Plead My Cause Oh Lord


Have you ever been in a situation where you had no idea of what to say or do?  Or perhaps you did know what to say or do, but no one would listen or pay attention.  What you need is a barrister, an orator of supreme skill and cunning, to speak up on your behalf.  Someone skilled in diplomacy and tact combined with an uncanny ability to get the job done in the clients favor.  It would be nice to invite such a barrister to all the family get assemblies where you wind up looking like an idiot for one reason or another.  Or, to the meetings at work, or to the lunch breaks where everyone makes jokes about someone – usually you.  A Christian has such a Barrister.  It is Jesus Christ.  He will plead your cause with those who strive against you.

To take full advantage of your Barrister, your Orator, your Counselor, you need to do a few things yourself.

First, figure out who is the main adversary you face on a daily basis.  Who strives against you the most, and keeps you from achieving what you want to achieve?

The answer is ‘yourself’.  Like the Apostle Paul, most Christians can say, ‘What I want to do I don’t do; and, what I don’t want to do – that I do.’  It is frustrating.  Fortunately, Christ will plead your cause with you yourself.  He is the one who will help you overcome the doubts, fears, and worries in your life.  There is a line from an old hymn that says, ‘When the howling storms of doubt and fear assail, by the living word of God I shall prevail,’  When your mind is assaulted with the howling storms of doubt and fear, or with simple  boredom and impatience, then is the time to pray.  Pray, ‘Plead my cause Oh Lord with them that strive against me – even if the one striving against me is me myself.’

Your second adversary is the world.  We live in a fearsome land.  Truly we are strangers in a strange land.  The people that we love can be those who strive against us.  The people with whom we work can be those who strive against us.  How can you strive against those you love?  You are hurt when they don’t understand what you are trying to do.  You are hurt when they don’t try to help you.  They may even hinder you.  Yet, how can you strive against those you love?  It is God who can help you.  He can plead your cause much more eloquently than you personally are able.

In the world you will have tribulation, but in Jesus we can have peace.  There is a rising tide of hatred toward Christians.  We cannot turn the tide.  We can only speak the truth of Jesus Christ.  If you want to impact the world for Christ, the just proclaim the truth.  Jesus Saves, Jesus saves, Jesus saves.  And for telling the truth there are many who will strive against you.  For them pray, ‘Plead my cause oh Lord with them that strive against me.

Your third adversary is the devil and his followers.  They will take advantage of all the others who strive against you, and seek to put a knife through your heart when you are the weakest.  Pray, ’Oh Prince of Peace, plead my cause with them that strive against me.’  Christ has the power to rebuke the evil ones who are seeking to destroy you.

I am tired today.  I need the Lord to plead my cause.  I am just too tired to plead or reason with anyone.  Honestly, my family and my life are in good standing at this moment – thanks to the wonderful goodness of my God.  But the world hates me because I am a Christian.  The devil hates me because I belong to the Lord.  I pray, ‘Plead my cause oh Lord.  You do it for me today and always.  I will never be strong enough or smart enough to plead my own cause.’

How about you?  Are you weary?  Are you tired of pleading your own cause?  The Lord will plead for you.  We know that He will stand for our defense on judgment day, but he will also plead our cause today.  He will plead for you right now.  He loves you.  He is pleading with you to put your burdens on his shoulders and let Him plead your cause.  What Christians need to do is to turn our hearts to do the things that please Him.  Let Him handle the outcome of our efforts.  Let him plead for you.  He will do it.


By Barbara Henderson