I think there is a HUGE difference between people discussing aspects of what is taught in Scriptures about the end times – times I have repeatedly stated that I believe we are now living in – and those who seem to be thoroughly ensconced in trying to spread as much fear as possible based on what they tell us is happening or going to happen in society.

Let me explain.  I believe the Bible provides a good deal of information regarding the events that will occur during these end days, leading up to and including the coming Tribulation period, and the return of Jesus physically to this earth.  There is amazing detail provided to us, yet there is a good amount of information that God has purposefully left out.  Apparently, He believes we are better off not knowing.  Things like timing of certain events (when things will happen and how long they will last, etc.) are left open-ended as far as humanity is concerned (not as far as God is concerned).

We can study God’s Word and understand the general timeline, which often includes certain specifics, but we cannot be dogmatic about some of the details associated with these judgments.  Those things are in God’s hands and the fact that He chose to tell us anything at all is remarkable.

I believe – strongly, I might add – that prophecy should be studied.  I believe we are blessed when we do so if for no other fact that it is a constant reminder that God is returning to this planet.  Because of this fact, we become thoughtful about His return and what we should be doing during the interim; while we are waiting for His return.  It becomes the event for which we long and because of that, our life and mind becomes purified because when compared with His return, most things pale in comparison.  We are able to immediately judge what is truly important and not get caught up in all the garbage that happens in this world on a daily basis.

In other words, our focus shifts.  We understand that the world is moving (or being moved) toward that final time when evil will reign for a short time and then Jesus returns.  We understand that this is the goal of Satan and his minions in what will be his extremely futile attempt to overthrow God by actually try to keep Jesus from returning to this planet.

But there is a problem today that I believe has – at least in some areas of society – usurped the study of God’s Word among Christians.  Let me get right to the point.  There are a number of people that I’ve read – and possibly you have too – that are in the end, nothing more than fearmongers.  They write what they write solely for the purpose of instilling fear in those who read what they have to share.

There are a number of individuals who come to mind who constantly talk about FEMA camps for American citizens, the amount of bullets that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has purchased of late, the imminent and immediate collapse of the word’s economy (or at least of the United States’s), the theft of your money right out of your bank account and right under your nose, and much more.

Does that picture cause fear to well up within you?  Who would not be fearful of such events like those occurring in society?  But therein lies the problem.

I fully believe (and have written articles about it, as well as books) that these type of things will come into play throughout society at some point in the future.  The problem is that unless the Rapture happens, I do not believe that things like this can really happen as quickly as some reveal.

I believe that God has allowed and continues to allow Satan to do what he can to create the coming one-world government.  The Bible clearly indicates this to be fact.  I also believe that as time progresses (and certainly when society gets to the midpoint of the coming Tribulation), this world will look nothing like it does now.

I believe persecution against authentic believers will continue to grow throughout the world.  I believe that a new world currency will come into existence.  I believe evil will become more prevalent and in many ways, fully unstoppable.  I fully believe that there will be a one-world government led by Satan’s man, the Antichrist.

The world is constantly and consistently moving toward that time when the things I have described above will exist.  However, that takes time for these things to happen.  The global elite is not all-powerful.  They cannot do all that they want to do as quickly as they would like to do it.  They are guided by Satan, but they are kept in check by God Himself, just as Satan is kept in check.  The worse possible thing the global elite could do now is throw caution to the wind and go for broke!  This would not do at all.  They’ve waiting and worked too long to make a mistake now.

If the global elite is anything, they are extremely patient.  They have been working at things for several hundred years at least.  A few more years of waiting is not going to kill them.  They believe those who are part of the global elite who have died will be resurrected to enjoy this coming one-world kingdom.  They are not going to lose out.

To hear some tell it though, our very existence is doomed at some point during the first quarter of 2013.  The problem is that these same people have been telling us this for the past six years or more!  These fearmongers have regularly predicted nuclear holocausts created by Iran and many other things that simply did not pan out and in fact, did not even come close to panning out.  Yet, too many of us continue to be gullible.

