Nation’s Leader Determines Blessing or Curse


Like it or not, every nation that finds itself in the cross hairs (a figure of speech) of God’s impending judgment is often in that place because of how they treat Israel.  Lately, I have been thinking about America as a nation and all the things that are going wrong with her.  It seems overwhelming, because it is overwhelming.

I have written about this before, but it is making far more sense to me now than previously.  Even as I wrote my last post, I have gained new insight into the problem.  I even said it in my last post, but I guess it had not sunk in the way it did now.

We can sit and analyze all the problems this country faces.  We can break it down into categories like morality, economy, liberalism, and the rest.  The trouble is that these in and of themselves are merely categories.  I have long thought about what causes these things to seem to take on a life of their own, as if they are independent from the rest.

For instance, we see the immorality of our elected officials and we know that the problem stems from a godlessness that is a growing problem in this country.  We can critique the problem associated with the growing gay community (as I did in my previous post) and we can point to the relaxed moral standard that exists across the land.

Further, we can look at the economy of our nation and attribute it to the fact that the people in Washington appear not to know what they are doing.  The truth is that they do know what they are doing and it is clear that they are pushing their way through with their own agenda, one that I believe is meant to bring this country to her knees.

But what I have failed to realize (even though I have stated it), is that there is one overriding issue that I firmly believe affects everything else.  It is becoming clear to me and either I’m correct in my assumption, or I’m simply being too simplistic.

I believe that if we had a president and Congress that fully supported Israel, the problems we are having in this country would not exist.  I do not mean to say that our country would be perfect.  What I mean to say is that the level of problems we are experiencing is due solely – I believe – to the way this Administration and Congress are treating the nation of Israel.

Within the past ten years or more, standing against Israel has become a growing phenomenon.  It has gone virtually unchecked in many arenas.  So what has finally happened?  America has a president who is very likely a Muslim, and who would likely destroy Israel himself if he could, and wants nothing more than to see the “Palestinians” awarded their own nation with East Jerusalem as their capitol.

Since he has gained the highest office of the land, Mr. Obama has been resolute in fostering a relationship with Israel that puts and keeps them on the defensive.  He does not consider himself to be a friend of Israel and essentially, he wants Israel’s leaders to do exactly what he says.  This, he believes, will bring about “peace” in the Middle East.  He of course, will then become the world’s hero.

Here’s the problem though.  Regardless of whatever else Mr. Obama has done that is questionable, or even immoral and possibly illegal, the fact that he has done this one thing has been enough to put America in the cross hairs of God’s judgment.  This may sound oversimplified and even dramatic, however, the reality is that if we are to take Scripture seriously, there can be no doubt that what the leader of a nation does with respect to Israel, is either reflects God’s glory, or invites His judgment.  That is the reality.

If we had a president who supported Israel, I firmly believe these other problems that this nation is now experiencing would be greatly diminished.  I also believe that our natural disasters would not be anywhere near what they are, if we were solidly a nation that stood by Israel, as her friend and true ally.

Yes, we would still have problems in this country.  Islam would still be trying to raise its ugly head.  Gays would still be trying to provoke the electorate with their cries of discrimination.  The economy might still be suffering a bit, but overall, I honestly believe that what we are experiencing now would not exist.  I believe that God would actually be blessing this nation.  Furthermore, I believe that the only reason He is not judging us even more harshly is due solely to the number of people who actually do support Israel.

But it is truly important that we recognize that a nation – any nation – is guided by the beliefs and principles of the leader of that nation.  This is clear from Scripture – Genesis 12, 15, 17 – when God spoke to Abraham and promised the promise that identified His love for Israel and His commitment to honor those who honor His nation.

It is so simple, it is pitiful because while we take the time to acknowledge our problems – fiscally, morally, physically – of this nation, the reality is that because we are no longer a nation that reflects God’s glory by being committed to supporting the only nation that He ever created, we are literally asking Him to curse us.  That is tragic.  It is unconscionable that we have leaders in Congress and in our local governments who have moved away from their allegiance to Israel, as this nation has had for decades.

