Day 8 No Money on EBT Cards – Riots Next? – Get Prepared!


ray-gano-medBy Ray Gano

It interesting over the weekend I got several emails telling me about cell phones being down, internet being down, and get this, EBT cards not working and having no money associated to them.

This is a concern because when the US Government has payment failures, then there is possibly something happening that the press is not telling you about.

Now, we know that computers have problems and that states, counties and cities run on computers. But what is interesting is that since the beginning of 2016, The US government has had over 2,700 reports on showing that they have been late loading the money onto these EBT cards.

Folks, we are now going on 8 days where the Government has not paid the EBT payments so that people have food.

Why is this?

Are we looking a possible Venezuela event taking place here in the US?

Right now, believe it or not but a dozen eggs are going for $150 in Venezuela. A pound of powdered milk is going for approximately $110.

Are we just seeing some computer glitches going on here or is there a possibility that the US government is starting to have a hard time keeping up with all those EBT payments?

According to the Food Research and Action Center, there are now 44,391,436 people on the food stamp SNAP program.

Depression Had Soup Kitchens – Today We Have EBT Cards

EBT-CardIt is interesting to think, but during the great depression there were soup kitchens all over the US that were feeding people. You have seen the pictures of all those people lined up outside just waiting for something to eat.

One of the ways the government is hiding how bad things really are is by having these EBT / SNAP cards that people use like a debit / credit card.

You load up your cart, to the cashier, they ring up your food and the person swipes their EBT / SNAP card. The money is deducted and no one knows the difference.

One of the biggest issues to take place during the great depression was severe malnutrition.

In a pamphlet entitled Tenant Farmer, published in 1935, Erskine Caldwell describes a four year old girl dying of malnutrition and anemia, a six year old boy in the process of starving to death and “two babies, neither a year old, sucking the dry teats of a mongrel bitch.” He goes on to write “The dog got up and shook herself and lay down several feet away. The babies crawled crying after her.”


The Grapes of Wrath – A Foreshadow of Things To Come

A very moving book that you need to read now is “The Grapes of Wrath.” There was a movie made of the book also staring Henry Fonda. The book & movie follow a family that lost their farm and homestead in the great depression. The entire family loaded up a truck and headed out looking anywhere where they could in hopes of getting any sort of job and earn some money.

People in the US were literally starving because of a lack of food in many places. Oklahoma and other states in the Midwest have become a dust bowl and the ground became unfertile due to being over worked and the top soil being eroded away.

The Joad’s, the family which the story follows, try to go out west where they heard that there was at least crop picking jobs to be had in California. Sad thing is that they along with hundreds of thousands of others also heard the same thing.

No jobs were to be had. Just day work here and there.

Hardship followed them and things get even worse for the family. It is these hardships that the book / movie tells about. But the book is more graphic and spells out things that are not so pretty.

How The Book Ends

grapes-of-wrath-1The Joad’s, who have been traveling the US, are forced to leave their truck / trailor with all their possessions due to severe floods. A little way up the road from where they were camped they find a barn and decide to take shelter. Once inside they encounter a man starving to death, almost too weak to even move.

If you read the book, you are like me and will remember the ending for the rest of your life.

Rose, the daughter loses her baby while giving birth during the flood.

Pa Joad puts the tiny body to the currents and he tells it: “Go down an’ tell ’em. Go down in the street an’ rot an’ tell ’em that way. That’s the way you can talk.”

The child’s corpse becomes a symbolic message charged with the task of testifying to the people’s suffering.

The last image is that of Rose, weak from giving birth, goes to the man dying of starvation and sits next to him. She then brings the starving man, who is almost to weak to move, to her breast and lets him suckle her milk, nursing the half-starved man.

This is perhaps one of the most startling and moving images in all of literature.

It is also an image of what we could be facing when things are at its darkest.

This ending offers brotherly love and a glimmer of hope, but also the destitute that the nation fell too.

Grapes of Wrath could be a glimpse into a possible future.

Back To The Future – DAY 8 and EBT Cards Still Not Working

If you go to and look at the comments, there are people who still have not had the EBT / SNAP cards filled and they are still waiting for those food stamps.

You can see that these people are starting to get a little upset. Cupboards are bare, refrigerators are empty, and these people do not like what is going on.

