Birds of a Feather


bill-wilson-2012This past weekend, the US “president” met with the “president” of Cuba. While both are “presidents” of their respective countries, one is elected and the other is a dictator. One has been behaving illegally like a dictator, the other just assumed power from his dictator brother. This marked the first official meeting of the US and Cuban leaders since the communist takeover of Cuba in the 1960s and the infamous Cuban missile crisis in 1962. The two had a “kumbya” moment where they both faced the news media and agreed that they would work to thaw relations between the two countries, and in some areas, “agree to disagree.” Cuban dictator Raul Castro, however, revealed an intimacy that should raise eyebrows.

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In a speech before the historic meeting, Castro reviewed his version of Latin American history, blaming America for thousands of deaths, imperialism and the cause of poverty through a list of biased revisionism. He admitted that from an “imperialist viewpoint,” Cuba has acted in solidarity with terrorists, but only from a position as a humanitarian. When finished, he said, “The passion comes out of my pores when the revolution is involved, but I want to apologize to [sic to the US president] because he doesn’t have anything to do with all of that. All (the previous US presidents) are indebted to us, but not [sic this US president],” who is an “honest man … with a manner about him that speaks to his humble origins.”

Let us remember August 2008 when Fidel Castro endorsed either Hillary Clinton or the current “president” for US President. In October 2008, the Communist Party USA endorsed the current “president” as did the Democratic Socialists of America. Also in October 2008, the speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Ari Larijani, endorsed the current US “president,” saying he would meet face to face with leaders of Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria and Cuba “without preconditions,” and that he is more flexible and rational. In June 2012, the current US “president” was endorsed by Raul Castro’s daughter, while she was in the US advocating for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights.

The US “president” has broken protocol of previous presidents by directly negotiating with a terrorist-sponsoring state, Iran–whose “president” is not elected; provided US assistance to terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda, and indirect support to the Islamic State. There is an old saying that “Birds of a feather, flock together.” ‘Sounds like these birds have been flocking together for longer than we knew. There is also a an ancient nugget of wisdom in 1 Corinthians 15:33, “Be not deceived: evil companions corrupt good morals.” With the US “president,” his administration and the company he keeps, one has to wonder who is corrupting who? And at what expense?

By Bill Wilson