Israel – America & God’s Judgment Pt 5- Take Away The Hedge and Break Down The Wall


 judgment-pt5-410-x200In this series I have been trying to show that God has caused judgment to come upon our nation.

He has been trying to get our attention, but instead of heeding the judgment, we have ignored it.

In fact instead of humbling ourselves and seeking His forgiveness, we have gone in the opposite direction and have stood in defiance to God.

I have shown that God is not a respecter of men, but He does in fact honor and listen to offices of responsibility. When these offices speak, make supplication, stand in defiance, God hears these and acts upon a nation either through blessing or through curse.

Out of ignorance, our leaders have cursed our nation reinforcing the defiance by speaking a curse found in Isaiah 9:10.

“The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.” – (KJV)

I have shown that the ground of consecration, the ground our nation was dedicated to God has in fact become the ground of judgment. Just as ancient Israel ground of consecration, the temple mount, the ground our nations dedicated to God was also destroyed.

That ground was Ground Zero once owned by St Paul’s Chapel, the only building that survived the attack on 9-11.

How St Paul’s was saved was by a lone Sycamore tree that was slammed to the ground from an “I-beam” flying across the area destined to hit St Paul’s Chapel.

The twin towers, the symbol of the strength of America, her “bricks” had fallen. The sycamore was cut down, that lone tree that protected the ground this nation was dedicated upon, uprooted.

We have seen the curse come to fruition when out of our pride and determination to “rebuild” we laid the “hewn stone” the cornerstone at Ground Zero. We also replaced that sycamore that was cut down with a cedar.

God has been trying to warn us. Through His mercy He has been providing His signs to wake up our nation.

wtc-9-11But many have not seen the signs and they have gone ignored. We have refused to heed the warning that He sent on 9-11.

Take Away The Hedge and Break Down The Wall

In the early days after 9-11 our leaders kept repeating a verse, that verse was Isaiah 9:10. Most of the city officials and community leaders would paraphrase it or just reference the fallen bricks and often throw in “We Will Rebuild.” It all made good press in a time of calamity and brought a nation together for a very short season.

When we read about God judging ancient Israel, we see a patter take place over and over again.

God breaks down what He allowed to be built.

Then He uproots the foundations.

Scripture says…

Jeremiah 45:4 (KJV) Thus shalt thou say unto him, The LORD saith thus; Behold, that which I have built will I break down, and that which I have planted I will pluck up, even this whole land.

Isaiah 5:5 (KJV)   And now go to; I will tell you what I will do to my vineyard: I will take away the hedge thereof, and it shall be eaten up; and break down the wall thereof, and it shall be trodden down:

We see that with ancient Israel the temple was destroyed and then the people were uprooted from the land.

He has followed the same pattern with our nation, the only other nation dedicated to God.

He broke down the twin towers and uprooted the sycamore saving St. Paul’s Chapel.

He did this and gave us these signs out of mercy in hopes that our nation would return to Him.

The falling of the twin towers and the cutting down of the sycamore are in fact two images of His judgment upon this nation.

We did not get it and we missed the message being sent because we were not paying attention.

So He Warned Us Again

The World Trade Center sat upon the very ground that our nation was dedicated to by our first president George Washington to Jehovah God.

This World Trade Center complex was a symbol of our power, both physical being the tallest buildings in the world for a number of years, to our economic power.

Not only were many of the financial elite housed in those buildings, but the twin towers also housed the COMEX commodities trading floor.

So it is this area where our nation was born, the Island of Manhattan, Wall Street in particular, which was and still is the focal point of this nation’s economic and financial foundation.

My Small Connection 

It is interesting that even I have a personal tie to this area. See my ancestors sailed on the ship The Beaver, which sailed from Amsterdam under Captain Pieter Reyersen arriving in New Amsterdam (Manhattan island) May 9, 1661.

Now here is the interesting part, I was born May 9, 1961… 3oo years later.

Now this has nothing to do with the series I am writing, but it is just an interesting side note. My family was there when all this was taking place.

wallstreet-1New Amsterdam 

New Amsterdam (Manhattan island) was the primary trading post for the Dutch at that time who owned and operated from that area.

In the 1640s, a basic picket and plank fences denoted plots and residences in the colony. Later, the Dutch West India Company collaborated with the city government and constructed an earthen wall on the northern boundary of the New Amsterdam settlement. It is believed that this was to protect against English colonial encroachment and / or attacks from native Americans who also lived in the area.

The Dutch named this “de Waal Straat”

In these early days, local merchants and traders would gather at different spots along the wall to buy and sell food, goods, supplies but also it became popular for the financially elite to trade shares and bonds along the wall. Over time the buying, selling and trading divided the businesses into two classes, the auctioneers and the dealers.

In 1699 the wall was removed to expand the area, but the name of the street,” Wall Street”, kept its name.

This is the very same Wall Street which Federal Hall resides, the very same place where the birth of our government took place on April 30th 1789 where our first president, George Washington was inaugurated.

As I mentioned, traders and speculators would gather together to trade stocks, bonds, and commodities. See what we need to remember is that New Amsterdam (Manhattan island) was the primary hub for all trade coming into and going out of the colonies at that time. The “new world” was a a place for the enterprising individual could make his fortune.

Soon it became tradition to meet at a point on Wall Street where a buttonwood tree stood. This gave the buyers and sellers a shaded place to meet as well as a local landmark so that all could identify where to buy, sell and trade.

In 1792 the traders decided to create an association with each other. This agreement was called “The Buttonwood Agreement.”

