My Concerns (speculations) With Malaysia Airlines Flight 370



PZ NOTE – I sent this out to my PZ Insiders Thursday. FOX news and other news agencies are now admitting that IRAN and Pakistan are in the flight radius. If this is the case, this Boeing 777 could be used as a deployment vehicle for a possible west coast EMP attack.

As you probably already know, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared Saturday somewhere over Southeast Asia. Authorities don’t know where the plane is or what happened to it.

The Boeing with a range of 5,235 to 9,380 miles. This means that it can fly almost anywhere within the world.

Even though news sources are not mentioning it, the plane had enough fuel to reach Iran or Pakistan. It could have also flown to China, but I just don’t see China getting into the terrorist business. They have their hands tight enough around our necks to also play in the terrorist game.

Wall Street Journal is reporting, is that someone might have taken the plane to be used for some other purpose later.

It is that “other purpose” that has me concerned.

If a plane is flying at 35,000 feet you can look out the window and see approximately 220-230 miles that is if everything is flat, no clouds, no tall mountains, etc.

Now to give another comparison, from a 100-meter tower (330 feet high), you could see about 22 miles, again with no mountains, clouds or other things obstructing it.

A Boeing 777’s top speeds is Mach 0.89 or 590 mph, 950 km/h, 512 knots at a cruising altitude of 35,000 ft (11,000 m) (* 1)

I tried to find the Boeing 777 max altitude, but there are no numbers on that. I am not a pilot but maybe 35,000 is max altitude. I am not sure.

Wall Street Journal is looking into possibility that the Boeing 777 could have continued for an additional distance reaching points as far as the Indian Ocean, the border of Pakistan or even the Arabian Sea, based on the jet’s cruising speed.

Tracye and I was talking about this the other night over dinner.

A Boeing 777 with a full tank with a full payload can fly 9,300 miles. Now if the payload is lessened, no passengers, no luggage, pretty much an empty plane, I bet it could easily squeeze out 10,000+ miles.

Iran to Hawaii is 8,331 miles. From Hawaii to the Ca Coast is another 2,467 miles

Total we have approximately 10798 miles.

If the plane was packed with fuel, had no extra weight, I bet that it could make that 10,798 mile trip.

NOW.. if the plane was retrofitted with internal fuel tanks, it could easily make that fight from Iran to the California Coast flying over the pacific.

What About Israel?

The problem with using this plane as a deployment vehicle against Israel is that it would have to fly over multiple countries airspace, especially Iraq, which is still maintaining a US Military presense with Patriot air defense. So I do not believe that Israel is a viable target. 

This is why I believe that if this aircraft is going to be used as a deployment vehicle, then it is quiet possible that US will be strong possible target.

US Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)

An ADIZ is a publicly defined area extending beyond national territory in which unidentified aircraft are liable to be interrogated and, if necessary, intercepted for identification before they cross into sovereign airspace.

It is a protective tactic of the Cold War that was established in the 1950s, the United States declared the world’s first ADIZs to reduce the risk of a surprise attack from the Soviet Union.

For Southern California the U.S. ADIZ stretches approximately 400 miles out to sea.


Putting It All Together

This is a speculation that Tracye and I were talking and asking ourselves, is it possible for the following scenario to actually take place?

At this point and time, we do not know where this Boeing 777 is. I am going to agree with Wall Street Journal (2) and say that the plane has landed somewhere and that country is being quiet.

I am finding very interesting that NO ONE is pointing to the Arabian sea area. Instead all the reports coming out is searching around China, Australia, and eastward from Malaysia. It is like they are avoiding any mention of muslim influence or destination.

Wall Street Journal are the only ones hinting at a possible Arabian Sea destination.

We know that that entire Pacific Rim in that area is very strongly Muslim influenced, they are not Sharia, but heavily influenced.

Is it possible that jihadist Muslims working together to steal a Boeing 777 could have done it with the help of sympathizers in Malaysia and Iran?

Once the plane is landed, say in Iran, it be retro-fitted with larger tanks to ensure it make it to the California coast?

Something else we have to acknowledge. We do not know for sure Iran’s full nuclear capabilities as of yet. We like to “believe” that they do not have capabilities, but we do not know 100%.

In fact, we don’t know if they have one of these “lost” suitcase nukes or some other eastern-block nuke that has been unaccounted for and yes, they are out there.

If they did have some sort of device, all they would need is a vehicle to carry it a great distance, like the distance a Boeing 777 has.

If they had a nuke, all they would need to do is get close enough to the California coast and set it off.

An EMP Nuke is a line of site weapon. That means that for it to be effective, the area has to be in the direct blast zone.

A jet flying 35,000 feet that blast zone is 220-230 miles in radius from the plane.

So the plane would only have to get within say 200 miles from the pacific west coast and then detonate.

It would not EMP the entire US, but imagine Los Angles, San Francisco or Silicon Valley having an EMP attack.

How would that effect the nation?

Could a Plane Get 200 Miles Off The California Coast?

If the 777 is not “squaking” by presenting its IFF ID (IFF – Identify Friend or Foe) and not transmitting anything thus “running silent” it possibly could. Again the electronics were shut down and it flew to where ever the final destination was located.

Could the plane be given a different ID that misrepresents itself as a smaller plane so that it could fly in somewhat unnoticed? Again, speculation, but if a group is going to pull it off, they are going to do the best they could to pull it off right.

I mean look at what has happened already. This 777’s electronics were turned off and it has disappeared, so if it has happened once, with help it could easily happen again.

Something else we were discussing at dinner, is it possible that Jihadist sympathizers or possible long term “Sleeper cell” group members could be working as air traffic control centers in the US? Could someone like that make it to other positions which would allow a 777 jet to fly in close enough to detonate an EMP?

Yes I know that this is all speculation. But we have a Boeing 777 that is gone.

We are finding out that it remained in the air a lot longer than once believed.

We are also finding out that with all the searching that has taken place, nothing is coming up and no wreckage is being found.

We are also finding out that the plane was still in the air 5 hours after its last reported voice contact. Which it is being discovered that it was flying in the direction of the Indian Ocean / Arabian Sea, not heading to Australia or China where everyone and their brother is looking.

This is a total tin foil hat scenario, but with all the evidence, could this scenario come to pass?

Something else to think about.

The US Military is being cut back dramatically. Good soldiers and airmen are leaving because they are so frustrated with what is going on. I know this personally after spending time with a Marine Sergeant traveling for 3 hours to the US. He filled me in on the very low morale in the US Military and he said that was across the board.

The military is not what it used to be. What is replacing many of these good men and women are lack luster wanna-bes.

Instead of a quality military we now have a queer military.

Who knows what could be going on in some back room at night when a person should be at their duty station watching incoming aircraft?

Get my drift here?

This aircraft disappearing in thin air, just does not happen without support and involvement at higher levels.

Malaysia is being on the “tight lipped” side and again they have strong Muslim influences.

I think that there is grounds for this sort of possible speculation.

If you have any knowledge or understanding of the details I have presented, please email me. I am more than willing to recant what I am presenting here.


1 –




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