Chechnya Suspects in Boston Bombing


I am appalled.  The shrapnel was still falling when several so-called journalists and news organizations could not wait to imply that the Boston Marathon bombing suspect(s) were somehow connected to the Tea Party or right-wing extremism.

The dynamically intelligence-impaired Lawrence O’Donnell recently blamed the NRA for slowing down the investigation.  “The NRA’s efforts to guarantee that American mass murderers are the best-equipped mass murders in the world is not limited to murderers who use assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. The NRA is also in the business of helping bombers get away with their crimes. Gunpowder could be traced by investigators to a buyer at the point of sale if gunpowder contained a taggant, an element that would enable tracing of the purchase of gunpowder. But thanks to the National Rifle Association, identification taggants are required by law only in plastic explosives. The NRA has successfully blocked any requirements for such taggants in gunpowder. So such supremely helpful evidence as taggants are not available to the FBI in this investigation.” [1; emphasis added]

Right, the NRA is so powerful that they have hamstrung the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies, Larry.  Even if taggants were added to gunpowder, what is to say that the suspects would have been the ones who actually bought it in the end anyway?

But thankfully, the FBI is much smarter than O’Donnell because they did what was arguably better by going directly to surveillance video and photos.  In his effort to blame someone on the right, I guess Larry forgot about those things.

Here we are several days later and law-enforcement found and trapped the two suspects (killing one) and according to NPR, have a third in custody.  Two of the suspects are brothers and are from Chechnya, but have lived in the United States for roughly one year.

These two brothers are likely to be Muslim.  In fact, the area of Chechnya is largely Islamic.  But why bother people with facts like these when it is easier and more fun for the left-leaning media to attempt to, once again, to tie the Tea Party with this type of mayhem.  Throw in a bit of “NRA-blaming” for good measure and everything is golden.

Robert Spencer’s page shows that one of the Boston bombers has a YouTube page that includes videos by Sheikh Feiz Mohammed, who “urges Muslims to kill the enemies of Islam and praises martyrs with a violent interpretation of jihad.” [2; emphasis in original]  I have yet to see anyone from the “right” be connected to Islam.

Gee, I wonder why the left-leaning media talking puppets like O’Donnell, Chris Matthews, and others aren’t so quick to bring this information to the public?  Instead, I’m sure we’ll watch them circle the wagons as we learn more about the Islamic connections of the two bombers or drop it altogether.  It’s simply not politically correct to say things that negatively impact Islam and Muslims, since radical Muslims are such peace-loving people, aren’t they?  They’re just misunderstood “victims” according to political correctness.

I think apologies are in order from morons like Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Matthews, and others who were so quick to do what they could to obfuscate facts in this situation while trying desperately to imply that the heinous and cowardly bombings in Boston were related to the right.  They need to check their facts and do a little research before they make their wild accusations.

After all, we can easily show that Democrats and those on the left are far more apt to assassinate someone than someone on the right.  Martin Luther King Jr.?  Killed by a Democrat.  The man who was recently arrested for sending ricin in the mail?  A Democrat.  The man who killed JFK?  A Marxist.  The guy who killed Robert Kennedy?  A “Palestinian” who likely felt betrayed by our government’s support of the nation of Israel.  Attempted assassination of Gerald Ford?  A leftist associated with Charles Manson.  The attempt on Ronald Reagan?  Perpetrated by a loon who was apparently enamored with Robert DiNiro’s character from Taxi Driver and his fascination with actress Jody Foster.

We can also show how many times the mainstream media has done what it could to show the right in a negative way, only to experience foot in mouth disease shortly thereafter.  Yet, they remain undeterred, so intent are they on doing whatever it takes to ruin the reputation of those on the right.  Even Brian Ross got into the act on at least one occasion by essentially picking the name of a person out of a phone book, who was a member of the Tea Party.  Turns out that good ol’ Ross had the wrong person (and I’m sure he knew it), but the damage was done.  Maybe some law suits will cause people like O’Donnell, Matthews, and others to grow a brain.

The very word “Chechnya” has roots in the Arabic language going back to the 8th century. [3]  Way back in the mid-1990s, there was the ongoing conflict between the people of Chechnya and Russia and those of Chechnya experienced a good deal of oppression from Russians.  As Muslims, they believed (then and now) that Allah was on their side. [4]

This is a perfect opportunity for America’s media to open our eyes to the struggles that those of Chechnya have experienced and, in many ways, still experience.  It is also enough of a reason to investigate why the suspects in the Boston bombing – who are from Chechnya and likely to be Muslim – have a problem with the United States and want to simply kill innocent people because of it.

But that would mean having a media that is not politically correct.


By Fred DeRuvo

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