If Hillary Wins… We Will Need Bold Christians Once Again


ray-gano-medBy Ray Gano

Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. – Jude verse 3

Now more than ever we are looking at losing our nation if Hillary wins.

She will continue the Obama legacy, which is the socialist / Marxist legacy.

We think we live in a free country, but in reality it is not. But if Hillary wins, we will then see true oppression and the utter rise of tyranny.

It is through the continued loss of our freedoms that we will see Christianity tried in the fires of oppression, being rated as a second class citizen, and our right to free speech, assembly and religion greatly curtailed to the point that Christians will be driven underground.

It will be at that time where our metal is tested in truly contending for the faith.

Laws and regulation are already being written against us. There are more and more organizations and people groups taking us to court and winning, thus setting precedence against us.

As these stack up, eventually having a King James Bible, preaching out in the city park, even congregating together for lunch or dinner for fellowship will be made against the law.

This is how Socialism works. See, the only difference between Communism and Socialism is that Communism holds a gun to your head, and there draws the fine line.

The moment that Socialism holds that gun, they have crossed over to Communism. Which sooner or later Socialism always falls into Communism.

This is why in these coming days that “If Hillary Wins…” we will need Bold Christians once again.

What is a Bold Christian?

crusader-kneelsBasically the “Bold Christian” is one who works to improve their lives striving to truly live for God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day decision.

They choose that bold life in Christ instead of the mediocracy that so many Christians have chosen to live in these last days.

They push themselves to be better, live a more honorable life, holy and acceptable unto God seeking His approval and not the approval of mere men.

Where on the flip side the Christian who has chosen mediocrity just goes through life never giving a thought about what it means to truly be bold, nor the desire to stand for our Lord. Sure they go through the paces that make them think and appear like they are doing something. But the reality is that if they stopped tomorrow, there efforts would not be missed.

The days are coming, that is “If Hillary Wins…” , that we as Christendom will slide into complete mediocrity if we as Christians do not boldly stand for Christ.

Ephesians 6:20 For which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.

Three Types of Christians

When one looks at Christians, you can basically put them into three groups.

Bold Ambassadors / Servant Warriors – these are people who live the life daily, pushing themselves to be better and grow in Christ. They have the strength, spirit and guile to stand up when society says it is wrong to be a Christian. They are in the boat of life paddling hard up river.

Sunday Morning / Complacent Christians – These are Christians that have forgotten their first love, that being Jesus Christ. They are to busy or have allowed themselves to be to busy with day to day life that there is very little time to be the “Bold Ambassadors / Servant Warriors.” It is far easier to just go into “auto pilot” mode and maintain a “What me worry?” sort of lifestyle. They are just maintaining status quo and being good enough to just get by. They are in the boat of life just doing enough to not float back down stream. Maybe they have found a quiet spot in the river that allows them to just float and with minimal effort to remain there, not having to do much to maintain that position.

C.I.N.O.s – Christians In Name Only – These are not real Christians. Sure they wear the title and all. They do a lot of great works, volunteer for the bake sale, etc. They think that what they are doing is godly, but in the long run they do not really know the Lord. Sure they raised their hand in service, or checked a box on a card, maybe even gone to the front repeat a prayer that the pastor told them to pray. But Christ does not live in their hearts and there still is that vacant hole that they keep trying to fill with “churchianity”, works and rituals. They are in the “boat of life” that is slowly slipping backwards down the river. They think they may be going forward, but in reality they are going backwards (backsliding) because they have no anchor or true grounding in Christ. When Christian hardships start hitting them hard, odds are they will give up on the faith, give up on God because according to them, God gave up on them.

Thing is that C.I.N.O.s never knew God or His Son Jesus Christ in the first place. They are heathens thinking themselves to be Christians and if you tell them otherwise, they will fight you tooth and nail trying to prove you wrong, but sad to say, their fruit just isn’t there.

The difference between the “Bold Ambassadors / Servant Warriors” and the other two is that the “Bold Ambassadors / Servant Warriors” has honor and integrity through Christ Jesus. They strive for that higher purpose in being all that they can be in Christ. It is this “code of conduct” that is holy and acceptable unto the Lord. The “Bold Ambassadors / Servant Warriors” hold to this code, God’s Holy Word, that helps them get up daily and strive to serve God even more than the day before.

