Phillip Goodman & Thy Kingdom Come, Inc


Phillip Goodman & Thy Kingdom Come, Inc

Phillip Goodman is the president of Thy Kingdom Come, Inc., and was the founder of The Spiritual ArmorProject prophecy ministry, which he directed for 10 years. He is a Vietnam veteran, and was the director of the award winningAdult and Community education program for the Tulsa Public Schools for 21years, and has taught at Tulsa Community College.He has conducted prophecy seminars in both Canada and the U.S.

Thy Kingdom Come, Inc. is aministry dedicated to encouraging and strengthening faith in Jesus Christwithin the context of the emerging prophetic events of our age.  Mr. Goodman, an ordained minister, togetherwith Dr. Pack, utilizes seven main avenues of outreach through the ministry of Thy KingdomCome, Inc.

Goodman’s book, The Assyrian Connection,which traces the origins of the Antichrist and documents the sequence of theevents of the End Time, has prompted interviews on both radio and TV across thecountry. He published The Promise Watch prophecy newsletter, and hascontributed to the prophecy books “Piercing the Future” and”Probing the Millennium.”

Goodman teaches that the prophetic signs ofour day seem to indicate that the time is near for the Great Tribulation andthe Second Coming of Jesus Christ to the earth to set up His Kingdom. Hebelieves that, prior to those events, our Lord will come without warning totake true believers to Heaven in an event called the Rapture.

It is the goal of Phillip Goodman and ThyKingdom Come, Inc., to reach people worldwide with the Gospel of salvation throughJesus Christ by the teaching of Bible Prophecy. They desire to alert the Bodyof Christ to the imminent fulfillment of Bible Prophecy, underscoring theurgency to live, “by every word that proceedethout of the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4).

In, The ComingAntichrist, Phillip Goodman gives a very interesting description of  the soon comingrise of the antichrist.

phil-goodman and-othersOnemust note that the term “antichrist” (antichristos)means “against Christ.”  He is not “in place” of Christ, which is themeaning of the term “psuedochristos” or “falseChrist,” for he has magnified himself above “every so-called god or object ofworship.”  In Matthew 24, the Antichrist is eluded to in verse 15, but isthen followed by the appearance of many false Christs(plural, vv. 23-26).  This implies that the Antichrist will displayhimself as God in the Temple,and then commission his “anointed” messianic emissaries to certify his falsepeace act with Israel.  It is probable that these false Christ’s will be Jews.  These gnostic-style new age“Christ-conscious” types will oppose the testimony of the 144,000 MessianicJews and seek converts to the new god of this earth, the Gentile Antichrist.

Phillip Goodmandoesn’t try to come up with flashy new teachings. He does an excellent job ofteaching the basics of prophecy. It is rare to find people who can resist thetemptation to get sidetracked into the more speculative areas of prophecy.  He takes age-old prophecy and makes it relevantand useful for both today’s prophecy-watchers and tomorrow’s seekers.

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