Right now they are just complaining on a website.

But what is going to happen when they finally get fed up and start getting ugly?

I hate to make assumptions, but odds are some of these people who are on the US welfare dole are also the same type that show up to cause havoc at Trump rallies.

Just look at the violence they are doing there and a lot of these people are being paid.

In fact this add was found recently on Craigslist.


Just look how ugly these people are getting and they are being paid. Just think how ugly they will be when they are not getting their food stamps.

What happens when they start showing up at grocery stores to protest?

What is going to happen when you might be there shopping and this mob shows up at your store and you have to walk to your car with your food. What are you going to do?

We have seen an EBT glitch take place before and it happened in a few states and it was just over a weekend.

Well this EBT situation is lasting more than just a weekend, we are on day 8 and people still do not have their food stamps.

How many more days will the EBT Horde remain at bay and when are they going to start to strike back and start raiding Grocery Stores?

Think it can’t happen? Think again.

Tin Foil Hat Speculations

Well if you have been one of my readers for some time, you know that you should have been preparing for this sort of event.

I have been warning of this now for over 6+ years and have been pointing to the writing on the wall.

I want to state that I am not a financial expert, nor am I a financial planner. The information that I am sharing is personal opinion and if you choose to follow it, you do so at your own financial risk.

03-trump-rally-san-jose-violence-eggs.w529.h352OK… that out of the way.

As many of you know I am a history buff and I look to history to help with answers for today.

The EBT system is down in CA, NY, NJ WA, AZ, TX and others states.That means that a LOT of people were not able to buy food and as far as I know based on, there are people who STILL do not have any means to buy food.

Are we seeing what I am calling a “Systematic Trickle Failure Effect” taking place? Is the powers that be “testing” the people to see how much they can bare before they melt down? In fact, wouldn’t it be convenient to have a meltdown of welfare folks at say around the election time?

Again, I mentioned that cell phones were down is some states and also internet down. In fact, let me ask you this. How would you know that all the cell phones are down in your state or just your area? You could not call out, so how would you know? Same goes with the internet. Think about that for a moment.

The Possible EBT Horde Coming To Your Town – How To Prepare

With all that in mind, we need to take action so that we are not part of the crazy horde of people who will be freaking out.

ACTION ITEM #1 -Get Cash

Cash is King – In the case of a “Systematic Trickle Failure Effect”, banking institutions may be closed, ATMs may not work, etc. Get some cash out of the bank and sit on it. The more you can pull out the better, but only take out what you can afford. Don’t take out so much that you bounce checks and do not have the ability to pay bills.

Having cash on hand will enable you to be more “fluid” in your abilities where “IF” a default happens and “IF” banks and financial institutions are affected, you will have the ability to still conduct day to day life with the limited cash on hand.

ACTION ITEM #2 – Stock Up The Pantry

food-storageLook at your food as an investment.

Food is money, food is something to barter with. If you are able to grow and raise food, you are in a very strong position.

In fact look at anything that you use in day to day life as a hard commodity. I say this because “IF” there is a default, there will be a run on stores and shelves will empty in a matter of hours due to herd mentality.

The goal is to NOT be part of the herd.

By having a month or so worth of food on hand, this is money you will not have to spend down the road, thus the cash on hand can be used for other things.

You will also be hedging against inflation. “IF” there is a default, the odds are that inflation will kick in and prices will rise. What you buy today might only cost $1.00 where in days and weeks that same item may cost $5.00 – $7.00.

Because you thought ahead and purchased, you saved money.

Money saved is money earned.

ALSO – do not forget water. Get some bottled water. Rule of thumb is one gallon per person per day.

You can also purchase sturdy garbage cans and fill them with water, but you need a way to filter it so you can drink it. Pouring it through several cotton towels will do this in a pinch. You are looking to filter out dirt, debris, and the occasional bug that flew into the water.

NOTE – This is NOT a long term water storage solution, just a short term. If you do not use this water in say seven days, empty it out and put in new fresh water. Keep rotating as needed.

Food That I Recommend

Many people have asked me about all the different foods out there. I have to admit that I have tried a lot of the foods and many are not any good. They taste like salty cardboard mixed with a few dehydrated veggies thrown in. Think over glorified Ramin noodles.

