Fable or Fact?


ray-gano-medAn asteroid or meteor will hit the earth on September 24, 2015 – you have been warned!!!

SIX huge asteroids COMING our way as doommongers insist world could end from TOMORROW

Wild predictions being made online claim a space rock up to 2.5miles wide will strike Puerto Rico.

Dates range from September 22 to the end, but most are homing in on between September 23 or 24 due to a range of Bible codes, so-called prophecies, and alleged other predictions.

Meteors / asteroids / really big rocks from the sky – Uhhhh Fable

Anyone with a decent telescope should see these huge boulders hurling towards earth by now.

Any pictures?

How about reports? Mainstream or alternative?

What, there is a global media and internet conspiracy to shut down any sort of information warning the world of impending doom?

Not there.

So why are so many people buying into these fables?

sept-rock-2015Blood Moons – Fable

Most have come and gone.

I purposely have not supported this idea for a number of reasons which I will not go into, but 5 years ago when this started to rise to the surface I already pegged it as something a ba-zillion people would rally behind and nothing would come of it.

Oh, but wait we have one coming on Sept 28th and that is when, depending on who you talk to

A – the world is going to end

B – Christ is going to return
C – The meteor is going to strike on this date.

And the list goes on.

Well, when we get to September 29th we will see that even that blood moon meant nothing.

The Harbinger – September 13th / Shemitah Effect – Fable?

This one I have to publically apologize for.

Seem I have been promoting this idea myself.

Where Johnathan Cahn has leaned on Biblical holidays and such for his evidence; I primarily leaned on financial historical trends which still point to a possible financial event taking place the third quarter of the year, September / October timeframe.

Going back in history we have seen a seven year financial trend take place in the US all in the Sept / October timeframe…

1966 – Economic crash 23% market drop

1973 – Oil Crash 48% market drop

1980 – Great Recession – nationwide unemployment rate was 10.8%

1987 – US Stockmarket Crash – 33% market drop

1994 – US Bond Market Crash – more than $1 trillion in losses

2001 – US Stock market crash 37% market drop coupled with 9-11

2008 – US Market Crash (Black Monday) Sept 29 50% market drop

So is it possible to still see a 2015 market crash?

This year, I have to think no. Why?

Well, a black swan event took place that many did not think would happen.

The Federal Reserve did not raise the interest rates.

The Fed released a report a few days ago stating that they will keep things status quo . This was something that almost no one thought would happen. Most of the financial talking heads thought it was coming. But probably with China’s economic problems taking place, that event actually strengthened the dollar and we “could” see a status quo remain in place, even for a few more years.

Is this good for us? No, not really when looking at the grand scheme of things. All this is doing is raising us higher and higher and you know the old saying.. What comes up must come down.

Well when the US finally gets to that point of coming down, they will have a long way to fall. But it isn’t the fall that will kill us, it will be the impact of the fall that will drastically hurt us.

That is why I say…

US Financial Collapse – FACT

money-goneThis is something that like it or not will eventually take place. We do not need blood moons or anything like that to know this.

Demographically speaking we will probably see this happen between now to approximately 2018.

There are a number of things that are in play that will help cause this and there really isn’t much that congress, senate and the president can do.

Well, if they would get on the ball, there could be a way to suppress the pain that this event will create ,but will they do it?

What is the answer?

  • Drastically lower the taxes across the board.
  • Create business incentives to bring jobs back to the US & strengthen industry again
  • Tax imports extremely heavy and create tax credits for exporting US goods.

This is just a start.

What this will do is basically make America great again. But the powers that be do not want that to happen. So we will probably be stuck with the status quo and continue to see our nation circle the toilet bowl.

God Chastising / Judging America – FACT

We kill millions of babies a year.

We have legalize every sort of sexual perversion known to man, with the exception of sex with animals and sex with the dead. But sooner or later those will also become an acceptable lifestyle.

We allow homosexuals to marry, thus destroying the family unit.

Our nation lacks any natural love for one another and being our brother’s keeper is a thing of the past.

We parade our sins around and shake our fist at God.

I can go on but you get the point.

Like it or not, our nation is ripe for being chastised / judged. This is a fact.

Think about it for a second. How perverse was Sodom and Gomorrah? Was it truly worse than what we have taking place in our own nation?

Maybe it was, I am not sure. But I look at how our own nation has changed just in the past 10 years and it amazes me that God has not blasted us out of existence.

So we can continue to look at fables and continue to allow our ears to be tickled, or we can look at the facts and prepare for what will come.

Finally, another thing that isn’t a fable, but has fallen into that category.

The Rapture – Reality Gone Fable

urgent-postitI am one who does believe in the rapture. But what I do not agree with is this Pollyanna idea that God is going to come down and rescue all the good Christians so that they will not have to go through hardship.

The facts are the fact, our nation is in very sad shape and these things will take place sooner or later. It upsets me when I get emails from people stating that “God will not let us suffer some financial collapse, He loves us to much so He will rapture us.” Sorry, I cannot agree with that at all. In fact it is a very America elitist idea.

Just look at the Christians who are being persecuted all over the world. People literally dying for the faith and Christians here think that a financial collapse will be hard?

We all need to walk a week in their shoes and look at what persecution and hardship really is.

Now of the flip side of this, the church needs to feel some hardship, it is hardship that helps the church grow and sifts out the C.I.N.O.s from those of us who truly love the Lord.

If a meteor has not hit the earth, next week we will look at what we CAN DO. It is time to “Cowboy up” and get serious.

Take a few minutes to watch a video from my friend Jim Sim titled – “Another Kind of Faith – Fear”

WATCH NOW >> https://youtu.be/3UN3p0nbtSY