BREAKING PZTV – Obstacles & Attacks in Getting My Demon DVD Out


Folks, you would not believe the hassles, obstacles and such I have had trying to get this DVD done, labeled and in the mail. Every step of the way I was constantly being hampered. BUT… I finally have pushed through all the set-backs and got this DVD done, finished and going out in the mail.

This DVD has been a labor of love and is a topic that is needed desperately in today’s Christian community.

I show incredible footage documenting the “in your face” rise in demonic activity.

It is amazing what I have been able to find, stuff that would curl your toes. BUT… this is information that we need to have because folks…


I interview Christina Peck from “Into The Multiverse” TV show and the story she and her husband experience… well it reminds me of that movie “The Amityville Horror” – The was an absolutely incredible interview how she describes the creature in her bedroom.

I talk to Laura Maxwell, Former New Age Spiritualist point blank… are demons real?

Finally, I discuss me and Tracye’s own experiences with the demonic strong hold we experienced as well as the connections to the serial killer “Wild Bill” while living in Central America.

All that I am asking is a gift of $15.00 which has shipping and handling is included.

NOTE : If you can help with a of gift $25, $35, $50 or more that would be a huge blessing and help us with our Roku & Video project.

FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE THE U.S. PLEASE ADD $10.00 for a total gift of $25.00

DEMONS – Days of Noah & The Demonic Wars

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