THRIVE LIFE FOODS – At the top of my list is thrive-foods1THRIVE LIFE Foods. We have been using THRIVE Foods for over 6 years. We raised our two youngest kids on it and my oldest son is raising his children on it.

Yes it is the Cadillac of food, but I refuse to skimp on my family’s health, welfare and nutritional needs.

One of the things I like about THRIVE LIFE Foods is that they have what is called “The Q.” What you do is choose a wish list of food, associate it to your “Q” and then associate an amount, anything over $50 a month, and then tell them what day they can hit your credit card. About seven days later your first batch of food you chose from your wish list shows up on your front porch.

Pick the food, pay and forget it. It keeps showing up every month with more items from your wish list.

Another thing that THRIVE LIFE has is non-GMO and also Organic foods available. This is a real plus over many of the other companies out there that are in the survival food arena.

If you are interested in THRIVE LIFE Foods, then check out our Thrive website –


NOTE – If you are wanting to order over $500 worth of food, please contact, I might be able to save you some money by running it through my back office. Contact me at [email protected] and lets set up a time to talk.

augason-farms-30-day-supplyAUGASON FARMS FOODS –   Augason Farms runs a close second in my book when it comes to emergency / bulk food. I have tried them in the past and they are really good. The great thing is that they also are sold on Amazon and the prices are pretty affordable when you look at the nutritional value as well as the really great taste that you are getting.

One of the recommendations that I make is for Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Supply Pail Storage Food. One thing about this is that they have calculated over 1800 calories a day, where some of these other “survival buckets” only have calculated 1200 calories a day.

Don’t want to go for the full 30 day meals, then Augason Farms also has their “Augason Farms Lunch & Dinner Emergency Food Supply”

For just over $65 you can get 92 servings / half a month’s supply of lunch and dinners. If you couple this with the 30 day supply, you will have a very well rounded food supply for a solid month.

Augason Farms – 30-Day Emergency Supply Pail Storage Food

Augason Farms Lunch & Dinner Emergency Food Supply


Survive2Thrive 40 Days/Nights 100% Organic Food Supply....Survive And Thrive!I learned about Survive2Thrive from my friend Steve Quayle and found out that this is the only Certified Organic, Non-GMO Grab & Go Food Storage on the market today.

Survive2Thrive created this 40-Day Organic Emergency Food Supply because the majority of food storage option available are absolutely horrible. They are just empty calories that are loaded with GMO’s, preservatives, and extremely high levels of sodium while offering very little nutritional value. I personally can’t imagine thriving on such ‘food’, and I use the term loosely here, for any length of time. If you are looking for Non-GMO, Certified Organic Food Storage that will keep you healthy for a long period of time look no further.  Shelf Life is 10-15 years if stored properly!

To learn more about SURVIVE2THRIVE – Check out the following link….


ACTION ITEM #3 – Stock Up on Other Needed Items

Yes this is a lot to swallow, but if you have been preparing as long as I have been advising, then you should be good to go. But if you have not, you are seriously behind the 8-ball.

The goal is not to be part of the herd and develop herd mentality. The herd does stupid and dangerous things when it is in a panic.

If you are sucked into herd mentality then it will cost you. You will do unwise things and make unwise purchases all because the herd is doing it. All of a sudden you have a bunch of “Stuff” that you really do not need and you and your family are still behind the 8-ball.

A great primer to get you off and going is reading my article – “Create Your Own Custom 5 Gallon Survival Bucket”

Read it here…

eton-red-cross-radio-5-gallon-survival-bucketUse this article as a guideline. I am not saying to go out and get everything on that list, but it will give you a guideline as to what you can rule in our rule out in this short amount of time that you have.

If you choose to start a 5 gallon survival bucket, it is something that you can then build upon as you continue to prepare. But by getting your 5 Gallon Survival Bucket going now, you will have a jump on your preps and at least have the basics covered.

ACTION ITEM #4 – Secure Your Home Against The Herd

“IF” there is a default and “IF” banking institutions go down, there is a very good chance that there will be panic. Again, this is part of the herd mentality taking hold of 80% of the masses who did nothing and did not think ahead.

They will be in a panic and “IF” store shelves start becoming empty, the herd will begin to look elsewhere. Remember the LA Riots? That was a taste of what could happen.