There are some out there who have not resorted to sensationalizing things in order to create fear.  One of those individuals is Dr. Dennis Cuddy.  He (and others like him) simply present what he believes to be rational scenarios of what may happen over the next five, ten, fifteen, and even twenty years.  Logic goes a long way with people like Cuddy and is deeply embedded in his articles, unlike those who sensationalize things in order to create their own press.

If we consider that a number of these other folks have also been accused of plagiarism or repeatedly predicting things that have not happened, we gain a some valuable insight.  It helps us understand why they are saying what they are saying.  What is the reason they continue to report all of the bad things that they guarantee are coming to pass with as many specifics as possible?  What is their motivation?

Think about it.  When someone says that someone with behind-the-scenes connections told them something, then their credibility goes up.  It is no longer simply someone’s opinion.  It now takes on the level and importance of fact because the person – allegedly an insider – knows things that the average person does not know because we are not privy to that information.  It takes someone from the inside to know and reveal that type of information, right?  The insider helps us connect the dots with things we have observed and often they confirm to us what we have believed about certain events occurring in society.  This helps us think we are not “crazy” and also allows us to believe the nefarious undergirding of these events without having to apologize for it.  At least some of this seems to play out like a bad fortune teller, revealing to us what we want to hear and already believe to some extent.

There have been of course, situations and events in society where people claimed to have an “insider” and it turned out to be true.  One of the most well-known insiders (in recent times) was connected to the Watergate Scandal and went by the name “Deep Throat.”  By his own admission, that individual turned to be a man named Mark Felt, who “was revealed to be former Federal Bureau of Investigation Associate Director.” [1]  Yes, these people do exist, but they also seem to be rare.

The problem with the alleged insiders today is that there is altogether too much information they are willing to reveal to strangers. We now know that Bob Woodward already knew Mark Felt long before Watergate occurred.  There was an actual working relationship in place already.  They knew and trusted one another, which is undoubtedly why Felt was willing to help Woodward find the truth about Watergate.

Apparently, these insiders are in the room when actual conversations occur between Mr. Obama and Valerie Jarrett for instance.  They then have no difficulty in sharing that detailed information to the world at large, with absolutely no thought or concern for their own safety or career.  This makes no sense to me.

I have to stop and ask myself this:  how is it possible that these insiders are able to hear and then pass along alleged facts of conversations between two or three other people, even sharing the very nuances of facial expression and dialogue, while the two or three other people in the same room never figure out that the information is getting onto the Internet by that “other” person in the same room?  Doesn’t that make you wonder?  It makes me wonder.  Is the insider cloaked in invisibility?  Are they dressed up as a huge fly on the wall, literally?  What’s going on here?

Obviously, if these insiders know as much as they say they do, then they would have to be fairly high up in order to be involved in some of the meetings they say they’re involved in, wouldn’t you think?  If that’s the case, wouldn’t someone figure out who the “insider” is and he/she would be unceremoniously fired?  How these insiders have managed to last as long as they have is a huge mystery to me.  I’m beginning to think someone is pulling our chain for their own gratification.

I read an article recently by one of these other writers who claims to have an insider.  Apparently, according to this writer’s insider, hell is going to break loose sometime in the spring of 2013 in America.  America will become “checkpoint Charlie” throughout the country.  Gas will be severely rationed, completely affecting everyone’s ability to travel (so why the need for checkpoints?).  Money from our banks is going to disappear overnight.  A new global currency is going to be introduced and the dollar will be worth nothing. So, why does the money in our bank accounts evaporate illegally overnight?  The dollar is supposedly worth nothing at that point, right?  If it’s worth nothing, why bother taking it?

Food is going to be severely scarce, although we’re not told why.  People are going to kill each other and eventually, because of the constant level of lawlessness within society, the people will beg for federal troops to protect them. This will be done and more of our rights will be abrogated.

