PZ BREAKING NEWS – Did The US Build The Antichrist’s HQ? – New Babylon?


ray-gano-medThis past weekend in the PZ Bible Study something dawned on me and I asked myself, did we build the Headquarters for the Antichrist?

After the study I was taking questions from folks and we were talking about how fast ISIS is taking over the Middle East.

ISIS has been moving over the Middle East with such veracity as if they were locust.

Today it is being reported that now the boarders of Iraq, Syria and Jordan are now controlled by ISIS.

Iraq Loses Control of Syrian, Jordanian boarder

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met Iraq’s prime minister in Baghdad on Monday to push for more inclusive leadership, as Nuri al-Maliki’s forces abandoned the border with Jordan, leaving the entire Western frontier beyond government control.

Sunni tribes took the Turaibil desert border crossing, the only legal crossing point between Iraq and Jordan, after Iraqi security forces fled, Iraqi and Jordanian security sources said.

Tribal leaders were negotiating to hand the post to Sunni Islamists from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) who took two main crossings with Syria in recent days and have pushed the Shi’ite-led government’s forces back toward Baghdad.

Ethnic Kurdish forces control a third border post with Syria in the north, leaving government troops with no presence along the entire 800-km (500-mile) western frontier which includes some of the most important trade routes in the Middle East.

For the insurgents, capturing the frontier is a dramatic step towards the goal of erasing the modern border altogether and building a caliphate across swathes of Syria and Iraq.

Source – http://news.yahoo.com/kerry-lands-baghdad-press-maliki-insurgency-spreads-081007211.html

Babylon – HQ of the Antichrist

dr.davidreagan christinprophecyBack in 2009 I had the great privilege to be asked to participate in a group forum with David Reagan’s TV show “Christ in Prophecy”

11 of us were asked a series of questions about The Antichrist.

Most of those who participated maintained a standard EU Antichrist, came from Rome, etc, etc.

I was one of the few who maintained what I call a “Middle East Mindset.”

To this day I believe that the Bible is a Middle East book, from the Middle East, written about Middle East countries with Middle East players.

What we in the west often forget is that it is Israel, specifically Jerusalem is the center of the world.

Ezekiel 5:5 Thus saith the Lord God; This is Jerusalem: I have set it in the midst of the nations and countries that are round about her.

On the show we were asked to comment on the “Antichrist Will Be Headquartered In Babylon”

Most of us agreed that the AC will have his headquarters in Babylon.

In fact here is what I stated….

I am a person who reads Scripture literally. I believe that the End Time capital will be Babylon.

It is interesting to find out that Saddam Hussein started to rebuild the ancient city of Babylon. And, it was his intent to actually create this area as a Wall Street of the Middle East. Babylon today is highly wired. They got all this going on. He was turning it into a visitors center or a business center and then the war took place, construction stopped, things like that. The interesting thing is, is that the UN just announced that they are going to start working and rebuilding Babylon. In fact, just this last November 14 America jumped on board and they are going to start giving money to the process. And, I guess, our soldiers went in and occupied parts of Babylon as a fortress of something. They are going to help rebuild it, repay for it. And back in early 2003, Israel Today reported that the Quartet — and that’s being the US, UN, EU, and Russia — they all came together and they started talking about the UN actually moving their headquarters from New York to Babylon. And so, I do see Babylon being the seat of the Antichrist.

You can watch the Christ in Prophecy show where we gave our comments about Babylon being the HQ of the Antichrist…


Babylon Today??

Now that the war has been over, the UN did not step in and help rebuild what Saddam was starting. The US has only given money helping rebuilding Saddam’s palace into a hotel that sits on a hill overlooking the Babylon ruins.

We read the following….

Tempting Tourists by Rivers of Babylon

Couples honeymoon in “Saddam suite” of pillaged riverside palace.

According to Ahmed Abd al-Amir, the resort’s executive director, some 3 billion Iraqi dinars (roughly 2.5 million US dollars) have been spent on renovating the complex, out of funds allocated for reconstruction work.

Fifty rooms have so far been refurbished, he said. Among them is a suite overlooking the Euphrates river, said to have been used by Saddam Hussein and now offered for overnight rental to newlyweds.

Among the first to take advantage of this offer were Yusuf and the woman he recently married. “During the construction period, I would try and imagine where Saddam would sit in the suite – but I never imagined I would end up married in the same room,” he said.

