Israel – America & God’s Judgment – Taking The Pulse of Others – Pt 17


pulse-wrist410-200I am going to do a jog backwards a bit and instead of focus on “solutions” I want to reflect on some things.

These past few weeks Tracye and I have been traveling. We went up to Branson for Prophecy in The News Conference and I just returned from the Self Reliance Expo in Dallas where I was asked to come speak.

While we attended these, we got to speak to a lot of people, particularly bible believing Christians.

Yea… it is sad that I have to use that terminology. See, there are “Christians” and then there are “Bible Believing Christians.”

Why do I say that?

Within the church we have “Christians” who…

– Are “shacked up together” out of wedlock
– Do not believe in Satan
– Does not believe that Jesus is the ONLY way to the father
– The Bible is not totally true and some parts contain error
– Believed that Jesus had sexual relationships with Mary Magdalene and did not live a sinless life
– That many paths lead to heaven
– It is “how good” we are that helps us get to heaven
– All I have to do is “believe” and I get to heaven. The devils also believe are they going to heaven?

I can go on, but I think you get the idea. These same people also claim the title Christian and yet live outside His Word in rebellion.

Folks, I am not a prophet, but I honestly believe that God has basically washed his hands of this nation.

If you have listened to the 12 Watchman Show that Rick Wiles produced back in April, you know what I am talking about. They too also believe that God has washed His hands.

If you have not taken the time to listen to this show, here is a link to one of the shows with Gary Kah and John Price.


Throughout this series I have been trying to show how we in America have been basically following in the same footsteps as ancient Israel. Many have also seen the similarities as well. David Wilkerson as well as Jonathan Cahn helped influence me in this series and you can read my dedication to them at the end of my first article.

I was recently encouraged when I got a booklet from David Reagan of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He has not released this to the general public yet, but sent it out to a number of us in the ministry. The title of his booklet as of right now is “A Prophetic Manifesto.”

Dave and I have served together as watchmen on the wall for some time now. I have had the honor of being on his show as well as being a contributor to his latest book ” The Man of Lawlessness: The Antichrist in the Tribulation”

dave_reagan1Here is how Dr Reagan opens his book.

Part 1 – The Death of America

“America is finished. We as a nation have turned our back on God. Wheat have kicked Him out of our schools and public areas. We have declared Him off limits.”

Here is how he opens chapter 3

Part 3 – Our Hope

Is there any hope for America? NO! Our only hope is in Jesus, and thus we have no hope, for we have rejected Him. We have turned our back on the very God who made us great and showered us with blessings. We have forgotten that God’s Word teaches “to those to whom is given, much is expected (Luke 12:47-48)

I encourage you to get this booklet. I believe that Dr Reagan has made it available to the general public.

You can visit the Lamb & Lion bookstore by going to >>

Like those of us in who are true watchmen, he is painting a hard picture of truth. One that many will not want to face. Like the other watchmen, David Reagan sees hard times ahead.

Good book Dave!!

Like Israel, we are in rebellion. God has tried to give us warnings over the years. We have hardened our hearts against Him and our leaders continue to proclaim this rebellion in the face of God.

This is why I say that I strongly believe that God has basically given us (the USA) over to our own selves and to the enemy, Satan.

Why do I say that?

1 Corinthians 5:5 (KJV) To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.

Romans 1:28 (KJV) And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

If we are not to that point spoken of above, then we are standing at the threshold and it is imminent.

Like Israel, God has provided chance after chance to repent. But like Israel, we have hardened our hearts against Him.

We no longer have the 1st amendment claiming freedom of religion. That has been re-written to mean “freedom from religion.”

But you as well as I know that is “secret code talk” for tolerance of anything except Bible Believing Christians.

“We” tolerate Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Universalism along with every other “ism.” Oh and we are SO MUCH IN LOVE with Islam it makes me want to puke.

Just like ancient Israel, we might get a season with a rise in church attendance and such. Remember right after 9-11 everyone turned to church. A month later it was back to the same ol’ same ol’.

But I am going to come out and say that I honestly believe that our “lots have been cast.” God will judge this nation and in fact He has been judging us. We have been to rebellious to even see it, especially when it is right before our very eyes.

Folks, and I am speaking to those of us who are the remnant in this great land of ours. We need to start preparing ourselves for hardship like we have never seen before in this nation.

I honestly believe that we will see bloodshed upon our soil in the soon years to come.

I say that because of two factors.

1 – Cyclically, our nation goes through a time of chaos every 100 years. We have been through three of these so far. Revolutionary War, Civil War and WWI-WWII. I put the World Wars together because when you look at the big picture, that is what it was. One huge war with a break in between. We have had blood spilt on our land 2 of the three times we have entered the phase of chaos. Statistically, the odds are in favor of some form of war here on our land again.

