BREAKING NEWS – Egyptians Storm Israeli Embassy in Cairo


egytians storm israel embassyCAIRO: After knocking down the wall aimed at securing the Israeli Embassy building in Giza, Egyptian activists stormed the embassy’s archives late on Friday night and sent documents flying out the window. One image shows the embassy, or an archive apartment, on a high floor of the building, in flames.

It is unclear what exactly is happening, but reports from the area indicate the embassy has been breached and Egyptian protesters are destroying the place.

On Twitter, Egyptian activists have been going back and forth over the events throughout the evening, some supporting the action being taken, while others have argued it is not progressing the Egyptian revolution that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak.

Eye witnesses said clashes erupted outside the Israeli Embassy in Giza when Egyptian protesters tried to break the security cordon and security forces started beating people randomly. A health ministry official told Egypt’s state TV that at least 187 people have been injured in the clashes.

Others said the military personnel guarding the embassy fired tear gas at people in an attempt to disperse the crowds that had arrived.

Hundreds gathered outside the building where the embassy is located, chanting to expel the ambassador, who recently returned to work after a personal vacation.

Human rights activists and protesters accused the guards of using excessive force against them and chasing them away from the building.

A ministry of health official confirmed that at least 187 people were injured at the embassy, but nobody was in critical condition.

The clashes intensified after four Egyptians climbed up the building of the embassy and took down the Israeli flag for a second time in one month.

A military armored vehicle was set ablaze during the violence and the fire department was seen rushing to the scene to put it out while more military trucks were reported arriving to aid the security forces there.

Earlier on Friday a group of Egyptians protesters knocked down part of the wall that the government built last week to secure the building and protesters were seen with hammers and iron sticks breaking it down.

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