Big Talkers, Little Doers


Back when I was a kid we used to call them loud mouths.

You know what I’m talking about; the guys who know everything but never do anything with what they know.

I am referring to America’s talk radio giants. We have been led to believe that they are fighting for truth, when, in fact, they are hiding the truth. They are political hacks, charlatans, sitting in front of big microphones designed to be used as pressure valves for the America people.

You may not want to hear what I am going to share with you. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but even those big “conservative talkers” are part of the matrix. Their job is to assure you that everything is going to be all right. Their solution to every problem facing America can be solved by one simple action.

Elect Republicans. How has that worked for you America?

Rush bellows on for three-hours per day with “talent on loan from God” without even once giving a cursory nod to the fact that the problems in America are ethical, not political. His solution is simple; get rid of Obama. Elect Republicans, the more “conservative” the better.

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Hannity is no better. He follows Rush’s 90 minute monologue with his one-hit mantra, “Republicans good, Democrats bad.” He, at least gives an occasional nod to “The Diety” (that’s what Bill O’Reilly calls Jehovah) by encouraging the listeners to “let not your heart be troubled.”

Glenn Beck used to be in the club, but he messed around and got a little bit off of the reservation and they quickly smacked him down. At least he his providing a different answer than that salvation lies in the Republican machine. But his numbers are falling. My take is that Mormon money and influence is keeping him afloat.

Surprisingly, the number three guy is Michael Savage. He is the only one I trust, because he is not a Republican songbird. What is remarkable about Dr. Savage and his show is that he is in a lousy evening time slot, 6:00 to 10:00 EST, broadcasts from San Fransicko, and is persona non grata on the mainstream “conservative Faux News.” If Savage had Rush’s or Hannity’s time slot and exposure he would blow both of them away in the ratings. He is his own guy, not a Republican lapdog. He would lead to a better America.

Haven’t you noticed how controlled the national “conservative” radio message is? Faux News picks the voices that control the conservative masses.

I travel regularly and I often find myself alone on the road with my thoughts and the car radio. I don’t care what town you are in, you can punch the scan button and, depending on the time of day, you will eventually connect with Sean or El Rushbo. Every town, every state, you will be able to find them spewing the Republican line.

How can that be, I ask myself. Why is there not a greater variety of conservative voices on the air? Whatever happened to local talkers?

Rush rarely has guests. As he loves to point out, his show is about what HE thinks.

Hannity must not be as smart as Rush because he does permit other opinions to be heard on his show. Unfortunately, it is usually, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, or some Republican elected official.

Naturally, they agree with Sean that the problems are all the work of the “liberals,” “Democrats,” or Obama. They assure us that liberals are bad and the conservatives are good. We need only elect more “conservatives” and things will turn around.

I listen to both of them regularly because I appreciate their ability to frame an argument. But during this campaign season, they get tiresome. Day after day the topic is the same…getting rid of Obama…and the solution never changes…elect Republicans.

Most of us get it already. We understand the problem but don’t agree with the solution. It is Republicans that gave us McCain and Romney. John Roberts is a Republican. Obama shouldn’t stand a chance in November but Republicans have been as much to blame as Democrats.

The entire two-party political system stinks. Why won’t they talk about the things that would really make a difference? Why won’t they use their microphone to organize an offensive against the entire political class? They could lead a movement that would bring REAL political change in this nation.

Imagine if both of them picked up a cause and spurred millions to action. Instead of criticizing the Occupy movement, what if they used their show to give a voice to the REAL America they are always talking about.

Permit me to offer a few suggestions of causes that Limbaugh and Hannity could promote. Millions listen weekly, but listen is all they do. Action is needed now, more than ever. Talk is cheap. What if the Big Talkers gave their listeners something to DO?

What if they inspired all of their listeners to bombard our elected officials to investigate the following issues?

• How about they demand an audit of the FED?
• How about they demand an investigation into the influence of foreign nations on American foreign policy?
• How about they lead a charge to protect the 2nd Amendment?
• How about they demand a release of all of Obama’s college records and an answer to his phony Social Security number?
• How about an education of the Constitutional authority of the Supreme Court?
• How about a demand for reformation of the tax code?
• How about a return to sound money policy?
• How about a movement to end abortion through Personhood?
• How about a move to eliminate the EPA?
• How about a drive to eliminate the Energy Department?
• How about an initiative to repeal the Patriot Act?
• How about a phone barrage to eliminate the DHS?
• How about a movement to close the borders?
• How about a movement to end the War on Drugs?
• How about they expose the true threat of Islam?
• How about a move to create a viable alternative Conservative Party?
• How about a move to return Biblical Values in our Schools.
• How about they lead a move to get us out of the United Nations?
• How about a return of education to the local districts and demanding the teaching of truth to our children?
• How about an investigation of the banks and the bankers?
• How about an expose’ on where the TARP money went?
• How about they lead a charge to fight election fraud?
• How about they reveal the influence of the Israeli lobby?
• How about an expose’ on the Muslim Lobby?
• How about they lead a return to Constitutional government?

Our problems are so much bigger than Liberals and Conservatives. Rush’s and Sean’s solutions are so shallow. How can any “conservative” hate Ron Paul and embrace Mitt Romney?

As I get older I become more aware of the passage of time and how short life really is. Sean and Rush are missing a change to lead a movement. Electing Republicans is not “change you can believe in.”

Life is short Rush. Fame and money are fleeting Sean. Put down your pom poms; get off of the Republican bandwagon and lead the Calvary to an America-saving hunt for the truth.

Jesus told us that a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Both political parties are producing rotten fruit because the tree is rotten. America needs to refresh the tree of liberty!

Rush needs to untie the other half of his brain. Sean needs to become a great American, not just a great Republican. It’s time to put up or shut up. They’ll never get this chance again.


By Coach Dave Daubenmire