2 – Like ancient Israel, God gave them warning after warning in forms of judgment. Israel did not listen. It wasn’t until they came under destruction at the hands of Babylonian empire and their bondage that they finally returned. As I have shown, our Babylon is Communism. Many people look at China, others look at Russia. I believe it is both. China is the “brains” with the money and Russia is the “Braun” with the military force. They both are entrenched more and more each day.

The Coming Sabbatical Year

As I have shown, every Sabbatical year we have had since 9-11, God has used it to try to get our attention.

– 9-11 – Sabbatical Year

– 2008 Financial Demise – Sabbatical Year

– September 2015 ends the next Sabbatical Year.

I believe that if we have not repented and come back to the Lord. Then He will release His final Judgment. Just like He did with Israel, we will be placed in bondage via Communism with the help of China, Russia and yes, Islam as well.

See Islam and Communism have LOT in common. In fact both China and Russia’s Islamic base is growing by leaps and bounds.

The two ideals naturally blend well together.

What many people do not realize, is that all three are already here, the invasion has already begun and they are entrenched.

Islam is already here and growing like a cancer. Mosques are popping up all over the US.

Our farms and business are being bought up left and right by China.

And finally, we are now training large contingencies of Russian troops on our own soil.

What will cause us to soften our hearts and turn back to the Lord?

policestate2There is only one thing.

The bloodshed of our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers being spilt on our own soil.

Be it Martial Law, invasion, or civil unrest, there are many things that can happen.

But for us to truly have our hearts softened to the point where we are literally on our face before God asking forgiveness, bloodshed and suffering will have to come.

I believe that we are also on the cusp of this taking place.

I believe that God has given us a “Time of Grace” which I think will end with the month of August.

I also believe that in the fall / October timeframe something will take place be it drastic or subtle, but I believe something will be the catalyst to the events to come.

Again, I am not a prophet. I am merely making and educated throw of the dart at a target in the darkness.

Thing is, I am not alone and many more ministries like David Reagan, Gary Kah, John Price, and others are on board.

But that is not all. There are many, many lay men and women who also have been reading the same writing upon the wall that many of us in the ministry have been reading as well.

I know this because while we were in Branson and Dallas I had so many people come up and basically tell me the same thing over and over again.

“RAY… Something is gonna happen… I just know it like I know the sky is blue and the grass is green. We have till about the end of August then I don’t know what is going to break loose. I really think it is going to happen around end of September or sometime in October. I can’t put my finger on it except the Lord has impressed this upon me like nothing else before in my life. “

Now, this is not exactly what folks said, but it sums it up pretty well.

Over and over again, couple after couple, men, women coming up to me telling me the same thing.

I asked them if they heard the Rick Wiles show or been reading my articles. Usually they say “Rick who?” or no they have not been reading my articles. In fact they only know of me in passing, not really visitors to my website. Some folks have seen me here or there, so I know that I am not really influencing them.

It is has been the same thing over and over again.

What is Happening?

I honestly believe that God is sifting the remnant from the chaff. The holy spirit has moved across this nation preparing the hearts of those who have an ear to hear and a true heart for the Lord.

Something interesting took place a few days ago. I was talking to several people at the end of the Dallas Expo and a picture came to my mind like something dawned on me.

What was that picture?

I huge chess board with a lot more pieces than the normal game. God was moving a piece here or a piece there. In fact, it was kind of like playing the game “RISK.” I feel that we who are the remnant are being “Staged” or positioned for one purpose or another.

The one thing that both Tracye and I feel is that we have been put in a “holding pattern.”

One moment we do not know what we are to do, the next we feel yet another strong tugging to look into Belize again, or East Texas, or where ever else. But the doors are not completely open yet.

Our ties have been cut where we live. In fact there is not much holding us here at all. We could probably pick up and leave for anywhere the Lord would lead us in as little as 30-60 days if not sooner.

The only thing holding us back is doors that only the Lord can open. The Lord has placed a pretty big burden on Tracye and me. There are also a lot of things that need to fall into place for this burden to come to fruition. The steps needed are pretty big for us, but not for Him. Now, the wonderful thing is that we also know that nothing is too big for the Lord.

How do we see the burden? It is like looking through a wavy piece of glass with some curtain of fine mesh hanging over it.   You can see out there, but it is hard to see clearly. You can see some shapes and colors, light and dark, but nothing clearly presents itself. Yea sure there is a glimpse here and there of clarity, but not enough to give full direction.

belizemapWhat Are We Being Staged For?

