Calling and Stirring Up The Brotherhood


ray-gano-medIn the past few years I have been on a personal journey. What led me to take that journey was a question that I asked myself. One day I was sitting behind my computer screen, just like I am doing now, and I had to ask myself, “Where are all the real men in Christianity today?”

I am not talking about all those famous self-help guru pastors, or the airplane hair / shiny suit types you see on TV.

Where are all the real men?

I was amazed at my own answer… (yes, I do have conversations with myself at times as crazy as that sounds) My answer kind of hit me from out of no-where.

“We have asked them to cut off their nether regions and become women.”

Wow. As hard as that is to hear, it’s the truth.

I look back when I was growing up. The one rule I had when I was 3-4 years old was to be properly dressed in my cowboy hat, vest, chaps and guns. We played cops & robbers, cowboys and Indians. We climbed trees, scrapped knees, jumped our 3 speed bike off of ramps. Yeah, that one did not go as well. Bent the wheels and the cross bar collided with the neither regions. Mental note, no more jumping with my 3 speed.

We were boys who would grow into men.

We got dirty and played in the mud, even ate some of it when a buddy pushed my face into his mud pie. Later in school, boys became men where we were challenged and competitive. We did things together. We worked together, hung out together, fought together and played together. There was a sense of competition, adventure and camaraderie.

I remember the night me and my friend Ron were sitting up late watching Saturday Night Live and it happened. A commercial for the US Army came on, promoting the Army Rangers. We both looked at each other and started shaking our heads in a “yes” motion. That following Monday we went down to the recruitment office and signed on, Airborne Infantry training, Ft Benning Georgia. I remember leaving home at 4:00 in the morning heading off to the MEPS station. There was adventure and a sense of being important. There was a manly feeling that only can be described by one who has done it.

Before I left, one of my relatives told me that the military can take a young rebellious man for four years and give him a career, stability, and a place in society.

Now the sad part, the church has a man for twenty years and he is no more than just a pew warmer.


brad-pitt-christFrom the first day of Sunday school he is emasculated and introduced to this touchy feely sugarcoated God is love junk that has been part and parcel of the church for the last 50+ years.

Indifferent and alone he believes what he is told and sits quietly in the pew. Never asking, never questioning, and always being presented some sort of “Brad Pitt ” metrosexual picture of Christ“ who just loves everyone and showers rainbows and unicorns on the whole world.”

When I was in the Army I had meaningful relationships. Your guys in the platoon were the brotherhood. We trained together, jumped together; heck even ate snake and grasshoppers together. We were men; we were proud to be paratroopers and wore our beret with pride. We trained hard because you were made to feel like a man. Dangers and challenge drew us together. The fight to be better, and to achieve more than the average person, was a motivating force. When we went to Fayetteville (fayette-nam) we went as a team. When there were bar fights, we had each other’s back and fought as a team. We stood with our buddies, no man left behind. We didn’t rat on one another or turn each other in. If we faced the Captain for UCMJ, we faced him together. There was an unwritten moral code of conduct. If you violated it, you were forced out and marked by others.

I am a Christian and my life was purchased at a high price. Jesus Christ died on the cross for me and if you have submitted your life to Him as well, He died for you too. In that there is a brotherhood as well.

I read in scripture about the love, fellowship, function and a purpose for my life, and no, I am not talking about the Rick Warren watered down purpose driven life garbage either. I am talking about fighting the good fight in standing for God and contending for the faith.

We read of men laying down their lives for one another, of community and power. But I have to admit that the more I read His word, the bigger the divide I see between the church today and the Bible I so love.

So what happened? What went wrong? Did God change or did man (or woman) change God?

Where did the whole concept of “iron sharpens iron” go? We have great messages preached, but really, they have nothing to do with being a part of a functioning group of brothers.

We are taught all sorts of lessons and I love delving into the scripture. But something became apparent in a lot of the churches out there. Today’s church presents no challenge, no fight, no purpose, no function and no sense of belonging for the brotherhood of Godly men.

We Witness Men Again


I remember where I was when 9-11 took place. It brought forth the need for men, and it was great to see men answer that call. We were all glued to the TV as we watched the brave fireman and policemen enter the rubble and help pull out one more person. We also heard the stories of brave men running out to save a person but not coming back. The world saw men in action, teaming together, experienced, trained and it became important for them to see men in men’s positions.

We became proud of our fireman, police and soldiers again. Real men stood and answered the call. Just thinking of it causes a ball of pride to well up inside me.

