Mr. Obama: Master of the Mixed Signal


Recently, due to the situation in Wisconsin, with the unions up in arms over Gov. Scott Walker’s position to want to remove some of the collective bargaining rights from unions, Mr. Obama weighed in with his thoughts and opinions.  This is the second time (as far as this blogger knows) that he has done so.

The first time Mr. Obama offered his opinion, it amounted to speech that was intended to incite.  He essentially stated that he believed what Gov. Walker was doing was an attempt to break the unions.  Because of the tremendous gullibility of most people today, they heard that remark, believed it to be the total truth, and reacted to it as if their lives depended upon it.

More recently, Mr. Obama again injected his opinion into the political arena of Wisconsin by stating that (paraphrase) he did not believe it helped to denigrate public employees, or to vilify them.  Interesting.

My question is this:  if Mr. Obama really believes that, then why does he so often denigrate and vilify those in the public arena with whom he disagrees?  He constantly antagonizes, ignores, chastises, and even attacks those in the Republican and/or conservative areas of the political arena.  If you disagree with him, then he finds a way to vilify you, as he did and continues to do with the TEA Party, FOX News, Gov. Walker, and many others who simply do not agree with the way Mr. Obama is attempting to steer this country toward Socialism.

{pub}To read this entire article, please register and it will be opened up to you{/pub} {reg}He is quick to listen to the people of Egypt, lauding their efforts for major governmental change in their homeland, even if this means that Egypt’s next dominant power will be that of the Muslim Brotherhood.  On the home front, he seems just as quick to dismiss and ignore the concerns of over 70% of the Americans who never wanted his Obamacare, or many other things he has tried to put into place, including the most recent move by the administration along with the DOJ to no longer support the Marriage Act of 2005.  This is while it is still law and it has not been rescinded or set aside.  In spite of this, it has not stopped the Obama Administration from acting as their own judge and jury, overturning the will of the people of this country simply because he and his cohort in the DOJ somehow believe it to be discriminatory.

Mr. Obama is fueling the fires in Wisconsin and he knows it.  Why?  Because he wants nothing more than to see major political unrest and upheaval here in America.  The worse things become, the closer we move to a need for martial law.  Rather than quell the storm of political unrest in Wisconsin, when Mr. Obama does offer his opinion, it simply makes the storm worse, causing people to believe that he is fully supportive of union rights, when in point of fact, Mr. Obama’s position may have absolutely nothing to do with that, and simply wants to continue to stir the fires of discontent.

I noted also that the police in Wisconsin did not move to evict protesters from inside the capitol building, saying everything is peaceful.  What about the fire marshal?  Does he/she believe that many people inside that building for so many days does not represent a major problem if a fire were to break out, or some other form of catastrophe?  In other words, on any given day, there are only so many people allowed inside that building.  A maximum number is likely posted somewhere.  Why is it that number (which is more than likely exceeded) allowed?

The problem is that too many people seem either not to be aware, or could care less about all that may be occurring behind the scenes to keep this situation in Wisconsin on the front burner.  Too many people simply see it as the “worker” vs. “management.”  The reality is likely something far different.

In Wisconsin, we can assume that there are a ton of people (who apparently do not work, have plenty of sick time, or are on vacation), simply sitting in the capitol building.  Who are they?  Could it be many to most are paid union agitators?  I find it difficult to believe that all those people are paid state workers, though certainly a portion could be.

We know that SEIU (the massive union I spoke of before) has its hand in the mess and likely refuses to give up until they get what they want, which is to break management’s back.

I also noted that this has spilled over into California, but in a different way.  On last night’s news, one bigwig from one of the large state employee unions, stated that if only the government here in California would stop relying on private sector contractors and only use state employees, the budget deficit would be wiped out!  Wow, just like that – it’s gone!  Phew, why didn’t anyone think of that before?  He went onto say that these private contractors were being paid two to three and a half times more than the public/state employee.

When I heard that, my wife and I laughed out loud, as we sat watching the news and listening to this guy say what he said with a straight face.  Here’s the reality that he did not say:  While yes, private contractors often get paid more than public/state employees – that is sometimes true.  What the man did not say is that when the state hires a private contractor to come in and do the work, they are hired for a number of reasons:

the state/public employees do not want to do the work (not part of their job description)
the state/public employees are unable to do the work (not trained to do it)
The other important point that this man failed to point out is that when the state hires an outside contractor, they do so temporarily.  While that contractor is under the state’s employ, they are not paid benefits or insurance at all.  They are hired to do a specific job and they are hired to do it within a specific length of time.

This next part is going to sound as if I am categorizing, generalizing, and some would say, even vilifying state/public employees, but it needs to be said anyway.  Consider how many times you drive passed part of the road that is being worked on…by state/public employees.  How many times have you watched as one person is in the hole in the road that they are digging, while four to five other individuals in bright orange vests stand around near the top of the hole, looking into the same hole?  Besides watching the shoveler work, they appear to be doing nothing at all.

Have you ever driven by the state capitol?  I would suggest doing so.  Better yet, park your car, get out and go sit on a park bench in the public park near the state capitol.  Stay there for an hour or so and watch.  Like clockwork, you will see once every hour for ten to fifteen minutes, the capitol building will empty out and all the public/state workers will come out and go for a walk.  You will be able to set your watch by this.