Tracye and I strongly believe that we are to spearhead and blaze the trail for Christians to find a safe haven. Possibly some form of Christian underground rail road / network or something. Maybe even blazing the path and helping people come to and assimilate in a place like Belize.

Again, nothing has been crystal clear. But what I have been working on is trying to establish a network of people and ministries. I also created a new section at the Prophezine website called UNDERGROUND.

Now here is something interesting that has taken place. Since we have gotten back from our recon trip to Belize, I have been getting emails from all over. People with land and the desire to help “Christians on the run.”

To date there have been 11 different people email me about land they have and how they feel the need to make “safe havens.” I have also had about 5 or so ministries that have also contacted me with the idea of creating “safe havens” and networking bible believers needing to go “underground.” Some of these ministries are also outside the US.

Here is another interesting point.

While visiting Branson and Dallas I had the time to speak to many people. The consensus was the same. People came up and told us something is going down, but they feel like they too are in a holding pattern. They are ready to move or go into action, but direction and the “green light” has not been given.

In fact I met a couple who God has already moved into position. They never met me or really knew of me before. But the interesting thing is they had the same sort of story.

“Something is going down. We have till end of Aug and in the fall something is going to happen.”

Another couple had recently sold everything including their home and moved to their new place. All this took place in just 7 days. Boom…. from one part of the country and God brought them to Texas. They are now in holding pattern too.

I know that some of you think I am completely off my rocker. Yea, I might be. All I know is that God speaks to me in my gut and in His Word.

Yes I stand on His Word completely, but when it comes to walking in faith there is a “pulling” that takes place from within. For me it isn’t in the heart, it is always in the gut. It is kind of like an “instinct” sort of thing that takes place. It is like I “just know” that I am to do something or should be doing something.

I get the same tugging when the Lord leads me to speak to someone I do not know. Often I am to share the hope of our Lord through the Gospel. I have to let you know that I am not one who just goes up to every Tom, Dick and Harry and start talking about God. The Lord directs me to certain individuals that I believe He has prepared their hearts to hearing what it is I am to say. He tugs at my gut and tells me “hey talk to that person.”

The same gut feeling that leads me to talk to complete strangers is the same gut feeling I have been having of the recent days.

Tracye and I are both ready to do and go where ever the Lord will leads.

What About The Rapture?

As many of you know I am one who stands on the imminent return of the Lord. But what is taking place in our nation is not prophetic like many believe. We are where we are because we as a nation has turned her back upon Jehovah God. We have failed to occupy till He returns, plain and simple.

There is nothing that ties the rapture to what is going on here in the US. Prophecy is centered upon Israel not the US.

Now can the rapture take place? Yes of course. But I do not have an all seeing crystal ball telling me when the event will happen. Like Paul, we know we are living in the last days and that is all that we can rely upon.

I think saying that God is going to rapture us out of this mess is being foolish. Especially when we were the ones being negligent of our Christian duties to Him.

First and foremost we need to do a check up from the neck up and see where we stand with the Lord.

We need to make Him number one again and start living a life holy and acceptable unto Him.

We need to stop conforming to this world and start transforming our minds through His Word. Once we have renewed ourselves the next thing we need to be doing is sharing the gospel and the hope of our Lord’s return like never before.

We cannot control the timing of the rapture, nor should we try to guess its timing. The Great Commission did not include worrying about when the rapture will take place.

We are commanded in scripture to do the following…

Matthew 6:33 (KJV) But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

The rapture is God’s job, our job is to be obedient to Him and “seek ye first.” We do this by fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment in our own lives.

The Bottom Line

syria-war410-200I as well as many, many others believe that some sort of time of sorrow and bloodshed is coming to this nation.

It is the only thing that will break the stone cold heart of this nation and allow the Holy Spirit to work again with in the hearts of men.

If the next sabbatical year comes and we have not softened our heart and repented, we will surely see bondage and it will be too late.

If that is the case, I believe the US will become a dangerous place for Christians and Jews to live. I fear many will be placed in camps that are already built and waiting to be occupied.

This nation will remain in bondage until He allows us to break free of the bondage. Which again, will cost us dearly if it comes to that. That price will be the blood of many paying the price for freedom again as our forefathers did over 200 years ago.

Thomas Jefferson is noted for saying the following…

“Occasionally the tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.”

No matter what happens we did not occupy till He returns. I believe what Thomas Jefferson stated will be our soon coming future.

I pray that I am wrong, but historically, cyclically and biblically they all point to the blood of many of our loved ones being spilt once again for that freedom to live as Christians in a free land.


By Ray Gano




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