How Are We Going to Stop the Violence?


troy-koehne-authorBy Troy Koehne

Someone posted a video on Facebook. It takes place over the course of a year, in a school about a kid, trying to ask out a girl. What they didn’t see was the boy in the background.

Why should they notice?  The story focuses on someone else.  Someone who’s a good kid.  He’s nervous around girls, gets decent grades, your typical high school student.

On the last day of school, all the students were in the gym signing yearbooks. When the door opened, the kid nobody noticed, stood in the doorway with an automatic weapon..

When the bullets stopped flying, people begin asking, “Why?”

Why did it happen?  Because nobody liked the kid.  He was bullied a lot.  He was abused at home.  Mom and dad were drunks.  Because he had ADHD, they strung him out on drugs and it made him nuts.

The response from the government is always the same: take away the guns.

If you want to get serious about taking weapons, then we need to do a lot more than take away guns.  Cars and trucks have been used to carry out terror attacks.  We have to ban those. Anything that can impale you, knives, screwdrivers, pencils candy canes, (because you can suck them into a fine point).

Where does the madness end?  Are we going to gather up all the rocks and ship them into space? We have been killing people with rocks since the beginning of time.  Of course, we have to get rid of all the trees.  We can’t go around making clubs. The fact is, if you can put an object in your hand, it can be used as a weapon.

In making it harder to get guns, the good guys will not be able to get them, and the bad guys will have plenty of them.

Doesn’t it sound like our government wants the good people of this country to lose? They used the slogan, guns kill people. How does an inanimate object, out of nowhere, pull its own trigger?  Can a tree make club, and beat you to death as you walk by?  Can the pencil, I have sitting on my desk, stab someone as they come in; by its own accord?

What can we do to curb the violence?

In my opinion, this nation has done everything it can to take everything good out of schools.  We took out prayer, we took out Bible reading, we took out Christmas carols, and anything of a Christianity religious nature is gone.  We have replaced it with Satanism, paganism, and any other ism you want to use.

There is no value on life, there is no value on love, and there’s no value on personal well-being.

If you want gun violence to go down, then we must return this nation to Biblical values.  That means, the churches who are teaching a phony baloney gospel every Sunday about peace, prosperity, and God loves you just the way you are, needs to repent and start preaching the Word of God.

It’s time to call it like it is. Sin is still sin. God did not change his mind.  These preachers out there who are trying to preach a different gospel is going to face harsh judgment.  That is a fact. (Galatians 1:6-9 KJV))

Our churches need a step out of the pew, and step into the city.  We have the good news of Jesus Christ.  We need to give it away.  People need Jesus. Without him, they’re on the fast-track to a satanic hell.

We need to stop picking and choosing who we want to be Christians.  Jesus said to go into all the world and make disciples of everybody.  Jesus never said, “You are not good enough for the cross. Everyone needs the opportunity to hear the gospel. Everyone.

The churches live by their own rules.  It boils down to this, if you got money we want you.  If you have great talent, we want you, if you take up pew space, not that interested. Thanks for coming, but you are not important.

The answer to stop violence is the gospel of Jesus Christ. We must love our neighbors as Jesus loved us.  In case you forgot, Jesus died for us. Are we going to judge those we think don’t deserve it?

We have to love people, and start sharing our lives with them; that person who is undesirable, who is bullied, who nobody likes, might have a chance to turn their life around if we do.

If you are sitting around waiting for God to do something let me remind you of 2nd Chronicles 7:14. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turned from the wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

It starts in the church.  If we will not humble ourselves before God, and turn/repent from our wicked ways, God will not move.  God will do what he promised to do, IF we do what we are supposed to do.

Now, here we are, what are you going to do about it? It’s not somebody else’s responsibility, it’s mine, and it’s yours.  Pull you head out of the sand, get on your face before God, and repent. If the church won’t, then we must.

We have a chance to turn the tide.  But I believe it is a small window of opportunity.  Time is short, and the clock is ticking.  The next act of violence might be in your neighborhood.

Let’s get on our knees, and fight like men and women of God.  That is our only recourse to changing the tide.  We need to humble ourselves and repent, we need to repent for the sins of this nation, and we need to beg God for his hand of protection.

If we fail to do this, don’t expect God to heal this land.

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