BIG PZ NEWS – Ray Gano on SkywatchTV & The Jim Bakker Show – New Survey – New Updates


Hello PZ Insider & PZ Members,

FIRST – PZ Insiders, I will not be sending out a PZ Insider Report tomorrow, Monday June 12. I will be in the air headed to Branson MO to go tape some shows for SkyWatchTV.

This Tuesday, June 13th, I will be LIVE on The Jim Bakker Show talking about preparedness and survival, Demon Wars, & being a Servant Warrior.

From what I understand is that Bakker is on most cable provider companies, but you can also tune in on your Roku and go directly to his site to watch live.

The Jim Bakker Show —

PLEASE PRAY For Traveling Mercies 

Please pray for traveling mercies, that my luggage does not get lost, and that I do a good job and sharing the hope that is within us. I am being given a chance to share my testimony and my ministry to a new group of people. Pray that my message resonates and that I am able to help people with what we are doing.

Folks, since we have been back I have been working hard to bring things up to speed and really try to help you where you may need as well as answer what questions you might have. Tracye and I really feel compelled that it isn’t about us, but about helping you live a right life in these last days.

Please – Take The New PZ Survey – We Need Your Input

We have just put up a new survey, that if you fill it out, you will be put in a drawing to win all my books that I have in paperback print. I am asking 6 questions and also asking to give your opinion on things. We really need to hear from you so that we can serve you and to create content that better suits you and your needs in living that right life in the last days.

So please take a few minutes to take our survey so that we can better serve you.


Tracye and I are super excited about all that is opening up for us and we making it a point to really work hard to provide you information that you need NOW.

Future Articles

I have still been getting a lot of emails about “Days of Noah & The Demonic Wars.” People are asking some great questions and when I am able, I will share some of these with you.

Another direction that I have been getting a LOT of email on is one the Doctrine of Eternal Security vs Conditional Security. Many of the questions I am getting stem from people asking if a true born again Christian can be Demon Possessed. As you know, I say NO because of the doctrine of eternal security.

So I am looking forward to jumping into this and really giving some great evidence, scripture and sound teaching on this topic.

That is about all for right now.

If you get a chance to tune into The Jim Bakker Show, please let me know how I did. I am a little nervous, but I know that the Lord will give me the words to say.

Please continue to keep us in prayer and we will keep all of you in prayer as well.

In His Service,

Ray & Tracye Gano
Prophezine –