You need to secure your home and loved ones.

Get some inexpensive motion detectors to put outside your front door, front yard, back yard. This will give you an early warning of possible intruders.

Add some more security devised to your doors and windows to prevent easy access. If you do not have dead bolts on your exterior doors, add some.

buddy-barGet some “kick bars” for your doors. These are bars that slip under the door handle and you “kick” them into place. They will not prevent the door from being completely kicked in, but what it will do is buy you more time to either exit the home or grab more security measures.

One that I totally recommend is a product called the Buddy Door Jammer.

The Buddy Door Jammer, I own one of these myself and I can attest to the strength that this has. Using this properly will make your door almost impenetrable. The person/s will have to destroy your door to get in.

Here is good video review of the Buddy Door Jammer.


Buddy Bar Door Jammer

The time is now to harden our security BEFORE someone tries to conduct a home invasion.

Where we live I have implemented several security systems.

First, I have the Voice Alert System-6 Home/driveway Alarm system. I learned about this from a friend of mine when I heard his announcing that someone was at the side of the house, and then it announced that someone was by the tool shed. Come to find out it was just his dog and he forgot to turn set the alarm to daytime.

After doing a bunch of research on pricing and features and such, I had to agree that this was a great system to give us early warning.

Here is what it says about the system on Amazon.

  • Would you like to be alerted when…
  • Cars are coming up the driveway
  • Children go inside your tool shed
  • Intruders approach the front or backyard
  • Someone enters your garage
  • Visitors are walking to the front door
  • Your parked boat or motor home has been boarded
  • Kids or pets are trampling your flowers …then you need the Voice Alert System-6.

System-6 allows a maximum of six user recorded messages. Each message is specific to one zone. For instance, zone one could be for a driveway alarm -“Car coming up the driveway” while zone two could be for a sensor monitoring the back yard- “Alert! Child by the pool!” Perhaps a third sensor guards a side entrance against intruders. However, when this PIR detects movement, the base unit plays “Intruder on patio” and triggers a floodlight using one of four relays included on the base unit.


System-6 can monitor all three zones simultaneously and still have three additional zones available when needed. Users can alter their messages and place the wireless sensors wherever they wish.

Voice Alert System-6 sets up in minutes and can be completely customized to fit their individual needs.

The wireless PIRs feature: all weather protection, adjustable mounting and sensitivity, and can send a signal 300 feet through walls and up to 1000 feet in open space.

This is not some cheap system either. The starter unit and one sensor is about $125.00. Each senor costs about $50.00 per and they are weather proof. I have multiple sensors all over our perimeter giving us early warning of anyone entering our yard. But they are the best out there for the dollar when it comes to home security systems that you can install yourself.

Voice Alert Alarm System

ACTION ITEM #5 – Weapons

If you have weapons, get them out, check them, clean them and get them ready to be used. Anyone in the family who can operate the weapon needs to be taught right then, right there on proper safety and operation of the weapon.

Acquire multiple forms of defense. Stun guns, pepper spray, machetes, axes, pole arms like spears or sharpened poles to keep aggressors at a distance are needed. Arm everyone who is able and has the mental capacity to carry with multiple weapons.

Store / hide multiple weapons all over the home so that you have access to a weapon no matter where you are in your home. I am a fan of machetes and Butcher/Chef knives.

You can acquire both of these items cheaply at your local dollar store, Walmart, Target, etc. You are not looking for the best money can buy, you are looking at putting these all over them home. You are able to afford a slew of $5.00 butcher / Chef Knives to place all over the home.

Nice thing about butcher / Chef Knives is that even the cheap ones, most are “full tang.” Meaning the metal for the knife runs through the knife handle. You want this when buying a knife. Full tang means it is stronger and will hold up to serious cutting and stabbing.

Duct taping a butcher knife to a closet pole makes for a good pole arm that will also keep aggressors at bay.

meat-cleaver-PZ-WeaponWant something a little more aggressive and will scare the tar out of people? Then take a step up from a butcher knife and go with a meat clever.

Here is a great meat cleaver that has a 10” blade and is also full tang, which means the metal goes all the way through the handle. I have to say that this is a beast of a blade and if I had someone coming at me with it, I would turn tail and head the other direction.