Source – http://iwpr.net/report-news/tempting-tourists-rivers-babylon


HILLAH, IRAQ, APRIL 21: Iraqis walk in front of Saddam Hussein’s former palace on April 21, 2009 in the city of Hillah in Babil province about 50 miles south of Baghdad, Iraq. The Palace, which is adjacent to the remains of the ancient city of Babylon, was purged of anything of value by looters as Saddam’s regime fell in April 2003 and then occupied by US and coalition forces until late 2006. The palace was opened to public who can visit it for about 85 US cents. Some of its surrounded villas have been converted into hotel rooms which can be rented for about USD170 a night.



So Babylon today is not the mega business center that many of us believe it could be.

Here is an actual picture from Google maps of Babylon today.


As you can see the round looking structure is Saddam’s Palace, now a hotel. Using the round hill as a clock face, you can look at the 3 oclock direction and you will see one dot that says “Ancient Babylon” and another that says the Ishtar Gate.

You can view this map here for yourself …


As you can see, there is not much here. No building taking place, no infrastructure and mega office complex like Saddam wanted.

All we see is ruins, and tourist area.

“But, The Antichrist Can Rebuild Babylon”

This is something that I myself have been saying for a while, but nothing has come to fruition. We have to admit that it just isn’t happening.

As I have mentioned before, many of us claim that we are “The Final Generation.”

So if that is the case, then we have to be honest with ourselves and say that time is running out.

We are speaking biblically. Either we are the final generation or we are not. But the question that we need to ask, “How long is a biblical generation”?

Scripture says…

Psalms  90:10 (KJV)  The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.

In other words, the number of years people live on the average is 70, possibly 80 if they are strong and of good constitution.

To back this up, Matthew in his reciting of Christ’s generations follow the Psalms 90:10 definition of a generation, 70 years.

Matthew  1:17 (KJV)  So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations.

Matthew is using the Psalm 90 definitions of generation in order to tell a specific chronological time story of our Lord Jesus Christ. So if Matthew is using it pertaining to and qualifying our Lord, we should use it also.

So with all that said, and just doing simple math, 1948 + 70 years comes to 2018.

Today is June 23, 2014. 2018 is about  3.5 years away.

Even looking at the building taking place in Duibai and the speed they are building with the bulldozers, cranes, workforce, ect; the building would need to start today if it was to be a global complex to rule the world.

Do we see that happening?

No, we do not. So what we need to do is consider a REBUILT Babylon.


The US’s Largest Embassy – The Green Zone Baghdad

We need to remember that US Embassy in Iraq is the most “wired” technically as well as battle ready fortresses in all the world. It is also larger than the Vatican State.

How does this fit in scripturally?

In Jeremiah 51:13 it says that Babylon sits upon many waters.

Jeremiah 51:13 O thou that dwellest upon many waters, abundant in treasures,thine end is come,and the measure of thy covetousness.

Like Babylon of old which sat on the Euphrates River, The New Babylon / US Embassy sits on The Tigress River.

In Revelation there is a “mystery Babylon” or an “unknown” Babylon. Mystery Babylon shares a lot of the same similarities as the Babylon HQ of the Antichrist.

In Revelation 17:1 we read that Mystery Babylon also sits upon many waters.

Revelation 17:1 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:

We ofthen think of ancient Babylon because of the Euphraties River, but an actual location is not named, it has been “assumed” that the AC HQ would be where the Euphraties was located. But do you know that the US Embassy is located “upon many waters” as well. It sits right on the Tigres River.

In Jeremiah 50:45, it says that Babylon is in “the land of the Chaldeans.”

Jeremiah 50:45 Therefore hear ye the counsel of the Lord, that he hath taken against Babylon; and his purposes, that he hath purposed against the land of the Chaldeans: Surely the least of the flock shall draw them out: surely he shall make their habitation desolate with them.

I mention this because I do see America as a “Daughter of Babylon” I do not see her as the Literal Babylon spoken of in context to the last days. Iin stating this, we also discounts Rome, The EU, Brussels, and other western ideas of Babylon.

FYI… the land of the Chaldeans is not only old Babylon, it is also modern Baghdad, the location where the US Embassy / Green Zone is located.

As a side note, as I mentioned, I do believe that America can be a “Daughter of Babylon” as described in scripture. SO I find it very interesting that the US, builds our largest embassy in the Chaldean empire area. We are getting ready to evacuate this massive billion dollar project leaving ISIS a freehand to come in and take over an area bigger than the Vatican state.

In Revelation 18 we learn that Babylon is going to be the megacity, the nations are drunk with her wine.

Right now ISIS controls 10% of the world’s oil due to the land that they have taken in Syria and Iraq. If ISIS gains control of all the Middle East, that is a lot of oil to be in control of. Would the nations of the world be “drunk” from the power she wields?

isis map oil 

As I mentioned above the boarders of Iraq and Jordan are now gone.

