How Does One Have Faith?


ray-gano-medThis is an interesting question and one that a lot of us kind of overlook.

Being a Christian we talk about faith all the time, study about it, even memorize scripture referring to faith.

But what is amazing is that so many people who are good Christians do not have faith.

Man is a very visual species. We often have to see it to believe it. I think it must be part of our DNA makeup.

If you are one of my long time readers, you know that me and Tracye’s “life verse” is Proverbs 3:5-6

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Not a day goes by where I want to take that steering wheel and take control of everything. That is what most people do. Like I said, it’s part of our DNA.

So how do you get to the point of “trusting in the Lord with all your heart”?

Faith is A Muscle & You Got To Exercise it

We get emails from time to time from people saying that we have a lot of faith or they wish that they had faith like we have.

Let me tell you, my faith gets wobbly knees from time to time. But our faith and learning to trust in Him did not happen instantly. God did not come with a magic wand and bing us on the head and said, you now have tons of faith. No it took time, trials, and trust.

What is faith? It is great because God’s Word defines it for us…

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Faith is a muscle that you have to work daily for it to become strong. It takes time to build this muscle up and part of that involves trusting in God that He will see you through.

How Tracye and I’s faith grew is by taking baby steps and witnessing the evidence of things not seen.

As some of you know, Tracye and I call Proverbs 3:5-6 the “Third Party Rule.”

We call it that because if I cannot change what is happening with my gifts and talents and Tracye can’t change things with her gifts and talents, then we take it to God, the third party, and lay the problem at His feet. Then we walk away knowing that God will take care of the problem.

That “knowing” part is faith. Because we have exercised our faith muscles we know that God has our best interest at heart and He will take care of things. Sometimes it is a bumpy road, other times we are amazed that the solution came about so quickly.

I have to admit that there are times that I am scared because I am dealing with the unknown, things not seen.

Exercising Our Faith

keep-calm-and-have-faith-184As many of you may know, we are moving to Panama for multiple reasons. But the biggest is that we have tried and tried to get a visa here and it seemed like door after door just gets slammed in our face. With the newly elected president here in Costa Rica we think we understand why, he is a lot like our current president in the US, pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-PLO/Hamas, anti-Christian, anti-Israel.

This is our own personal conviction and we personally feel that we cannot be part of a place that maintains these sort of views. We claim the title Christian, and with that title comes responsibility. Sometimes it means picking up and leaving when you see that the country is not acting in light of God’s Word or His Natural Law. But it is Genesis 12:3 that really plays a big part. We do not want to be part of a country that stands against Israel.

We are excited, but I have to admit that there is some trepidation about things we have no control over. One does try to cover ever base possible, but there could be some gotchas that was over looked. That is when you really need God’s Favor to work those things out.

It is so easy to remain in a daily auto pilot mode, but how much does your faith get exercised doing that?

I know that when I slip into auto pilot mode, I am not to effective and all I am doing is just going through the paces. No need to exercise ones faith when in auto pilot mode.

We are living in the last days of the last days. Now more than ever I think that we need to make a stand for God, His Word, His Son and living a right life in these last day.

I ask myself a lot, “Am I doing all that I can for Him?” and I have to admit that there are times when I say no.

I have to admit that Tracye and I are stepping out of the boat once again and walking on the water with Our Lord. I have some butterflies in my tummy and I am praying that everything goes smoothly. I have heard some not so good stories of people trying to cross the border from Costa Rica to Panama and all of a sudden there is a “special fee / gringo tax” that needs to be paid on the Costa Rican side. What that “Fee” is could be enough money to buy everyone lunch or even worse, something like $1400.00 that a friend of mine had to pay to get through the border. This is when you ask God’s Favor and that we do not have some “payola” issue at the border. This is the one thing that I am concerned with and I can seriously feel my faith muscle being exercised hard.

See, with the new socialist president, Costa Rica tends to look at your stuff as their stuff and if you want to take your/their stuff out of the country, well they will get a pound of flesh.

It is this unknown that is troubling me and where I have to put my faith in God that no matter what, He will work out the details.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. It is an easy thing to say, but unless you work that faith muscle daily, it becomes a hard thing to do.

Please keep me and Tracye in prayer asking God’s favor be on us and as few obstacles as possible. We can see ahead at what Panama has to offer and we are excited at the opportunities that can be pursued on behalf of the Lord.

By Ray Gano


Any Interest In Learning HOW To Expat?

tracye-boquteI have gotten a LOT of emails asking about expat out of the US and with the announcement that we are moving to Panama, there has been a lot of interest in that as well.

Right now Panama has some of the easiest immigration laws on the entire globe. They are a very forward looking country and the are in GREAT NEED of skilled labor.

Getting permanent residency takes only 4 months; this is permanent, not temporary like in other countries. They want to grow their population and they are raising the standards in their country to compete. So once you are a permanent resident, you can own and work at your own business, work on the economy and yes, you can own guns and bring your guns with you after doing some paperwork.

I am considering having a special news list where I will discuss some of the things we are doing, tips, tricks and interviews about Expating into Central & South America.

IF you are interested in this, please let me know.

Email me at —

The area that we are moving to is called Boquete and it seems like it is attracting a lot of conservatives and Christians. Where we live currently it is more retired hippies and liberals. Don’t get me wrong, we do like living here, but we are in the minority where in Panama we will be more in the majority.

Here is a map showing where Boquete is located in relation to the country of Panama.


In His Service,

Ray & Tracye Gano