How Do You Like YOUR Butterball Turkey?


It has come to my attention – and been verified by a number of sources – that Butterball turkeys are now halal-compliant.

In fact, I just got off the phone with the folks at Butterball (they are open until 7pm EST) to hear for myself.  The woman I spoke with was very nice.  I explained my problem and predicament.  She was very kind in taking down what I had to say and promised she would be forwarding it onto the powers that be (my words).

She also told me they have been receiving phone calls non-stop all day.  I’m glad to hear it.  I explained to her how Islam works.  They use every method at their disposal to encroach upon society.  It doesn’t matter if they’re dealing with schools, political office, grocery stores, or whatever.

They go through life asking and expecting special privileges.  These seem reasonable to most people, so they extend the privilege to them.  What people FAIL to realize is that the catering to Islam NEVER stops!

Dhabihah is the process for making foods halal-compliant.  What this means is that there is a special ceremonial process that the turkeys – in this case – go through at the time of slaughter.  Included in this ceremony is the calling out of Allah’s name while the animal is being slaughtered.  If this part does not happen, Muslims are not supposed to eat the meat from that slaughtered animal.

So here’s what we have – Butterball is now catering to Islam so that the Muslims can now eat their turkeys.  This means that because I have been made aware of this process, I cannot eat the turkeys, turkeys that I have been eating for years!

“All Muslim scholars hold that mentioning God Almighty name at the time of slaughter is a must, they differed as to whether or not forgetting to do so or leaving it off intentionally at the time of slaughter rendered the sacrifice void and thus the meat forbidden for consumption. They also agree that if other than God’s name is mentioned then this would be forbidden, due to the verse “Eat not of that (meat) on which Allah’s Name has not been pronounced.” [Al-Anaam 6:121; emphasis added]”

So basically, the turkeys that we have eaten for years during our Thanksgiving feasts are now off-limits to me because the birds are now being dedicated to a false god, which is really no God at all.  Paul tells Christians that it is fine to eat meat that has been sacrificed to idols IF WE ARE NOT AWARE OF IT, but he also makes it clear that if we KNOW food has been sacrificed to idols, we are to avoid it (cf. 1 Corinthians 8).

This CATERING to Islam has GOT to stop!  While Butterball and other corporations are busy catering to Islam, they are forcing ME and many others to go somewhere else!  This makes no sense and it is not even good business sense.

I do NOT like to KNOWINGLY eat meat sacrificed to IDOLS and I will NOT.  I am not going to eat meat that has been dedicated to Allah, because as far as I am concerned, Allah and the God of the Bible are not the same Person.  If that is the case, then Allah can be only one individual:  Satan.

This is ridiculous.

If a Muslim wants his turkey to be halal-compliant, then they should go buy their own live turkey and have it done their way.  We do NOT need corporations to start slaughtering animals while some Imam calls out the name of Allah during the process.

After decades, Butterball has just lost me as a customer until and/or if this situation is ever corrected.

This is one of the big problems with Islam.  Since their entire ideology consumes their lives – politically, religiously, and militarily – it is impossible for a Muslim to separate one thing from another.  In order for them to function OUTSIDE of their own culture, the world is expected to BEND to Islam.  If not, they become upset, angry, and murderous.

So think of it.  They want to eat turkeys but they can’t eat turkeys because the turkeys they want to eat are not halal-compliant.  They go to the producers of said turkey and simply “ask” them to make the turkeys halal-compliant, which involves the process cited above.

In the process of agreeing to make Butterball turkeys halal-compliant, they MUST include the ceremony described above or the turkey does not become halal-compliant.  So while Butterball Corp is worrying about ensuring that Muslims can eat their turkeys, they opt to go through the ceremonial process called Dhabihah, which includes dedicating that bird to Allah.

Now that I know this, I can’t eat it, so Butterball has lost my business.

But more importantly than this is to realize that this is exactly how Muslims act in an open and free society.  They work here and there, pushing themselves on city councils, corporations, colleges, and schools so that special privileges will be extended to them.

As a Christian, if I was in a court room and decided that it was time to say my prayers and proceeded to do so, as soon as the bailiffs realized what was going on, I would be escorted out.   However, because Muslims are seen as coming from “third world” or otherwise underdeveloped nations that still act like they it is A.D. 600-700, they can’t be expected to understand.  After all, it’s only their particular culture, so give them space to say their prayers.

Muslim students attending a Roman Catholic College are now asking the school to provide them with a room that is completely free of religious icons and imagery.  What?  It’s a CATHOLIC college for crying out loud.  Why did they voluntarily decide to attend a Roman Catholic College if they are Muslims?  The official word is that they “feel safer” there than at secular colleges.  That’s garbage.  How often do we hear of crimes against Muslims in the U.S. solely because they are Muslim?  You can bet if it existed, Chris Matthews would be the first one to bring it to the world.

It’s a ruse, a clever ruse, designed to allow Muslims to get what they want.  Once they get a room that is completely free of religious icons and imagery, they will not stop there.  Then, they will need special ceremonial wash basins.  Then they will need this or that.  Soon, they will literally be “conquering” areas of that Roman Catholic College without having to lift a sword.

This is what Islam is attempting to accomplish here in America.  I’m sure the pundits and sympathizers of Islam will think that I’m simply going off and there is little intelligence to my words.  That doesn’t matter.  Some of the things Islamic groups like CAIR are attempting to do right now in America is completely ridiculous and yet, they are moving forward because there are very few people standing in their way.

Muslims are WELCOME in America if they come here through legal channels.  They are NOT welcome to arrive and begin attempting to turn American society into an Islamic state based on their specific food needs that maintain that in order for them to be part of society, America must give them what they want and “need.”  Too bad!  No one is giving me what I want and I don’t expect my government to stop using my tax dollars to pay for abortions any time soon.  I don’t expect the liberals in Congress to stop throwing away money on asinine things.  I don’t expect those same liberals to all of a sudden, do an about-face with respect to illegal aliens flooding into this country.

Corporations need to wake up!  They cannot expect to be able to cater to ALL people.  It’s impossible.  If Butterball had refused to make their turkeys halal-compliant, they would have lost SOME Muslim customers.  Now that they have decided that Muslims are the only people they care to cater to, they have lost my business and many others are falling in line with me.

We are seeing the true nature of Islam, but most are still blind to it.  Most don’t care if a turkey is dedicated to Allah or not.  They’ll still eat it.  Good for them.  These are the same people who do not believe that our country was founded on Christian principles (it was not founded as a Christian nation, there is a difference), or the real reason for Thanksgiving.

So which other companies and corporations are going to go halal-compliant?  What they need to realize is that they are making a decision to push certain groups of customers away.

The most asinine thing about this whole situation is that for the orthodox Muslim, Thanksgiving has no real meaning for him.  They don’t care about the Thanksgiving celebration that occurs in America!  They are not interested in participating because they are grateful that America exists and they can immigrate to this country.  These same orthodox Muslims see America as “the great Satan.”

We’ll see how this turns out, but until it changes – IF it changes – another producer of turkeys will get my business.  That’s just the way it is…

By Fred DeRuvo


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