The premise of this agreement was to make the market more “structured” and “without the manipulative auctions.” A commission structure was created so that a standard commission rate could be charged. What this did was give those who signed the agreement a lower commission rate but those who did not sign could still participate in trading, but commission was set at a higher rate to, buy, sell and trade.

The organization born of the agreement would be known as the Buttonwood Association. Later renamed the New York Stock and Exchange Board, and finally what we know today as the New York Stock Exchange.

Finally, can you guess what sort of tree the buttonwood tree is?

If you came up with a sycamore, you are correct.

The Sycamores Are Cut Down… Again

We did not heed His warning at 9-11.

So He warned us again, but this time a different sycamore fell.

nyseSee seven years after 9-11, another sycamore fell. In fact this falling of a sycamore was a direct result of the action God took on Sept 11, 2001.

In Sept 2008, that earlier named “buttonwood (a sycamore) association”, which was formed on Wall Street… was cut down.

On Sept 29th 2008 Wall Street and the world experienced the greatest economic collapse since the great depression, that was the seizing of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. See on Sept 7th the federal government took control of both of these corporations. Over half of the mortgages in the nation was backed by either Fanny Mae or Freddie Mac.

With the government swooping in to “rescue” these failing corporations, the government gained control of over half of the mortgaged homes in America, thus placing them now in the control of the US Government, in effect nationalizing most of the housing market.

With the US Gov doing this, there was a major backlash in the markets and it caused global upheaval, but particularly on Wall Street itself.

This upheaval in turn caused a cataclysmic collapse that shook the world even more than the downfall of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, what was going to take place over the next few days was the fall of Lehman Brothers.

On Sept 7 Mae and Mac collapsed. The collapse echoed and knocked the foundations out from under Lehman brothers two days later, Sept 9th. On that day Lehman lost 45% of its stock value.

On Sept 10th 2008 Lehman announced that it lost of 3.9 billion dollars (1)

The next day Lehman’s stock plunged again, setting the last nail in the coffin.

Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on September 15, 2008.

Looking back at 9-11-01 Lehman Brothers occupied three floors of Number One World Trade Center. Its global headquarters was located in Number Three World Center were severely damaged and rendered unusable by falling debris, displacing over 6,500 of Lehman’s employees.

It was on Sept 11, 2008 that Lehman’s was died. This echoed down Wall Street, to Washington and reverberated all over the world.

The Fed Reserve then came in and with a series of actions, prevented the total destruction of Lehman thus ending what many saw as a complete implosion of the US and global economy.

On that same day, Sept 11, 2008, AIG also sent up a cry for help due to the domino effect taking place. They too were in danger of also collapsing and the feds had to act fast.

Lehman and AIG, two of the largest and strongest financial institutions in the world fell and sucked the rest of the world’s economy down with it.

wallsteetdiesThis was seven years after the fall at Ground Zero.

This nation was being shaken a second time by God trying to get our attention. What he did was uproot the sycamore once again. But this sycamore was the buttonwood tree association.

Jeremiah 45:4 (KJV) Thus shalt thou say unto him, The LORD saith thus; Behold, that which I have built will I break down, and that which I have planted I will pluck up, even this whole land.

See what is interesting is that both 2001 and 2008 were Sabbatical years. Now our nation is not commanded to observe the Sabbath year, but He can use it as a form of judgment for a nation that is dedicated to Him.

Had it been, fifty, seventy five, a hundred years ago Godly men would have recognized these events clearly and seen it as the providence and judgment of God.

Our nations pastors would preach that our nation needs to repent and called the congregations back to Him. But no longer are the preachers preaching a message of sin and repentance. Instead they preach a sugar coated message with the goal being fannies in seats and full offering plates.

Complacency, greed, selfishness have taken the place of the preaching of the depravity of man and how we are lost and destined to Hell if we do not turn from our wicked ways, repent and believe upon Him.

Today it is only a handful of us watchmen who are standing upon the wall that have been sounding the alarm.

But all of that is now changing.

A storm is coming.

That storm is called God’s Judgment.

He has warned us twice, both times at 9-11, both times on at the end of the sabbatical year. A time where not only a nation’s food production is halted and the land given a rest, but also a year effecting the financial, economic arenas of the nation.

See we often remember giving the land a rest, but we forget that all debt was to be forgiven at the end of the sabbatical year. In fact on the 29th of Elul.

The 29th of Elul 5768 on the Jewish calendar also coincides with Sept 29th, 2008.

On that day, the last day of the Sabbatical year, the Dow lost approximately 2,700 points.

On that morning, September 29, on the floors of the New York Stock Exchange the day’s trading began with an ill omen and many of the traders were actually spooked.

What happened?

obamaburnsconsThe opening bell would not sound.

On that same day before congress were plans to try to prevent and rescue the implosion that was taking place. But the people spoke and the rescue plan did not pass.

Wall Street collapsed.

On that day the market itself lost over seven hundred points. This was the worse day in Wall Street History. This event shattered the confidence of the market.

The DOW lost 25% or 2,700 points. Billions upon billions of dollars were lost, vaporized, up in smoke. Savings accounts and retirement accounts that were there one moment were gone in the next due to being overly invested in mutual funds that lost massive amounts of money.

The words spoken by our leaders once again have come back to haunt the people.

Isaiah 9:10 The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.

God’s judgment is in fact here and we are still not paying attention.

But worse, our leaders again have spoken, still in defiance.

More to follow…



By Ray Gano




End Notes



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