Guns will then be confiscated.  This will be voluntary at first, then made mandatory with military goons kicking in doors to take our weapons.  This actually occurred during the Katrina situation in New Orleans and there is video proof of it on the ‘Net.  Martial Law for that area had been declared by the New Orleans Police Chief.  Of course, none of this could occur depending upon the strength of “patriots” in our government, whatever that means.  That’s a caveat that’s always tossed in for good measure and offers complete protection for the writer too.

Well, there are a couple of problems with this entire scenario above.  First, though I originally entertained the idea as being believable, the more I think of it, the more I cannot imagine this happening overnight.  The reason I cannot imagine this happening overnight is due in part to the people who are relaying this information.  Their characters are simply questionable because we really don’t know much about them.  One individual we know virtually nothing about – not even his real name.  Some of the others are too sensational for words.  Moreover, the scenario described above is difficult to believe because of what I have learned about the global elite.

Let’s face it, even once the Tribulation begins, things are still a work in progress, as far as the elite are concerned.  God is the One who allows things to move in one direction or another.  It is God who controls the outcome of all things and they stay in perfect harmony with His timing and no one else’s.

In the end, we need to ask ourselves what is that person gaining from their relationship with their “insider”?  During Watergate, one of the tidbits of information that “Deep Throat” shared with reporter Bob Woodward, was that he should “follow the money.”  (Actually, this phrase was never uttered by “Deep Throat,” but was added to the screenplay for effect.)

People who create scenarios that cause fear within people are acting purely out of selfish reasoning.  Either they want to feel important in the eyes of others, they want to grow a following that will hopefully lead to their financial success, or both.  Though there is certainly some truth associated with these authors who swear they have insiders providing them with behind-the-scenes information, the reality seems to be that many of them don’t care how much they sensationalize the facts (stretching them beyond credulity if necessary) if it serves their intended purposes.

I have to ask myself, how does dwelling on the Sandy Hook event (or ones like it) help me to become a better, more effective and committed Christian?  I’m not sure it does.  While knowledge of these events can help us overcome a general uneasiness about the events themselves (just beyond the “something’s wrong, but I just don’t know what it is” mentality), they can also create a certain amount of dread that tends to live with us from day-to-day.  What good is that?  How does that glorify the Lord?

The more important question is how does God want me to live this life?  What is my demeanor to be?  I think knowing that a global elite exists and that it is controlled by satanic forces is a good thing to understand because it is true.  It answers a lot of questions about the things that do occur in society.

Do I really need to know all the inner workings of that elite group?  Do I really need to see Satan in action before I am able to believe that God’s Word is true?  No, because the Bible tells me that Satan exists, that he is pure evil, and that his purposes are to thwart God’s purposes.  God’s Word also tells me what life will be like at the end of this age.  Do I need to dwell on the evil nature of these events in order to better appreciate God?  I don’t think it works like that.

In the opening verses of John 1, we learn not only that Jesus is God, but that He is the light which shines into this dark world.  Interestingly enough, this very Light is not understood by the darkness and it literally chases away that darkness.

In this world, darkness exists.  Jesus not only overcame the world, but He continues to overcome it through authentic Christians.  It is enough to understand that this world is dark because it is Satan’s kingdom, but authentic Christians are not citizens of this world.  We have been transferred to the Kingdom of Light.

We know what is coming.  We read in Scripture how bad things will become.  Do I need to spend hours on the Internet researching just exactly how bad that evil will be?

We know that there is something (or Someone) that restrains evil so that it will not be allowed to become as evil as it desires to be.  Once that restrainer is taken out of the way, then hell will break loose on the earth and then things like the ones I’ve described above will be the norm in society.  Until that happens, it is still “day” and there are souls to be won for the Lord.

When it gets to a point where society has become so bad and so restrictive that there is no place on earth to evangelize the lost, there is no longer a reason for authentic Christians to be here.  I don’t think we need to worry or fear what is coming because God takes care of His own.  Knowing that things are going to become bad is all we really need to know.


By Fred DeRuvo



[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Throat