The church needs real men again. Not these emotionally touchy feely sugarcoated metrosexuals today that are being shoved down our throats. Our nation, in fact our world needs real men, men willing to be a team and fight the good fight. We must stop taking all this emancipated cow dung that is being shoveled at us from the emasculated hireling pulpit. Turn off the TV, radio, computer and cell phone that promotes the feminized message.

We need men who are really sold out for Christ and willing to take the hits for the truth.

We need to return to the esprit de corps our forefathers had. They had only One God, One Son, One Book and one life to give to our King, King Jesus.

While 90% of most pastors today are becoming more relevant to the world and focus on being audience driven, there is an underlying movement taking place. Men need to leave the psychobabble feel good effeminate way of doing church and return to the biblical standard of being the church that God intended, and this is happening today.

For the past 150 years we have negated our role in God’s Chain of Command and left it up to the women. We put on the shoulders of women, the job God ordained men to do.

Scripture says…

1 Timothy 2:12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

fat-lazyOut of our laziness and unwilling to do the right thing, we as men have allowed women to “suffer” under burdens they were not created to suffer under.

It is God’s natural law that we as men lead. But when we drop the ball and negate our responsibility then natural law abhors a vacuum. So women have been forced to fill those roles and fill that vacuum.

The result of this is now an effeminate form of Christianity which has become entrenched and so many have been brought up in it.

We need to set the chain of command back to the way God intended. That means pain, ridicule, being demonized, made to look like some male chauvinist pig, called names and the list goes on.

This has been my journey for the last several years, the return of The Servant Warrior.

It is going to take real men with a real burden to help set things right again. It is going to be very tough fighting the 150+ years of hard core feminist brainwashing that has taken place in our churches.

In fact, already I know that hackles are being raised as people read this.

Hey, like it or not, it is the truth. So we either man up and stand up or cower back down and lose our children and grandchildren to the feminist ways of the world. The war on men is the primary reason for the demise of our nation. This is a fact.

We have been drinking from the “well of lies” for so long that when we are presented with a glass of pure water of truth, we reject it thinking it is poison. Most of our lives we have been drinking the poison thinking it to be truth, so we have become accustomed to the poison not even aware of what we have been consuming all this time.

That is the first thing that we need to wake up to, for most of us we have been consuming poison not knowing what it even was.

But the failsafe that God planted in men has started to stir. Men are waking up and they are starting to realize that for all their lives they have been consuming the feminized poison that has been promoted all these years. This is why we feel like we “do not belong” no matter what we tell ourselves in the mirror.

The church has been feminized because we allowed it and suffered our women the burden to carry on as best they could.

We need to return back to our proper role as husbands, fathers, leaders, teachers, (real) pastors and evangelists.

We need to take back our ordained position in the chain of command again and start fighting for what is good, right and just in light of God’s Word.

It is NOT going to be easy, nor will it happen in a year or so. It will take a heart completely committed to the Lord and a desire to see His will in the body of Christ be changed back.

We need to get back to One God, One Son, One Book and one life for our Lord King Jesus.

If it was good enough for our forefathers, then it is good enough for us.

Let me state this clearly I am not saying that we “play men” we need to step up and become men. We have our nice little feel good men’s retreats where we just scratch the surface for three days then go back to our regular selves. We need to stop the game playing and get real.

We need something more than that.

real-men2We need to get back to real iron sharpening iron. We need to have the courage to go tell a brother that we love that he is messing up.

If he is cheating on his wife, a group of us need to get with him take him to the woods for a serious lesson and what goes on in the woods also stays in the woods. We then need to commit ourselves to bringing him back into the brotherhood and help him get his life right again.

Same with the druggie, the drunkard or whatever vice has our brother trapped in. They need to be taken to the woods, given a lesson and then rallied around to bring him back to the brotherhood. We do not turn our back on a brother; we pick him up when he is down and then give him a swift kick in the rear and pat on the shoulder to let him know he is not alone.

The brotherhood needs to be loyal to each other, their families and to their body of Christ. We need to get away from the Rock and Roll Sunday services with its false handshakes, phony hugs and I-love-you-brother rhetoric garbage. The brotherhood needs to start challenging our so called pastors and put the pressure on them to be REAL pastors, and stop being the hireling that most have become today. If they don’t, we need to fire them and find pastors who will stand for the Godly Chain of Command.

We need to start caring and protecting our neighborhood and the people in them. We need to start having depth, sacrifice and a bold commitment to our family, extended family, our brotherhood, and our body of Christ.

We need to get away from all these stinking slick slogans rainbows & unicorns social club churches, step out and start making waves.

