Playing The Stocks During The Storm – Penny Stocks


stock-market-2The first thing I want to point out is that I use the word “PLAYING” the stock market. I am not using the word investing, winning or anything else like that.

If you are going to get involved in the stock market, you are legally gambling. So do not use any form of money hoping that you are going to earn it back. To be involved in the stock market during the any time, be it hyperinflation, deflated economy, even standard economy is a risk. So do not use money you can not afford to lose and expect that you will lose, so be ready for it and strike it up to the “school of hard knocks.”

It is my desire to give you some ideas as well as tools and knowledge on how you can utilize the stock market and create possible cash flow during an economic downfall.

It is during an economic downfall where there are many “deals” one can take advantage of.

But in today’s digital world, the idea of buy low, sit, hold and sell high, well those days are over. The stock market of today moves at the speed of light.

It is a fact that during the great depression more millionaires were made due to people spotting a good company, getting in while the getting is good and then cutting out, taking a solid profit before the losses started to take place.

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