At one point in my life, I was a temporary state worker in the state of New York.  It was during the summer between semesters at college.  I very quickly learned the ways of the lowly and under-appreciated state worker.  Our job was to clean out state buildings.  We were to go room by room, remove furniture, clean completely and be followed by a paint crew, then we would put the furniture back into the individual rooms.

I recall the very first week when we were being “trained” to do our job, one of the head workers (a long time state worker) would say things like this, “This job will take about a week or two, possibly even three to get the furniture out of these rooms.”  When he said that, I immediately looked at the furniture and thought, “Why on earth is it going to take THAT long to get the furniture out of these rooms?!”

The answer to this question was not directly stated.  The answer was implied in many ways.  What I came to learn is that state/public workers move at one pace.  That pace is designed to do one thing; to ensure job security.  I realize how that sounds.  I realize it sounds crass and makes the state/public worker sound very lazy.  Are they lazy?  Not necessarily, however, it is important to realize that once working in that environment, it becomes essentially to do what the system demands that a person does.  The system demands that people work slowly, taking their allotted breaks routinely, stretching out the work as much as possible to ensure that they will not run out of work.  As long as there is work, the job remains.

Consider how frustrating it is to go to the DMV, or some other public/state department.  It is like walking into another time zone.  The only thing I can think of is the slow drone of a factory where everything moves at one pace.  If something moves more quickly, it is dealt with to get it back onto track.

It is incredible to me that when I have gone to the DMV, it seems as though nothing is moving at all.  People take a number and then sit in a chair.  They wait until their number flashes on the screen.  They go to the counter, say a few words to the person behind the counter, watch the person leave the counter and go someplace and after ten or fifteen minutes, the counter person returns, more brief discussion occurs and either that same person walks away again, or does some intricate things on their computer and finally, after Joe Public’s hair has turned a lighter shade of white, they get to leave.

You watch the person walk toward the exit and you notice that their walk is a bit slower, a bit more tedious, and a bit more difficult.  Your eyes follow them outside as they walk to their car, and you notice that as soon as they exist the DMV Twilight Zone, their pace begins to pick up as if they realize that for the past half-hour, they had fallen down the rabbit hole.

The reality is that we all joke about state/public workers because we know that while they are getting eight, to ten, to twelve or so dollars an hour to hold a sign up at a construction site which says “STOP” on one side, and “SLOW” on the other side, we are working our butts off to receive our paltry checks from the jobs we work.  Beyond that, more of our paycheck goes toward our benefits than has in previous years.  Raises don’t come as fast or as much, and in many cases, we live not knowing whether or not our company is going to be bought, sold, or simply go under from a lack of business.

The answer you say?  Unionize!  I’m not opposed to unions at all and I’m still a member of one.  I’m opposed to unions that have become as bad as management was before unions existed.  Consider if every employment situation had unions as powerful as SEIU.  A good thing?  Hardly.  How would the “worker” benefit when the company and/or government that supplied the job ran out of money?  How would union/management agreements be honored then?

I understand that unions want the best for their membership.  The problem is that too many unions become so myopic they cannot see the forest for the trees.  They actually wind up hurting the employees in many cases, because their demands hurt the company.  If the company folds, those union workers are out of jobs.  Guess what?  The union bigwigs are NOT out of jobs.  They still receive their cushy salaries, perks, and benefits.  The union workers who no longer can report to work because they are out of work rely on those union bigwigs, so those higher-ups in the union must appear as though they would fight to the death for the people who pay their salaries.

In Wisconsin, unions are fighting and they are fighting hard.  The tragedy is that the people they represent are on the public doles.  They are paid by the taxes that Wisconsin receives.  Why should the bargaining powers of those public employees be so great that their pay/benefits overshadow their counterparts in the private sector?  The answer is that it should not, but it does.

It is on this basis that people like Mr. Obama and others accuse Gov. Walker of perpetrating the problem, when in point of fact, he is trying to balance the books.  This is certainly something that Mr. Obama should at least try to do, but he is too busy spending tax dollars as if there is no end of the supply and unfortunately, too many of the things he spends American tax dollars on, has nothing to do with America or the people who live here.

Mr. Obama should support Gov. Walker because Gov. Walker is trying hard to be fiscally responsible, unlike the White House.  Walker is doing what he can to stop the bleeding in Wisconsin.  Instead of being praised for it, he is made to look like the villain, and it appears as though Mr. Obama is leading the charge.  He is simply polarizing people and he knows it.  George Soros told him that’s what he’s doing and that’s why he knows it!

If you consider the fact that there are few options for all the governors across the United States to balance their budgets, Gov. Walker is doing something that he can actually control.  The unions are fighting against him because they SAY they are their to support worker’s rights.  The reality may well be that they are – knowingly or unknowingly – playing a large part in bringing down Wisconsin’s government by not giving up some of the unreasonable bargaining rights they somehow acquired over the years.

I am looking forward to the day when Jesus rules this planet.  Talk about justice!


By Fred DeRuvo

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