New Year, New PZ Area, New Contest, New Sister Site


new-years-2012Happy New Year and Hello All,

This is a special PZ SITE ANNOUNCEMENT. With the coming new year, we are making some strides to “Equip The Saints Today.”

To start things off I have cretaed a new area on the PZ Site called The Prophezine Preparedness File area.

Prophezine Preparedness File Area

You can find this under the PREPAREDNESS link in the navigation bar at the Prophezine Website. Now the link say PZ PREP FILES and that is due to the length of the text.

To access this area, you must log in, click on PREPAREDNESS and you will be presented with our drop down menu where you will see all our Preparedness area options.

Right now we have over 90 PDF files that you can download. It is my desire to continue to add to the PZ File Area so that we can help the PZ Insider prepare for what we believe to be hard times ahead.

Our New Sister Site – Survival 4 Christians

We are announcing our new sister site, Survival 4 Christians this weekend.( I have been working on this site now for just a few weeks and I am very pleased at the response we have been getting.

This New Years Day I will be announcing a S4C Contest where we will be giving away prizes for Registering at S4C, Changing your Avatar picture from the chicken to a picture of you or something you like as well as subscribing to Survival 4 Christians You Tube channel. ( NOTE – If you have a differnt handle on You Tube, please post on your personal page what your You Tube handle is so that I can dig through our You Tube Subscribers and find you if you are one of the winners.

dehyd-fruit-6-pack_smallIf you do these three things, you will be qualified for the Survival 4 Christians Contest.

I will let you know that we have had some prizes donated and to give you a sneak peek, I will tell you two of the prizes.

1 – Dehydrated Fruits 6-Pack from Shelf Reliance

The Dehydrated Fruits 6-Pack includes 6ea 1 gallon-sized cans of dehydrated foods in the following quantities:

2 cans Apple Chips
2 cans Banana Chips
1 can Apple Slices – Organic
1 can Pineapple

Total Servings: 222
Total Calories: 26,960

2- Survival Kit in a Can

38 essential items
Fire starter
9.8′ multi-use cord
3′ wire
survival-kit-in a canFour waterproof matches
101′ fish line
Soup packet
Tea bag
Sugar packet
Match book
Two antiseptic swabs
Razor blade
Three twist ties
12″ duct tape
Signal mirror
Zip-lock bag
Two bandages
Two nails
Two safety pins
Two fish hooks
Signal whistle
Chewing gum
Sewing needle
Energy candy
Note paper
Survival/first aid pamphlet

I will be announcing all the prizes for the Survival 4 Christians Contest this Sunday – New Years Day. You will have 7 days to qualify for the contest, where on Monday, January 8th I will announce the winners in the PZ Insider Report as well as on the Survival 4 Christians Website.

If prizes are not claimed within 48 hours that winner will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be announced.

Go get a jump on the contest and get involved with Survival 4 Christians by going to

New Documentary With Gary Kah, Grant Jeffrey and Others

Finally, my good friend Gary Kah contacted me and let me know that he is part of a brand new documentary from Cloud Ten Pictures.

2012-prophecy-or-panic2012: Prophecy or Panic? (DVD) – A Documentary by Cloud Ten Pictures

December 21, 2012. Is it the end of the world? Something more? Or nothing at all?

Gary Kah, Grant Jeffrey, Donald Perkins, Chuck Missler and other guests as they examine the facts and mysteries surrounding the 2012 phenomenon. Special host Jeff Douglas takes the viewer to Mexico where he reports on site from the ancient Mayan ruins and helps us sort through the possible meaning behind the long-count Mayan calendar (which seems to end on Dec. 21st). World-renowned archaeologists, scientists, and Bible scholars provide an in-depth analysis as they scrutinize the original source Mayan materials. Do the Mayan prophecies coincide with those of Scripture? Or, are they a huge deception, setting up mankind for a giant fall?

Several New Age philosophers/writers are also interviewed in this presentation. Their interpretation of the 2012 phenomenon and plans for December 21st are discussed as they consider the occult-based Mayan calendar from their perspective. What can we expect them to do in the days ahead?

This 87-minute documentary is professionally done and a MUST for everyone interested in the study of Bible prophecy and gaining discernment on endtime events. It is also an effective tool for witnessing to non-Christians. The subject matter is presented with a non-sensational, balanced approach. Cloud Ten Pictures did a superb job in producing this film and making it relevant to our current world situation!

NOTE: You may view a trailer and/OR purchase the documentary at our website

Gary has also sent me two great articles, the first one “Welcome to 2012” is included in this Major PZ Site Update email. I will be putting his second article in the upcoming PZ Insider Report that gary-kah2will be sent out this Monday January 2nd.

Gary Kah on PZ Radio!

Gary will also be my special guest on PZ Radio, LIVE on the PRN network. My show is on Tuesdays at 2:00PM CST from 3:00PM CST.

The link to the show SHOULD BE…

Now I am guessing at this link, but based on past experience, that is what it should be. If it is not the correct link, I will email out the correct link as well as post it on my Facebook page and Survival 4 Christians homepage.

If you want to call in and talk to Gary, Call in number is (347) 326-9604. We will have a live chat room also going so we can take questions from there as well. To get to the chat room, just click on the provided link when the show is live.

A New Year With a Refreshed Focus

Folk, I am excited about the new year and all the opportunity the Lord is opening up to us. I am not going to let all the hum drum bad news out there get me down. I believe that when life gives you lemons, you make lemon-aid.

A lot of things are going to take place this year and we as Christians have a chance to truly share the hope that is within us. People are looking for the end of the world this year, but we know the REAL story and we have the answer. Now is the time to boldly stand and be ready to share the gospel and the blessed hope of our Lord’s soon return.

ray-tracye-gano-2011-smIt is going to get crazy this year, but if we are prepared and like Noah, have our ark built, we will weather and “Survive The Coming Storm!”

Tracye and I look forward to serving you another year and are here to help answer any questions you may have, pray for your requests and praise the Lord with you in your victories.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to say “HI”, do not hesitate to contact me. Unlike other ministries that “can’t reply to each email” we work hard to reply. If you took the time in earnest, we try to take the time to respond. It is just the right thing to do.

In His Service,

Ray & Tracye Gano
Prophezine / Survival 4 Christians