We can argue about the problems and debate the fixes.  We can worry about when the next earthquake or tsunami will occur.  We can wonder when the Dow Jones will take its next huge hit.  We can swim in a financial morass and wonder how we got there.  We can unemployment figures go through the roof, while we listen to the president tell us that things are going well.  We can do all this and more, but as long as we continue to ignore the obvious truth that supporting or cursing Israel is thoroughly connected to God’s favor or disfavor on a nation or culture, we will be missing the point completely.

It’s no different from going to a doctor because you have a rash.  They will treat the rash, but I want to know what caused the rash.  Often, they can’t tell me that.  They can only treat symptoms, but I want to root out the problem.

America has a huge rash.  It has left virtually nothing untouched.  What we have are political “doctors” who say that we should do this, or that.  We have the president as our chief doctor who says there’s really nothing wrong, so just ignore the rash and it will take care of itself.

The trouble is that the rash is overtaking our entire country; economically, morally, spiritually, and physically.  There are too many people in this country who do not believe that we should support Israel, so what does give us?  A president who does not support Israel.

There are so many excuses why people believe that Israel should be opposed and even condemned.  The problem is that these people do not use this same judgment against any other nation.  It has nothing to with whether or not this generation of Jews who live in Israel are God’s Remnant or not.  It has everything to do with the fact that God’s promises to Abraham about blessing and cursing have never been rescinded.

Genesis 12:2-3 states very clearly:

“And I will make you a great nation,
And I will bless you,
And make your name great;
And so you shall be a blessing;
3 And I will bless those who bless you,
And the one who curses you I will curse.
And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

God is speaking to Abraham here.  He is being specific and He is not talking about the Church!  God is speaking of a nation that He is going to create using Abraham to do it.  It’s that simple, yet people don’t get it.  They refuse to believe that God wants or expects us to simply support Israel regardless of what Israel does as a nation.  They are dead wrong in thinking that way.

Do you need proof?  Then let’s go to the Old Testament where we can clearly see how often God used other nations as an arm of judgment against Israel when they erred.  Do we need to talk about Nebuchadnezzar and the fact that he overcome Israel, capturing people like Daniel?  See 2 Chronicles 36 as merely one example.

Do we need to discuss how some of the kings of Israel were conquered when they became as idolatrous as the nations surrounding Israel?  The point is that God has a way of judging His own nation.  He does not need any other nation to do the things that He alone will do where Israel is concerned.

In most cases, even though God used foreign nations to dominate and then capture Israel because of Israel’s idolatry or rebellion, He also later judged those nations because they dared to attack the apple of His eye!  The fact that we do not see this should shock us!

Yes, we need a new president and if the only thing that president is noted for is his support of Israel, I believe the downward spiral of this nation will change.  God will still move this world toward His intended end result, but like Canada, if we had top people in our Federal government who supported Israel, that “trickle down” effect would be seen in this nation as it is seen in Canada.  No, Canada is not perfect and they are not without problems.  However, in parts of their country, unemployment is less than 5%.  Their economy is coming back as ours is not.

The top three people in Canada’s government have asserted their loyalty to Israel, even going so far as to say that if someone attacks Israel, they have attacked Canada.  Do you not believe that our country would be blessed by the Lord for our willingness to do as Canada does?  Do you not believe that if we stood up and had an Administration that stood up and supported Israel – in spite of all their moral ills – that God would honor His promise to Abraham?

Folks, He is honoring His promise to Abraham in the United States now, it’s just that we are on the wrong side of that promise.  This nation is under the shadow of His curse.

Yes, we can see and experience aspects of that curse because of the obvious nature of immorality, both in society and in our government.  We are seeing the playing out of His curse through economic woes, as well as the severe weather this nation has been experiencing.  These, I believe, are the symptoms of a nation that is on the receiving end of God’s ire because of the way we (through our leaders) are treating the apple of His eye, Israel.

If you stop to consider it, this situation has been building for some time from a number of arenas.  First, Preterism and aspects of Reformed/Covenant Theology has been teaching that God is done with Israel and everything has been transferred to the Church.  No matter how many times we debate this, we will not see these individuals abandon what I believe to be their faulty Eschatological position.  It doesn’t matter how often we remind them that they are interpreting the Bible allegorically, as opposed to literally.  Makes no difference to them and the recent situation perpetrated by Harold Camping has given them plenty of fuel for their fire, in spite of the fact that Harold Camping has no clue on a number of fronts.