For $25, you have a great multipurpose weapon and kitchen utility tool that will serve you well by keeping your home safe and your food… well, nicely chopped up.

Meat Cleaver w/ 10” Full Tang Blade
All these suggestions are short term and will help you jump start your preps for long term.

“IF” nothing happens and congress kicks the can down the road, then you have gotten a good start on your preps and no matter what, it is not money wasted. Look at what you are doing as an investment in you, your family and your family’s health, welfare and wellbeing.

“IF” something does happen, this will give you a jump start and you will be able to redirect resources in other areas and you can then build on this to better improve your families health and welfare.

What happens if a person gains access? Again the focus here is defense without a gun. So what can you do to defend yourself against would be invaders?

I am a huge fan of Cold Steel Inferno. This is a pepper spray that is a foam, but once it is on the person, it melts and is very difficult to wash off. This stuff is bad to the bone and because it is a foam, you do not have to worry about a breeze blowing liquid pepper spray mist back in your own face. This is one of the problems with most liquid pepper sprays and Cold Steel got that covered.

I highly recommend that people keep a good flashlight by their bed in case of an emergency, but why not have a good weapon and light at the same time.

zapp-flashlightMy go to flashlight and stun gun is the Zap Million Volt Flashlight. This is actually a rechargeable million volt stun gun and it is wicked. But you know what? It has a pretty good flashlight on it as well. This is perfect for the office, for on walks, keeping in your purse or backpack, use it to walk to your car, there are a lot of uses for it. I have had mine for over 2 years and it still holds a great charge and push the button and it is like lightning going off. It is very easy to operate and even in a panic one could use it with ease.

The Zap Flashlight is also hefty enough that if you wanted to use it as an impact weapon, well it would do the job. It has some weight to it and it is a tad bulky. That is good when you need to slam this into someone and then let them have a million volts. You get this on any bad guy and push the button, they will drop. THEN.. while you have them down, I would zap them again for a good 10 seconds to make sure they are not getting back up for several long minutes. This is a good time to pull out the Cold Steel Pepper Spray and spray the bad guy in the face for a double whammy. They will not be getting up and good chances are that you will be the family hero for taking out the bad guy.

Man uses katana to stop home invasion, this is the gory aftermath

Let’s face it, we all know someone that has a few samurai swords. Whether they’re there to prevent a home invasion, or an attack by zombies after the SHTF has occurred, everyone has a reason for owning swords.

Well, in this case, the swords came to a very good use and helped to defend a man’s family from home invaders. This is the gory aftermath. The home invaders were stopped immediately upon entry into the man’s home. They bailed to their getaway car but did not make it very far due to massive blood loss. They were found by police shortly after driving away, both unconscious due to blood loss.


musashi-1060-katanaThis is one of the reasons that I am a huge fan of the Katana, aka the Samurai sword. It is a very easy weapon to use and if you can swing a golf club or baseball bat, you can do a lot of damage to a home invader.

The Katana is a weapon that a common person can quickly learn to use and actually use it effectively. It is also fun if one gets out in the back yard and practice cutting bottles and such.

I am very partial to the Musashi Company and their excellent swords. Not only are they great quality, but they are priced right too. Sitting around $100, you can have a sword that is truly battle ready and a beautiful piece of art.

Here is the description from Amazon…

Part of a new 1060 high carbon series from Musashi. With the result being well within that goal, this blade is nothing short of an excellent value. Handmade, the blade hamon is formed by the clay temper process during production. The blade is differentially hardened and comes extremely sharp. Like the more expensive models, this blade can even be bent 45 degrees and returned to the straight and true form. This sword is well balanced and the tight handle wrap feels great.

Materials and Way of Forge:

  • Traditional hand forge Muku-kitae method.
  • 1060 High Carbon Steel with clay temper process.
  • 55 HRC blade hardness. Hamon and hardness created with temper process.
  • Real hamon, not wire brushed or printed.
  • Real ray skin wrapped grip with black cotton cord wrap.
  • Extremely sharp hand honed edge.
  • Steel tsuba, fuchi, and kashira; Brass habaki.
  • Can be disassembled for care or display. Dual bamboo mekugi (peg), hardwood handle.
  • Hardwood scabbard with high quality piano paint finish.
  • 39 3/4 in. overall, 27 1/2 in. blade, 10 3/4 in. handle.
  • Includes black cotton sword storage/carry bag.

