Onward Christian Soldiers – Organizing The Servant Warriors


Daily Tracye and I are excited about being back and it is wonderful to see God using us for His purpose.

I wanted to share a few emails of encouragement with you so that you can see that we are gaining traction and getting our message out there.

“Hi Ray,

Thank you SO much for your recent powerful article (and video) about the reality of the increasing manifestation of the demonic realm.  Your words of truth absolutely resonated with me as I’ve experienced demonic oppression my whole adult life.  I’m preparing for full-time ministry, so clearly the enemy was trying to circumvent my life’s purpose and calling which I now know is being a “front line” servant warrior.  I was horribly tormented and ultimately incapacitated by alcoholism, drug addiction, severe depression, anger, fear/anxiety and panic attacks.  I’ve been completely healed/delivered.  PRAISE GOD.

Keep up the great Kingdom work, brother.  May we fight the good fight of faith and be found standing at the very end.

Because He first loved us,


Here is another email that I have gotten this week….

“Great article! It was very helpful indeed. I struggle with always feeling and worrying that I am not saved. My wife who grew up not in church or reading the Bible or knowing even the basic things about salvation came to CHRIST and the change was large and noticeable. I grew up Catholic and eventually was baptized into a non denominational church with a pastor who gives you the word with out pulling punches. I accepted JESUS AS LORD AND SAVIOUR yet due to some sins I constantly worried over my salvation. Reading the article I thought about how I listen only to Christian radio, pray constantly, read scripture daily, am aware of any short comings and immediately feel convicted and ask forgiveness. I need to fight n move past the worry to start living bearing fruit instead of being stuck at the beginning of the race. I can see how these years of worry have kept me from doing many of the good things I wished to do for the LORD and for my fellow man. The article has helped me to be determined to submit resist and be in the fight doing instead of stagnating. The devil can stop a person from bearing fruit by having them always worried about themselves and their salvation. It effectively takes them out if the fight stops them from evangelizing and spreading the good news  to the lost helping those in need and stopping charitable acts and loving thy neighbor. Thanks Ray GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE ALWAYS!!!!!!!”

It is when I get emails like this that I know that I am on the right track and what is awesome is that you,  the PZ Insiders should feel honored as well.

See, if it was not for you being there, I would not be able to take the time to do the research, write the articles and produce the You Tube videos that I am producing.

I wanted to take this time and to thank each and everyone of you for standing in the gap with us.

How Many In Heaven Will Thank YOU?

Imagine this for a moment. We are all in heaven and it is incredible. A person comes up to you and tells you thank you for helping them get to heaven as well.

The interesting thing is that you do not recognize that person at all and you ask them how did you help them get to heaven as well?

They reminded you that you helped support our ministry, Prophezine and it is because of one of the articles I wrote that helped lead them to the Lord.

Folks, that is the big scheme of things, all of us are working together for the greater good and to help win souls for the Lord.

We know for a fact that the enemy is growing his numbers.

It is this knowledge that drives me to do what I do and to help grow our numbers.

But I can’t do it all.

This is why I want to work hard at teaching and training you, the PZ Insiders.

As I have said the enemy has his soldiers and they are organized. We as Christians need to get organized as well.

The problem is that churches are not training up what I call “servant warriors” and yet I know that they are out there. Many do not know what to do, that is till they run across some of my articles and then I get emails like the ones above.

We are facing the Demonic Wars and we are living in the days of Noah, just as Christ said we would.

The lines in the sand are becoming very clear cut. There are those who serve God and those who serve Satan.

This is why this battle is so important and that those who God is calling, heed His call.

It is my goal to help answer any questions that deal with bible prophecy, world events, preparedness and living the Servant Warrior life.

In fact, if you have any questions email me and let me answer them on my You Tube Channel. This in turn can help others who may have the same question.

8 months ago when God told us to come back, I asked him why?  His answer… To Fight.

To this day whenever I ask Him, He keeps giving me that same answer. “You are here to fight and train up warriors.”

Folks, I know that together we can make a difference.

Is God calling you?

Contact me and lets get in the fight together.

In His Service,

Ray & Tracye Gano
Prophezine – raygano.com

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