Speaking of Camping, I find it very interesting that the Lord has seen fit to take away this man’s voice through his recent stroke.  A coincidence?  I think not.

Aside from Preterists, Reformed and Covenant theologians, the world has become more politically frank where Israel is concerned.  More and more people in the United States have taken positions against Israel, readily blaming Israel for the lack of peace in the Middle East.  These people have become emboldened by the fact that more politicians are openly coming out against Israel as well, and when you have a president who makes no effort to hide his animosity toward Israel, it becomes an ever-growing cycle of opposition to Israel.

God promised to make Abraham a “great nation.”  Through that nation, all the families of the earth will be blessed.  Those who curse Abraham, God would curse.  Those who bless Abraham, God would bless.  It is absolutely clear and simple enough that even a cave man could understand it.

The nation of Israel stems from Abraham’s loins.  Those who support Israel obviously support God and His will.  Those who castigate and oppose Israel obviously oppose God.

As our opposition to Israel has grown, the Lord has systematically turned our nation over to the godless.  The current result of that continued opposition to Israel is a president who literally leads the way in that opposition.  God will simply use Mr. Obama’s presence in the Oval Office as reason to create further havoc in our land.  This is His judgment, plain and simple and for those of you reading this who disagree with me, I would ask that you get on your knees, open your Bibles and ask God to open your eyes.

I believe that Satan would like us to be focused on issues.  For the longest time, I have been concerned about this or that, but not really focusing on the overriding issue, which is causing all the other ones.

We spend time focusing on financial issues that our country is facing – a symptom of the problem.  We worry over severe weather that this nation is encountering – another symptom.  We fret about high gas or food prices, or the immorality of America – yet still more symptoms.  The truth is that I personally believe Satan loves it when we focus on these issues because as long as we are focusing on these individual issues – these symptoms – we are missing the overarching problem that is causing all of them; our national opposition to the nation of Israel.

I’m not saying that we should ignore these problems.  I’m simply saying that we should not be attacking those individual problems as if they can be dealt with individually.  We certainly need to do what we can to alleviate the problems I’ve mentioned, but we always need to be aware of the fact that these problems are likely directly connected to the way this nation treats Israel.

Of course, not everyone in this nation is opposed to Israel, and I believe that this is why we are not as bad off as we could be.  However, it seems that most of the individuals who are in policy-making positions in our government are opposed to Israel.  Since they – as our elected leaders – stand against Israel (Hilary Clinton, Mr. Obama, numerous others within other branches of the Federal government), then we – the citizenry – are in essence, in the line of fire where God is concerned.

I think it is extremely important that we bow before God as Daniel did in chapter nine.  There, he literally acts as intercessor for the nation of Israel, confessing the sins of the nation, recognizing God’s judgment for what it was and accepting it.  Daniel spends time praising God for His compassion on them in spite of their sin.  He asks that God would see fit to forgive and restore the nation.  Daniel 9 is the chapter in which we learn about the 70 weeks, the only place in the entire Bible where Gabriel breaks it down as he did for Daniel.

We, the people, need to be in prayer.  We need to enter into a concerted effort to pray that God would restore this land to a nation that supports Israel.  For that to happen, either He will need to change Mr. Obama’s heart, or He will need to replace Him.

It may be that it is too late for that.  It may well be that this nation is on the course that we have chosen by our ignorance and rebellion against God and His nation of people.  I don’t necessarily believe that, but at the same time, I am not privy to God’s revealed will for this nation in the coming months and years.  He simply has not told me.

I know that genuine submission to God and His will is tantamount to receiving His blessing.  He cannot – will not – bless those who refuse to acquiesce to His will.

People today throughout the United States have all sorts of reasons for not supporting Israel.  Many of them are godless individuals who either do not believe in God, or they believe in their own version of God.  Others are well-meaning individuals who simply want peace in the Middle East so that things will quiet down throughout the world.  Still others are Christians who – I believe – have misunderstood God’s Word regarding the nation of Israel.

