Heat Wave and Drought


Part of the United States is facing a terrible heat wave and drought.  It is giving Bible literate Christians extra sympathy for the people who lived and faced the terrible drought during the life of Elijah the great prophet. His story is told in the Old Testament in 1 Kings, chapter 18.  Take the time to read it.  It was a wicked time, with the follower of Baal being in charge of the government.  Yet there were some who still followed the God of Israel.  And they all suffered through the drought.

Here we are in the USA today.  Many true children of God are suffering along with scorners through a heat wave and drought.  We hope to not face the years of drought that the people of Elijah’s time faced.

I want to give you a short story of something that really happened many years ago in the American South.  There was a serious drought in the community where my great grandparents lived.  The ladies of the area got together for a prayer meeting.  They prayed for rain.  Then they all went home to do their laundry before the rain came.  Sure enough, they got their laundry dry and the rain came.

Don’t trivialize this as coincidence.  They asked for rain and they got it.  The Lord heard their prayer.  The Lord answered their prayer.  The Lord was and still is a very present help in trouble.

I took a minute to pray for rain this morning.  Please take a minute to do pray for rain for our southern states suffering from the heat.  What they need is a good area slow steady rain.  When a rain like that comes in it usually will change the pattern of dire heat.

Remember Galatians 6:2 which says, ‘Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.’

Please pray for rain.

Please pray that there be no accompanying tornadoes or storm destruction.

Ask for a gentle rain that covers the land, has time to soak into the ground instead of run off in a flood, and stops the heat wave.

God bless you.


An Article ‘Short’ from Barbara Henderson