They other two do not work hard to maintain that same “code of conduct.” It is just to hard for them to do it day in and day out. They see it more as a chore, hardship or dreaded task. Where the “Bold Ambassadors / Servant Warriors” sees that cross and gladly picks it up daily understanding that the burden is light once they allow Christ to work in them, guide them and strengthen them.

The other two hasn’t figured that one out, so they choose to just be complacent, or to slip back into their easier way of life. They like it that they are just “comfortably numb” and really choose not to change that.

Thing is that those who chose to live in “auto-pilot mode / being comfortably numb” are not bad people. They just lack the self discipline and they choose to remain weak, wishy washy, and spineless because they are content with looking at that sort of person in the mirror.

They either have forgotten or do not know/realize the price that Christ truly paid. All they comprehend is that some guy hung on a cross and every year we go out and hide hard boiled colored eggs in His memory.

They forget or choose not to know that Jesus Christ was captured, beaten, spit on, brutalized, flogged till you saw the bones in his chest and then mocked, ridiculed and forced to carry his own execution device through the streets of Jerusalem.

Eventually He was so weakened that a person helped carry His cross and when they got to the hell call Golgotha, that cross was laid down and Jesus was laid upon it.

Nails about 9” long were driven through his wrists and they laid his feet upon each other and drove a long nail through both of them.

Once He was secured to that cross they hoisted Him up for all to witness.  It was there that he died a horrible painful torturous death slowly suffocating, His lungs burning for oxygen and all his muscles going into aching spasms just trying to keep His body alive.

Our savior finally asked God for our forgiveness and then gave up His spirit.

That is what the “Bold Ambassadors / Servant Warriors” remembers, and is what his or her motivation to strive daily to serve our King and Savior.

Do tears come to your eyes when you really contemplate the price that Jesus paid?

Do you wake up daily and think of that gruesome yet loving act and then state… You died for me Lord, My life for you… and really mean it?

Does it make your heart wrench and stomach turn when person utters Jesus Christ’s name as a curse or swear word?

If you answered YES to all of these, then you are a “Bold Ambassador / Servant Warrior” and now more than ever you are needed.

We are now living in a day and age where men and women of the One True God will have to take a stand for Honor, Valor, Justice and many of the other parts of our “code of conduct” that we live by.

There is a truism once spoken by Albert Einstein that we will have to hold near and dear in these days.

He said “Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it.”


Where the Sunday Morning / Complacent Christians / C.I.N.O.s – Christians In Name Only will eventually fold like cheap lawn furniture to the pressures of the state; it will be the much needed “Bold Ambassador / Servant Warrior” who stand, draw the line in the sand and say “NO MORE.”

No More defaming our God and Savior Jesus Christ

No More defaming His Word and claiming it as hate

No More claiming wrong is right and right is wrong

No More hating those who speak the truth because they hate the truth

No More

We will need those “Bold Ambassadors / Servant Warriors” to make that stand and stand hard, that is “If Hillary Wins…”

Choose you this day whom you will serve and what sort of man or woman you will be in the days ahead.

Do you choose to be Sunday Morning / Complacent Christian who really has no real guile or willingness to be in the fight? Do you choose the easy life instead of striving for Our Lord?

What will Christ say when you stand face to face giving an account for your Christian life?

“Oh Christ… I hid my head well in the sand so as to not see all the evil in the world because I just could not hang with it. So better to hide my face than expose myself to the evil that we are called to fight.

What will Christ say to that pitiful excuse?

C.I.N.O.s – Christians In Name Only. Odds are you do not really know Christ like those of us who serve Our King. This is sad and it is my solemn prayer that maybe you do wake up to all the works you are doing and come to the realization of our Savior and King. My prayer for you is that you finally get to that point in life and realize that you need to turn your life over completely to Him and stop running from Him. Your ultimate battle is with His Authority and you choosing to not be under it. This is called rebellion and like it or not, that is the life you are living. Even with all the pomp, circumstance and ceremony you still refuse to bow your knee to our Savior and King. If you continue that vanity and folly, then you will spend eternity in Hell. This is a fact.

If Hillary Wins… it is the “Bold Ambassadors / Servant Warriors” that will need to make a stand. It will be tough and odds are many will be punished.

So again, who do you serve? Are you willing to say “You died for me… My life for you?” and then back it up with action?

That is what it will take “If Hillary Wins…”