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The “most important election in our lifetime” is over. The direction of our nation has been established, and baring any legislative conflicts that cannot be overcome by intimidation and ridicule, the President will continue to pursue his “father’s dream” to punish America for it’ abuse of nations in its rise to power. If you haven’t seen the movie, “Obama’s America, 2016”, perhaps now would be a good time to order it and watch it in your own home, take some good notes and prepare for some tumultuous times.

   But my concern for our nation’s future does not focus upon the President, his heritage, his religion, his obvious desire for revenge, or even his socialistic agenda for America. As far as the latter, he accomplished the assignment given to him by those who set this course for America generations ago when he instituted universal healthcare. But the President did not obtain the office by a military coup or a political revolution. Like it or not, he gained his position through a democratic election by those who believed he could best help them accomplish their life goals. Therefore, my number one concern is regarding the “world-view” of the electorate that voted President Obama into office.

   Last Wednesday, a defeated friend said, “I used to believe that right will always win over wrong, and good will always win over bad, but I’m not sure anymore!” While I understand his feelings, and agree with him in my heart, in reality, I know that 52% of those who voted in Tuesday’s election believe they are “right”, and that “good” has won over bad, because they saw President Obama as being good, and Governor Romney as being bad for their personal future. The problem is the concept of America most of us grew up with is history!{pub}To read this entire article, please register and it will be opened up to you{/pub} {reg}

   The people who voted knew President Obama is the most pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage, anti-Christian President America has ever had, and that Governor Romney is the most pro-life, pro-family, pro-Judea-Christian values candidate we have had in many years.

Voters in Maine, Maryland and Washington State, approved same-sex marriages, and voters in Minnesota defeated an amendment to their states constitution defining marriage as being limited to the union of a man and a woman. The first openly lesbian woman was elected to the U.S. Senate (Rep. Tammy Baldwin), North Dakota elected its first openly homosexual legislator, and more than a dozen “homosexual-friendly” candidates were elected in other races.

   Last Tuesday was more than the re-election of a President with whom we disagree; it was a seismic shift in America’s moral foundation from which we may never recover! It drastically changed the moral landscape of our culture which will be manifested in a “Sodom and Gomorrah” society in which our children and grandchildren must now live.  The total secularization and socialization of America is less than a generation away, and apart from divine intervention, it will be that way for many generations to come.

   The greatest predictor of voting patterns is the frequency of church attendance, and the exit polls showed that fewer Americans are attending church, and 20% of Americans are not affiliated with any religion. Fewer Americans are married, fewer married couples have children, and for the first time in the American history, more single women voted than married. These are the fundamental changes in the moral environment of our society that reflect the people’s “value system”, and therefore how they will vote. While they reflect the values of those in the media and entertainment, the main issue is how they reflect the continued ineffectiveness of the church in communicating a biblical world-view.

   The challenge we face today is how we can effectively communicate our convictions about the sanctity of life, marriage, sexuality and other moral issues to our children. With all due respect, adapting the words of Ronald Reagan regarding the federal government, “the corporate church is not the solution to the problem; the corporate church IS the problem!” Our children are searching for truth about eternally significant issues but the event-entertainment based church ministries are telling them everything BUT the truth. The Bible says the church should always serve as the “pillar and the ground of truth”, but it has acquiesced to experiential theology and a social gospel that is based upon the narrative of Jesus Christ and not the Person (Deity) of Jesus Christ.

Every four years we pray for a presidential candidate to arise with the personal integrity, moral character and commanding leadership skills to lead our nation back to those values that once made America the greatest nation on earth. While we must continue to pray for that day to come, given the statistics from this election, the calling of a Pastor who will preach and teach the Word of God seems more important than the election of a President. Given the challenge we face immediately, the call God gave to parents is more important than that of a pastor or a president. For unless we raise up an electorate that respects God as the God, the ungodly and immoral majority will continue to elect ungodly and immoral leaders to help them accomplish their ungodly and immoral goals.

   So, while we should be prayerfully concerned about the events of the world, especially as they relate to the return of Jesus Christ, our primary concern should be about the lack of effect the proclamation of the Word of God is having upon our family, our church, our neighbors, and then the nation. Generational change begins in our own heart, then it is lived out in our homes, among our children, and then it is modeled before others. As Governor Romney said; “We look to our pastors and priests and rabbis…to testify of the enduring principles upon which our society is built; honesty, charity, integrity and family. We look to our parents for the final analysis [for] everything depends on the success of our homes!” Mr. Romney is probably the last man of his generation, if not his moral character, to even be nominated for president.

   In his address to Congress on January 4, 1939, President Roosevelt said: “There comes a time in the affairs of men when they must prepare to defend, not their homes alone, but the tenets of faith and humanity on which their churches, their governments, and their very civilization are founded. To save one we must now make up our minds to save all!” As Americans, we face such a time in our nation today. As Christians, “Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not!” (Galatians 6:9) – wje

wayne edwards
By Wayne J. Edwards



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