Here is a video review of my Musashi 1060 Clay DH hardened katana.

VIDEO – Musashi 1060 Deferentially Hardened Katana – Review –

Here is my video of me cutting banana trees with my Musashi Katana.

VIDEO – Musashi 1060 DH Katana First Cuts Vs. A Banana Tree –

There are many other things that you can do to help harden your home defenses, but the key is to make the bad guy ask himself “do I really want to go into this guy’s home?”

Home intruders do not want a fight, they want to get in, get stuff and get out. The more things you have in place to deter the bad guy, the better.

Here are links (IN BOLD) to the products that I have talked about. We personally own many of these items, but I also wanted to share alternative items that I like but may not own or have tried yet.

Voice Alert Alarm System –

Buddy Bar Door Jammer

Flip Action Door Lock –

8 Mil Security Window Film –

GE Personal Window / Door Alarm –

Cold Steel Inferno 2.5 oz / 70 grams

Cold Steel Inferno 1.3 oz / 37 grams

Zap Million Volt Flashlight

Musashi – 1060 Carbon Steel – Clay Tempered Samurai Sword *SHARP*

My Musashi DH 1060 sword

Sabre Home Defense Pepper Spray –

Doberman Ultraslim Window Alarm –

Door Stop Alarm –

Window and Door Alarm –


bastard-swordFull Tang German Bastard Sword *SHARP* –

15th Century Hand-And-A-Half Full Tang Tempered Battle Ready Hand Forged Sharp Sword *SHARP* –

Musashi Handmade 1060 Carbon Steel Clay Tempered Katana (Burgundy) *SHARP* –

Windlass Patton’s Sword –

United Cutlery M48 Kommando Survival Hammer –

United Cutlery M48 Tactical War Hammer –

United Cutlery Honshu Boshin Trophy Master Bowie Knife with Sheath –

United Cutlery Honshu Combat Fighter Knife with Sheath *SHARP* –

Columbia River Knife and Tool – CRKT – Hisshou Knife *SHARP* –

Cold Steel Barong Machete with Sheath –

Cold Steel Rajah II Grivory Handle –

Cold Steel G-10 Espada Knife (X-Large) –

Cold Steel Spartan Grivory Handle –

Cold Steel Voyager XL

Cold Steel Kuban

Cold Steel Gladius Machete

COVERT WEAPONS / Weapons You Can Hide in Plain Sight

Monkey Fist Key Ring –

Multipurpose Tool /Screwdriver / Wedge Weapon –

CIA Defense Tool Set –

Concealable Handcuff Key –

Personal Defense Spike –

Self Defense Money Clip –

Tactical Letter Opener / Pen Set –


Uzi Tactical Pen –

Messermeister 8-Inch Take-Apart Kitchen Scissors –

Cold Steel Nightshade / FGX Boot Knife –

Cold Steel Nightshade / FGX Tanto –

Cold Steel Nightshade / FGX Tai Pan Dagger –

Cold Steel Nightshade / FGX Skean Dhu —

The Strike Spike –

gotcha-capRay’s Infidel Baseball Cap –

Gotcha Baseball Cap –

Cold Steel Pepper Spray Pen –

Zap Million Volt Flashlight –

Stainless Steel Coffee Mug –

Long Term TODO

You need to put a long term food, water, medical supplies plan into place now. Do you like this feeling of disarray that you are experiencing now? By being more self-sufficient and less leaning on the Gov, you will be able to weather the coming storm a lot better.

Now if you are expecting the Government to come pick up the pieces, forget it. FEMA has made very clear that being prepared is YOUR responsibility and not that of the Government.

SO when the poo hits the fan, and it will someday, you are on your own. What you have done to build your ark is what you will have to depend upon to help you get through that storm.

Yes this sounds a lot but if this financial cliff does not take place, then we have been given a little bit more time. Learn from this and start preparing now.

Don’t be part of the 80% who are “sheeple” following the herd.

The herd is always slaughtered in the long run. You want to go that route? If not, then start doing all you can to prepare for this storm.