Is God A Bully?


jim-simI have been able to remember the birthday of Queen Elisabeth II since I was a boy because it falls on the same day as my Mum. My Mum has a royal birthday.

Actually Queen Elisabeth, has two birthdays, this one and her official one, whatever that means? It is one of those quirky things that apply only to royalty, and probably has its roots in an old law that highlighted the power and prestige of being a monarch.

We often think of monarchs, whether through history or children’s books as these lofty people with immense wealth and unquestioned power, with ability to dominate everyone.

Domination is at least one theme that comes to my mind.   For those citizens that live, or have lived under the rule of dictators as opposed to benevolent monarchs they will be very aware of what domination is, and we have all seen it or read about it in 20th century Europe.

This thought is one that then gets superimposed upon God, whether monarch or dictator, and it isn’t very flattering to Him: Domination!

Phrases like, ‘well God wanted it to happen’, or

‘this is what happens when we don’t keep his commandments’, and

‘God always gets what He wants’;

All pointing to the idea that God dominates in such a way that we have no say in it and that he has every right to push us to the ground and give us a kick in the gut, because he is bigger and more powerful. Just like a playground bully.

The real power of God is so well demonstrated in this fact; that he gave immense power to you and to me.

It is the ability to say ‘no’ to Him.

The name for it is ‘free-will’, also known as choice. Your choice, and my choice, which makes room for me to dominate my own life. When I say, dominate I mean to rule. I am the boss and master of my own life, my own soul, and even my own destiny.

I am so assured of this because God made us in His image, a self-governing, sovereign individual with power to say yes, and no. The consequences and outcomes of the exercise of this power is a different subject, but it is safe to say, that God’s absolute power is never enforced upon me.

He gave me power to choose.

To choose Him and to choose to partner with Him and his way of ruling always leads to the best outcomes for me, and is the best use of this powerful gift of free-will. Hence the prayer, ‘your kingdom come, your will be done’.

To join our wills with God’s will is where the presence of his benevolent rule will be realized in this life on earth.

His subjugation of evil has to happen in me, his squashing of tyranny has to take place in my soul, his suppression of selfishness, greed, envy, hate and the like take place in my soul, and He doesn’t force it, he asks me to yield it, give it up, turn it over and His grace converts such ashes of death into beautiful life, kingdom of love and righteousness type of life.

Now with his rule in me, I can begin to have dominion over all the enemies of my soul, as I choose to allow his power and help and as I choose to enforce his spiritual heavenly life to dominate over the death and hell within. I am the enforcer within my own life, not Him.

“Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any hears my voice and opens the door I will come in and eat with that person and they with me”. – Jesus.

Not the words of an enforcing bully but a friend.

Invite Him in, to all of your world, right now!

By Jim Sim

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