Where is the challenge of waking up for Sunday morning services just to put on your happy face focusing on our self-centered needs?

sword-bibleThere isn’t one.

My personal journey has been to rediscover what it means to be man… a fighting man, a man of adventure, a pathfinder, a swordsman of the blade and the book. Not some whelp of a man who has conformed to this emasculated feminized unicorns and rainbows image that has been shoved down our throats all these years.

We need to be allowed to be men again, act in God’s Chain of command and stand for what is right and true in light of God’s Word.

I am going to be honest in saying that pastors today are the main problem. Today’s churches are a direct result of 150 years of feminizing the church. A feminized gospel is what has been taught in the seminaries and it has become all about hirelings and their CEO identity. It has become all about business and which pastor has the bigger building.

We have become bound to organizational procedures that these feminized hirelings get from Everything is done in the proper PC tolerant manner.

The brotherhood needs to grow a pair and be willing to set things right again. We need to be willing to be ratted on, betrayed, exposed, cheated, marked, kicked out and unforgiven because that is what is going to have to take place so that we can return to God’s proper chain of command.

As many of you know I get a lot of hate emails from those who I seem to step on their holy cows toes. I challenge myself and others to the adventure of living a holy and acceptable life in light of scripture. This pushes people out of their comfort zone and they do not like it. I am a blunt person and I do not believe in sugarcoating the obvious truth. Newsflash, if God’s Word says it, we are called to believe it…period. Not debating it or find the loopholes in His law. We submit to Him with all our being.

rick-warrenWe have become so dysfunctional in Christianity that we don’t know what it means to function as a body. We are killing our wounded and often get shot in the back by our comrades in arms. One of the primary reasons for this is that we have 300 different versions of God’s Word. Folks, things different are not the same. That is a fact.

This is why I say we need to get back to One Book. Our forefathers had only one, the Authorized King James Bible.

Until we as the brotherhood come to submitting ourselves to that one book, we will continue to be divided and God’s chain of command will always be broken.

If it worked for our forefathers, it will work for us.

In the years of becoming a Christian I have lost my masculinity because I did not understand the masculinity of Christ. That is what men need to help understand again.

This lame image of Christ that our feminist churches have painted is all fine and wonderful for the cover of romance novels, but it is neither the warrior Christ we serve nor the warrior Christ who is returning. That metrosexual Brad Pitt wanna-be is not my image of Christ.

My image is the raging warrior coming back to kick royal rear end and take names. He will be ruthless and will take his utter revenge on His enemies for the sake of His land and His elect.

We need men willing to strip off the mask and get real…really real. We need men who will encourage one another and stand by one another and do things together. Not just on the surface, but as soldiers and warriors ready for the fight, standing back to back unwilling to leave a brother behind.

Though the world has taught me how to be a man and stand by others on the job and in the military, the church has failed to teach me how to be the REAL Christ like man. The Servant Warrior Christ not the emasculated Christ.

We as the brotherhood need to be willing to stand and speak the real truth and take charge again, not just being the whelp pew-sitter.


We need to get involved in each other’s lives and start sharpening the iron. Like it or not, the battle is coming and it is the Godly Servant Warriors who will be called upon to make the stand that is needed.

I am tired of being with the emasculated neutered males, thus this journey I have been on. I am sick of seeing males acting like frail women. We need to grow a pair again and we need men to be men again.

Oh, here is a newsflash also. The women really do not want the leadership positions; they would gladly turn those positions and submit to Godly Men who are willing to lead like Christ would. We need to be willing to lay our lives down for the family, church and brotherhood. This is a fact. Women would deeply appreciate the Godly Chain of Command because they know that they will be truly loved and their children loved and protected as well.

Men have left the church right and left seeking something to fulfill them. We need to integrate ourselves back into the Godly Chain of Command and in that; we will find our purpose again.

Simply put, we need to “become” the church and stop “going” to church. We must get this “robot / auto pilot” idea out of our minds. All that does is create division, lethargy, and passivity in the brotherhood.

We must be brave enough to find the faith and courage to stand up and say NO MORE. As long as we stay and support a feminized derailed system, we will never find the truth. This is why I am saying that we need some brave and bold men to start calling a spade a spade and come together and make a difference.

Men of truth today are a rare commodity and are often looked down upon. They are usually men who have refused to compromise and have often been persecuted by institutional thinkers. But that was yesterday and today is a new day. Our Godly quest will be met with frustration and failure, but in the years to come we will make a difference if we persevere and keep picking each other up.

I pray that men will become men again and that the brotherhood will boldly stand.  

By Ray Gano