There’s concern that ISIS will move into Jordan, where there is major dissatisfaction of the reign of King Abdullah II bin al-Hussein. The king’s concerns are so great that he has requested U.S. military assistance to prevent it from becoming part of ISIS’ Islamist caliphate.

Will the US help?

Odds are that this will administration will do nothing except maybe send some obligatory forces or something menial. We probably will not lift a finger.

The president will probably show support to the King of Jordan by going out and playing a few rounds of golf in his remembrance.

ISIS is already planning on going into Lebanon as well.

Once they capture these areas, I honestly believe that Baghdad will fall and ISIS will claim the Green Zone and their new base of operation and the new seat of the Caliphate.

Baghdad ruled the middle east for hundreds of years under the Caliphate. It was in WWI / II where the Caliphate was taken down (call it “wounded)

But now we are literally witnessing the rebirth of the Caliphate ( rising from the dead) with the return of the Assyrian Empire. IF you over lay a map of the Assyrian Empire, you will understand ISIS’s plan to dominate the Middle East.

assyria map large 

Once ISIS controls all of Syria and Iraq, I believe that they will then make the push to Iran, Jordan and Lebanon.

It is looking like Jordan is going to topple with little resistance.

This is being reported today…

ISIS Threatens to Invade Jordan, ‘Slaughter’ King Abdullah

The recent victories in Iraq and Syria by the terrorists of ISIS — said to be an offshoot of al-Qaeda — have emboldened the group and its followers throughout the Middle East. Now the terrorists are planning to move their jihad not only to Jordan, but also to the Gaza Strip, Sinai and Lebanon.

Failure to act will result in the establishment in the Middle East of a dangerous extremist Islamic empire that will pose a threat to American and Western interests.

“The danger is getting closer to our bedrooms.” — Oraib al-Rantawi, Jordanian political analyst


A Jordanian ISIS terrorist wearing a suicide bomb belt and holding his Jordanian passport declares his willingness to wage jihad in an ISIS video. (Image source: All Eyes on Syria YouTube video)

You tube is now showing video of a young Jordanian tearing up his passports and claiming to be part of the ISIS Caliphate. You can see the ISIS Flag in the background. This is part of the same video linked in above.

WATCH HERE >>> http://youtu.be/ua4JCK7H5lc

So I believe that Jordan will fall very easily and in the coming days ahead.

When ISIS controls Syria, Iraq / Green zone, and Jordan, then Lebanon will fall rather quickly as well leaving Iran.

There are already rumblings within the Iranian shite government that they think that many of the sunni military will defect and link up with ISIS.

This is becoming the modus operandi. The young men and women see the caliphate coming to fruition and they want to be part of something big.

ISIS is recruiting by the thousands daily and using social media to spread there message of a global Caliphate.

Here is what I found on Drudge Today…

Isis Hoodies and T-Shirts For Sale Online As Islamist ‘Brand’ Goes Global


Zirah Moslem jihadist T-shirt, yours for $13 (Facebook)

Its social media savvy has made Isis a “terror brand” to rival al-Qaida, with supporters worldwide following the brutal exploits of the Islamist group through its Twitter updates or even downloading the group’s own app.

Now supporters can show their loyalty to the group by sporting a T-shirt or hoodie emblazoned with the group’s black and white jihadist logo, after the items went on sale on Facebook.

The T-shirts, which are being sold on Indonesia-based websites, cost as little as $7 to $13, and have been on sale for several months, reports Vocativ.

With more than 9,000 likes on Facebook, retailer Zirah Moslem on its website calls itself a purveyor of “Islamic style” and sells clothing that promotes a range of Islamist groups.

Source – http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/isis-hoodies-t-shirts-sale-online-islamist-brand-goes-global-1453715

I believe that the Daughter of Babylon has built modern day “Babylon”, the future HQ of the Antichrist.

If we are the final generation, there is not time enough or money enough to make ancient Babylon the headquarters of the Antichrist. That is if we truly stand on God’s Word and His definitions of a generation.

So the next best thing is a “top of the line”, technically wired, technically forward, battle fortress. The US Embassy that we are evacuating right now as I write this article fits that bill. The Iraq military will not be able to hold out long and ISIS will eventually take it over.


This is a map of the Embassy Compound located in the Green Zone. NOTE – that the Tigris River wraps around this area, thus making this area “surrounded by many waters.”


Embassy area map, the black line is a literal wall surrounding the entire complex.


This is the first line of defensive walls surrounding the US Embassy in Baghdad


You can see the secondary / primary wall in the bottom left & right corner surrounding the main embassy complex. This Embassy is a fortress and would make a great HQ for a future world leader.


The outer wall and inner wall


Inside the outer walls that surround the embassy.




By Ray Gano




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