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news-houndFolks, I need news, but not just any news, I need news that Prophezine Insiders want to read.

AND… I am willing to pay you if you send me news that the PZ Insiders want to read!

SO… I am resurrecting an old program we started way back in the olden days of Prophezine, the PZ New Hound.

That is right, I need fresh and unusual news that is not being posted on Fox, Drudge or CNN. Something that possibly deals with bible prophecy, archiology, preparedness, anything that you think that the PZ Insiders would enjoy reading and be mentally stimulating.

So how can you make money with Prophezine being a PZ News Hound?

Here is the criteria …

1 – You must be a paid PZ Insider. How do you do that?

Sign up now to be a PZ Insider

Monthly ($10.00) –

Monthly ($15.00) –

Monthly ($20.00) –

pz-insider-logo-blue-borderMonthly ($25.00) –

Every 6 Months ($50.00) –

Yearly ($100.00) –  

2 – You must have an active Pay Pal account. You need to go to Pay Pal and sign up for their service. Now if you became a PZ Insider, you should already have Pay Pal.

3 – You need to vet the news piece you are sending me. In other words, make sure that the news is true and not some made up hoax. We need to work hard at maintaining credible truth that people can point to.

4 – I must use the article on the Prophezine website in a reworked article that I will write. This way copyright is not an issue and it is an article written specifically for PZ Insiders.

5 – THIS IS CRITICAL – the article has to be picked up by another well frequented website. Websites like,,, etc.

steve-quayle-siteNOW…This is one of the ways that you can help promote and earn, by helping me get the article out to other websites. If you can show me that the article was posted to another well known bible prophecy, end times, preparedness website, I will then pay you.

What will you earn? I am paying $1.00 per article that meets all the above criteria.

So if you get me 10 articles, that means you earn $10.00 and that in and of itself will pay for your PZ Insider subscription.

Get me more articles, you get paid more. The more articles that I use for our PZ Insiders, the more $$ you can make.

When I see that your article meets that criteria, I will Pay Pal you $1.00.

NOW, if I get the same article from multiple people, I will take the first email that was delivered to me and use that time stamp as the benchmark just in case someone raises a concern.

This will also encourage you to act fast when you see an article.

What You Need To Send

I need to get the article URL as well as a good amount of the text of the article in the body of an email.

DO NOT copy and paste the article with all the graphics and such. Just send me the text.

This way I can determine if the article is useful or not. If it is, I can then check out the entire article at the site source.

You need to send the article to

News / Things I DO NOT WANT

I do not want copy and pasted articles with all the graphics and other add ons

I do not want email attachments

I do not want email forwards or forwards from news websites and such

I do not want Facebook shares

I do not want You Tube Videos

I do not want audio podcasts

If you send me any of the above, I will delete it and you will not get any credit if that is information that I might use.

I need the URL and the text in the body of an email, this way it is quick and easy for me to read and determine if I can use it.

Will I Use Older News?


There is a lot of great articles and news out there that people do not know. So if you come across some news that is months or maybe a few years old, but it is still pertinent, then send it to me and let me look it over.

So… Become a PZ News Hound and Earn $$

If you do all this, at that time, you are an official PZ News Hound helping not only me and Prophezine, but helping also in the bigger picture of getting the gospel to the world.

See, when people come to the Prophezine website, they also get to see other articles by myself and other Christian authors and journalists. These articles may help be that factor that helps that individual come to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

So not only are you playing a part in helping with our Lord’s Kingdom, you are helping Prophezine and helping yourself by earning some extra $$.

If you have any questions, please contact me and lets start pumping out great news and articles for the world to read.

In His Service,

Ray Gano


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