using to bring down the US.

Everything that has happened to Argentina, is happening here. Every bad step in government that Argentina took, we are taking or are about to take.

Argentina had a power hungry president who also passed his power off to his wife.

Here is a story… does it sound vaguely familiar?

Day of firsts as presidential baton passes from husband to wife


Argentina’s new president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner holds the ceremonial staff with her husband and outgoing president Nestor Kirchner during the inauguration ceremony at the Congress building in Buenos Aires. Photograph: Juan Mabromata/AFP/Getty images

Three decades ago they were young law students who exchanged wedding rings in a country on the brink of military dictatorship. Nestor and Cristina Kirchner were bright and had political ambitions but Argentina was entering an era of brutal repression and economic disaster. Who knew what the future held.

Yesterday came the remarkable answer when Nestor, a popular and successful outgoing president, passed the presidential sash and baton to his wife, the country’s first elected female head of state. After receiving them Kirchner embraced her husband, grinned and saluted cheering congressional deputies. She lavished praise on the outgoing administration and promised continuity. “We believe firmly in this political project,” she said. She promised to seek a social pact between businesses and trade unions and to do “what was necessary” to sustain Argentina’s recovery. (2)

This last election was the first “cooked” elections.

Sure we will have dog and pony shows to make things “appear” legal and correct, just like they did and still doing down in Argentina.

But the power will still be maintained and controlled.

Like it or not, we lost our nation. It has been on a downward spiral for a while now. Gravity of the whirlpool has now taken hold and we will be sucked down even further and faster.

I know that there are some out there saying that we can “pray our selves back.”

I hate to say it, but God has turned his back on this nation. We are now being left to the sins and heathen lifestyle “we the people” have demanded.

Israel screamed and demanded a king.

We did the same thing. We wanted a king, well we got one.

The problem is now the king is entrenched and will not give up the power.

Not with a constituency that will continue to vote for the freebies

I mean look at this map…


Clearly the “red side” won.

But it is the “blue side,” the constituents who had more numbers on their side that put the administration back in power again.

In the future it will not matter how much we get out and vote. The proof is there. As long as this administration panders to their voting bloc; their “democracy” will continue.

In other words, it will not amount to a hill of beans what we want or think. From this point on we have been and we will continue to be outvoted.

As long as “they” control the “battle ground states” like Ohio, Virgina, and so forth, this administration will continue to rule.

It is the same way Hitler came to power. He was voted in by his power block of constituents.

Like Hitler and Kirchner, they will change the rules and the constitution to further continue the odds in their favor.

The rules of “fair play” were tossed out the window this election, and it was proven that the “sheeple” did not care.

The system is now officially broken and the power that we thought we had to change it, ain’t no more.

I know that there are those out there that say “No, we will come back in 2016, we will fight harder and work the phones and the polls even more.”

Thing is, history proves you wrong and those who say this are living in denial.

Like it or not our nation has been placed in bondage. It is the final means how God’ judges a nation.

The final step is that He allows the countries enemy to take power and that is what has happened.

Our nation, who has stood against Marxism, National Socialism, Tyranny has dropped our guard and now a proven Marxist continues to sit in the seat of power.

National Socialism will now be the ruling party and power will not be relinquished. What people need to understand about National Socialism, it isn’t a far right movement. It is a far left movement.

Our nation is primed for it and the far left constituents are there to back it up.

The only thing worse that can happen now is to have Russian and Chi-Com troops come in and police our nation and start rounding up dissidents.

Will it come to that?

If history has its way, it will. It is the laws of nature that are now in play.

Man will now start openly acting out his natural sin nature.

Hedonism will grow more perverse and ultimate power will corrupt ultimately.

So what do we do?

heston-pryI know that some of you are quoting Charlton Heston right now,

“I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands”

Nice slogan and it stirs the heart.

It ain’t going to happen though.

Picking up guns and being Rambo is not the answer, at least not now. It would be nothing but a blood bath and we have the odds stacked against us already.

They have already planned for that and are ready to take action.

Why have the Russians been training here already being staged and why do we have FEMA camps all over the nation?

There are only two options, but I will talk about that more in coming articles.

Thing is, if you are part of the remnant, which if you made it this far in this article welcome to the club and God has already told you those options.

November 10th I woke up and realized our mission has now changed.

Prophezine is now an evangelism ministry to the remnant and to those who have an ear to hear the Gospel around the world.

We will still report on Bible Prophecy, but as students of bible prophecy, you know the basics and should be well versed by now.

No more “late great planet earth” Bible prophecy 101 stuff, that was then and it warned us. We know this theology like the back of our hands, at least we should if you have been a Christian for any length of time.

It is meat and potatoes time and a time to start applying what we know as witnesses for the Lord.

The people here in the US do not care about God anymore.

One thing is clear, God has clearly lifted His hedge of protection.

How do I know?

Two words…. Obama & Sandy.

abell-059We are now living in the “here and now” of Bible Prophecy.

It is no longer some future event that is coming down the road.

We are now sitting on the razors edge and Bible Prophecy is hitting us on the tip of our nose.

That is how close we are.

God told us to “occupy till He returns.” Well, it is time to start doing it.

We need to do what we can with the little time left to share the hope of our Lord. We have a job to do and need to be about the Fathers business with earnest.

In Matthew 28:19 God commands us to “Go YE Therefore.” Not just Tom, John, or Bob either.

“YE” means all of us who truly care and are truly one of His bought in His blood and stand upon His Word.

We are now a nation at the cusp of His judgment.

People will be asking questions worldwide.

These people will witness a nation that once stood for God falter and fall.  

We as watchman need to be positioned so that we can give an answer for the Hope that is within us because people seeing this nation fall, they will have questions.

This is the Last Days spoken of in Scripture, will we be busy with the Lords business or will we sit around on our thumbs doing noting and hoping for the best?

There is no retirement when it comes to God’s Work.

The day we retire from God’s Work is the day He takes us home.

We need to pull ourselves up by the boot straps, stand and occupy till He returns.

Our orders…

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God,

that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day,…

and having done all,….

To Stand.

Ephesians 6:13 (KJV)




By Ray Gano




2 –