Never Forget 9-11


9-11-cross-410-200Today we remember 9-11. This is a day that kind of effects me. I remember where I was the moment it happened. I worked for a PI Firm and we were in the office. We had a TV and tuned it in.

We sat as we watched the first tower burning, then all of a sudden out of no where another plane slammed into the other tower.

Already we were talking that it was a terrorist attack.

A few minutes later we heard that the pentagon was also hit.

Where our office was located was close to the San Antonio Airport and all of a sudden planes were landing one right after another. All the planes were being ordered out of the sky.

We also had fighter jets flying over head guiding in the planes. A plane would land and they would escort another down. It went on like that till late morning.

We were glued to the TV and already talking contingency plans within the firm. We not only offered PI work, but also security and the phone was already ringing off the hook with job offers.

jumpWhat shocked me the most was the people who were jumping out of the windows. The cameras would see someone and would follow them down till they were out of camera view. It was horrifying to think how these people ended their lives.

Being a paratrooper I know what it feels like to jump out from a high altitude and then feel the free fall. We used to joke with newbies coming in, the first jump is not the bad one. It is the second jump because now you know how hard the ground feels.

I remember how the ground felt and sometimes it came up on you hard… real hard. I try to imagine what these people felt in that last micro-second of life.

Ever have a jolt of pain so painful that you see a flash before your eyes? Then for a millisecond there is no pain, followed by the rush of excruciating pain?

My hope and prayer was that these people jumping just felt and saw the flash, then nothing else.  

I remember watching and all of a sudden one of the towers fell in on itself. Clouds of smoke and dust covered the city. People, camera crews, Police all running trying to get out of the way of the dust cloud. People diving into building and then the dust cloud overtaking the area.

The dust settled and all the people were white with dust covering them head to toe. It was like everyone was a ghost. In fact many people were in shock. People were just walking around dazed, not knowing what was happening, where they were, totally disorientated.

I have to say that we were also somewhat in shock. By this time all the commercial planes have landed. A couple of jets would fly over about every 15 minutes or so. Other than that, the entire city was very quiet. Everyone was already headed home, little traffic on the streets, no planes flying overhead, nothing but quiet. It was Weird.    

Our boss released us and we all headed home we were all on call just in case of security needs.

When I got home, Tracye had been watching it. She got home sooner than I did and was following all the latest.

Hundreds of people were dead. Bodies were all over the area. Smoke, flame, dust clouds, people in total shock. Over and over again.

Then, minutes after the shock of it all, the heroism and courage in people woke up.

rescueIt was amazing to see. Average everyday people running into the rubble, coming out with wounded and dazed individuals. Others would take those being pulled and get them to safety. These heroes would then run back in finding more people and pulling them from the flames. This went on and on.

More and more people helped with the wounded, men in business suits helping hold fire hoses, working beside the firemen. Women in dresses caring for the wounded, washing people’s face, getting the dirt out of their mouths and eyes.

All of a sudden you realized that it was no longer an attack, but a massive rescue effort and hundreds of brave men, women, police, firemen, shop owners, waiters, you name it. They were all rescuing the trapped and wounded, helping them escape the carnage that struck the city.

All of a sudden the second tower fell and it happened all over again. The dust, the rubble, more people died, more people trapped. But this time the dust settled and almost a wave of people ran trying to save anyone.

I know that in my heart I wanted to be there to help. But I could not do anying except pray. So that is what I did.

A year later I applied for a job with the government. DHS was hiring people to travel across the US and secure airports. Many of us joined up. Many saw it as their patriotic duty, at least that is how I saw it.

We trained in Oklahoma City. While I was there I paid my respects where the OK bombing took place.

But to be honest it did not hold a candle to what I saw when I went to Ground Zero. Everywhere I walked I saw pictures, flowers, posters with poems, teddy bears, you name it. Memorials were all over the place.

I remember when I finally got to the crater, rubble was still being cleaned up and they were still finding bones from those who died.

Silence struck me. I stood there in awe just looking out across this cavernous pit.

Then something happened, I then started to weep. I don’t know why, but I just queitly cried for those who gave thier lives.  

crossI was not the only one either. Many other people who were there were also weeping.

I am walking around still weeping and it was weird. An old woman who was african american, about 5′-1″ she had an off pink dress on, with a matching jacket. She had a small white hat on her head and she was carrying an average sized white purse. We both were standing there just looking out across the pit, both of us had tears in our eyes.

She spoke to me and said “There is always hope” and she pointed to some girders that formed a cross sitting kind of in the middle of the rubble.

Talk about a lump in my throat. I responded and said ” Yes, More than ever our nation needs God.”

She then asked who did I know that died here.

I told her that I did not know anyone, but I came to pay my respect to those who died. She told me she lost her husband in tower number 2.

I said I was sorry to hear that.

She said that he is with the Lord now and “some day soon I will see him again.”

Wow… another lump in the throat.

She asked where I was from and I told her Texas. She then perked up a bit and asked “Why is a nice Texas boy is here in New York City?”

I told her that I was one of those who got hired on to help secure the airports.

She reached out and took my hand with both of hers and said “thank you” there was a pause and then she said “never forget” while giving my hand a firm shake like she was setting the memory in stone.  

I told her that there was no way I could. This day was burned into my memory.

To this day I can still close my eyes and look out over that rim and see that cross at Ground Zero.

This is the first time that I have ever told what happened to me when I visited Ground Zero. We were ramping up Kennedy Airport and then we were headed out to airports all over the US.

After about 4 years of working at the TSA I quit DHS because it wasn’t what it started out to be. It has changed into something ugly, something I no longer feel proud to be a part of.

I have never forgotten where I was when those planes ran into the towers. It was a pivotal point for me in my life. The Lord allowed me to quit DHS. I then came home to run Prophezine and I love doing it. It is such an honor to serve Him and serve all our readers.

I look back and clearly see that 9-11 was a judgement. God allowed the hedge of protection to be breached. For a month or so the US turned to God. But as fast as she rememebered Him, they forgot Him.

man-praying-on-one-kneeHe has been warning us sense and we still do not heed His warnings. Our nation continues spin down and out of control, still refusing to acknowledge God.

Last week the Democrat party voted to eliminate God and Israel from the party platform. About 24 hours later they had to vote three times to put God and Israel back into the party platform. The vote was to close to call, but God was placed back in.

There were boos and hisses from all over the party floor booing God.

I was amazed when I saw this and realized that we truly on a path of no return.

Our nation has sunk to a new level. We as a nation have openly rejected God.

Never Forget… it was burned into my memory. But now I not only morn for the loss of life, I now morn for this nation.

9-11 was our warning and we missed it. More warnings have been sent and we have missed those too.

Never Forget… and may God have mercy on our nation, because we have forgotten Him.

There is only one answer to turn from this path of destruction.

2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV) If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.


By Ray Gano