It is important to understand that there is no place in the Bible where God’s promise to Abraham regarding blessing and cursing has ever been rescinded.  Because of that, it remains.  God is not interested in hearing us say “But Lord, look at the Jews in Your Land!”  He is and will deal with those Jews.  What He is concerned about is how we understand His will and His promises.

Is God a liar?  Did He say something to Abraham only to overthrow it, or change His mind later?  The idea that God is done with Israel means that He could change His mind about the Church too.  I don’t believe that, therefore the fault lies with people who mistakenly interpret His promises to Abraham as being conditional.  The promise to bless or curse those who support or oppose Abraham and the nation that came from his loins was completely unconditional.  There was absolutely no condition given to Abraham at all.  God promised to bless those who bless Abraham and the nation that came from him and He promised to curse those who curse Abraham and the nation that came from him.

It seems to me that overall, the United States is in a very dangerous position because for the most part, we stand opposed to Israel.  I believe if our leaders stood for Israel, the same-sex law would not have passed in New York.  That doesn’t mean the gay community would give up.  It simply means they would have to keep trying.

If our leaders in the United States supported Israel, I do not believe we would have Mr. Obama for a president.  We would not be suffering fiscally as we are now.  It is as if God saw how little we support Israel and provided us with a leader who would go further than anyone ever thought possible, for a nation that has long been supporting Israel.

It is as God was saying, “Okay America, you don’t want to support the nation that I created, then prepare for my cursing.  First, you’ll get a leader that does not recognize me.  Then, I’ll move that leader to fiscally ruin you.  He will be a leader that essentially curses Me and that will give me more of a reason to curse you, America.  You want to stand in opposition to the very apple of my eye?  Fine.  You will see what’s left of America’s moral fiber begin to crumble.  You will reap the terrible consequences of such actions!”

Folks, whether it’s too late or not, we have a responsibility.  We need to place ourselves as Daniel did, between God and our nation.  I know that this nation will not last forever anyway, but we still have an obligation to intercede for America and the people who lead her.

Will you join me in praying that God will set aside His anger toward America?  Will you pray with me, confessing the terrible sin this country has indulged in by her resolute rejection of Israel?  The consequences may already be set in motion, from which there is no turning back.  This does not mean that we are free to throw up our hands and do nothing.

It is time to pray.  It is time to confess to the Lord our sin.  It is time to admit that we have done a terrible job and we are guilty of not supporting Israel to the extent that we should.  I believe God will answer.  I believe God will see and hear our plea.  I’m not sure of what the outcome will be, but I guess I have arrived at the point of realizing that if I do nothing else from this point onward, I want to be known as a Christian who supports the nation that God created.  I want to stand with Israel as I would stand with someone who was being bullied by the rest of the people in the neighborhood.  Maybe it would seem hopeless.  Maybe I would get seriously banged up because of it.  So what?  Better to be banged up by the world and approved of God, as opposed to being approved of by the world and on the receiving end of God’s anger and disappointment.

I support Israel.  I am not ashamed of that position.  I support Israel’s right to exist because I know that it only happened due to God’s will in the life of that nation.  I support Israel because I fully support what God is doing in and through that nation.  I support Israel because of Genesis 12:1-3.  I support Israel for no other reason than God says I should.

I some ways, I think I’ve been tricked a bit.  The enemy of my soul wants me to focus on this issue, or that one.  Satan wants me to be preoccupied with the problem of immorality, or economics, or the weather because when I am, I am missing the point completely.

We need our priorities straightened out.  We cannot be asking God to fix our economy and ease up on the weather all the while we do not care that Israel is surrounded by a world of hostile enemies.  We cannot request that God help us with our loss of job, our concern for the morality of this nation, all the while we stand idly by as the leaders of our nation stab Israel in the back.

God wants us to focus on what He is doing and will do in Israel.  Once I do that, everything else will fall into place.  I will then have my priorities where they should be.  Because of that, I can then deal intelligently (not emotionally) with the problems I face in this world, whether they are economic, political, moral, or physical.  I pray that you will join me.


By Fred DeRuvo