How To Deal With The Anxiety That Life Creates


ray-gano-medBy Ray Gano

Life is hard, especially living in the days that we are living in. It seems that no matter where we turn the world’s problems are coming down on us.

Let me share a recent event with you. As you know Tracye and I have been having our own battles. The enemy has been throwing everything at us and I have to say that it has been tough.

A few articles ago I mentioned that there was this mechanic that was working on my car. He had it for over 5 weeks.

Well last week I finally pick it up and I find out that it is still broken, yet he says he worked on it. Come to find out that this mechanic is not very honorable and has a name out there for doing shoddy work, charging people and when they return, he charges them again to fix yet “another problem.”

He basically steals from people and it isn’t right. Thing is also that if you cannot prove it, which in most cases you can’t, he gets away with it.

What is worse is that he will not return the money that he charged and right now, that is a biggie because we are very very tight.

I start looking at the bank account and realize that at the end of the month there will be bills due and right now we don’t have it.

So the anxiety starts to build up and I start looking at what lies ahead and the anxiety just gets worse.

I cry out … “GOD… what am I going to do?” and it feels like your words are only going 8 feet up and then bouncing off the ceiling.

What I am learning, well re-learning is that God is working with me right now. He is molding me and shaping me like the master potter does with the clay.

Ever play with clay?

At first when you start working it, it is tough and hard and does not bend or move very easily. But the more you work it, the softer it gets and the more pliable it becomes. It is at that point where you can start actually doing something with it. But you have to really work it to get it to that soft point.

That is what God has been doing with me. I feel Him working me, but also teaching me.

I am re-learning how to release that anxiety and just live for Him to the utmost of my ability today; not tomorrow, not next week, just today.

Peter & Walking on The Water

Many of you know the story of Peter walking on the water with Christ.

jesus-pulls-peter-from-water-PZThere was a horrible storm and the disciples were stuck out in the middle of the Sea of Galilee and they thought that they were going to drown and die.

Then all of a sudden they see what appears to be Christ walking towards them on the water. Christ calls out to them and they are fearful, except for Peter. He calls back and says “Lord if that is you, bid me to come out and join you on the water.” (Ray paraphrased)

So Christ tells him to get out of the boat and come join Him. Peter jumps out and starts walking towards Christ.

Then it happened… anxiety set in and he looked down at the stormy sea and started  to freak out which then caused him to sink.

What did Peter do? He took his eyes off the Lord and instead looked at the troublesome situation that he was now in. He forgot that Christ was right there and that he was walking on the water already.

Anxiety got the best of him and he started to sink.

Peter then cried out to the Lord and Christ was right there reaching His hand out to Peter, pulling him up and out of the sea, walking on the water again and getting into the boat.

That is what anxiety feels like. We take our eyes off the Lord, realize the horrible mess that is all around us, freak out forgetting the God is with us, and start sinking.

This is something that I have been feeling a lot.

“How am I going to do this? How will I be able to do that?”

God is teaching me some valuable lessons that I want to share with you in hopes that if you are going through a time of anxiety, that this can help you get your focus back.

How To Battle Anxiety

God-please-help_Ray-GanoGod has been working with me, drilling it back into my head how to lean on Him, trust Him and know that He has my back even when you think the world is against you.

First – Pray, in fact pray really hard. There are times when I pray, I pray so hard that I literally pouring everything I have into praying.

Second – When we are in trouble, do not let anxiety control your thoughts. In fact, there are a couple of things you can do

  • Get up and find something to occupy your time and your mind. For example do some yard work and listen to a good sermon on your phone or MP3 player.
  • Go out and help someone who is needing help that you need. Example, if you are in need of funds, give to someone who is also in need.

Third – In your trouble do not forget that God rules. He is there and He has not forgotten you. What you are doing is freaking out and forgetting that He is there by your side.

Fourth – Remember past events when God was there when you have troubles today. Look back to when God was there, blessed you & saw you through that dark time. One thing that I find helpful is start writing down how God answered even the littlest of prayer or blessed you somehow no matter how small. Keep a small journal or notebook and look back on these times. This is something that I have just started to do and it is helping me.

Fifth – Praise Him. There is always something for which you can thank God for. Like the journal above, when you see a time that God was there, thank Him again for being there for you. Thank Him for all those small things.

Folks, it is tough going through the hard times and re-learning this lesson, but here I am doing that. I am learning to live day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. There are times of joy but there are times of despair. The key is that I want more times of joy and contentment instead of anxiety and despair.

By applying those simple five steps, they have helped turn some of those times of anxiety around into times of peace and contentment.

I hope that by what I have been learning that you might benefit as well.

Please keep us in prayer, the devil is really beating us up and attacking our wallet badly and pray that God lift up resources.

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Another Border Run

We have to do yet another border run and this time we have to stay out of country for 72 hours. We did not expect this so please pray that God is with us and protects us as well as help provide for this journey.

Finger Prints

We both have to get our finger prints again. Don’t ask, just more junk that we have to go through. We will be so happy once we have our residency here and we do not have to make those stinking border runs any more.

Please pray that we get good, clean, readable fingerprints.

Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers. Good things are instore and on the road ahead. The devil is having his due right now, but we know it is only for a season.

In His Service,

Ray & Tracye Gano