PRODUCT REVIEW – Go Bible Voyager


The folks at Go Bible amaze me; they keep improving on what is already a great product!

The new Go Bible Voyager has kept all the great things from previous Go Bibles and added some wonderful new features, like Bible Text on Screen; this is probably my favorite new feature. I love being able to read the text while I listen. This is a feature that will really help you memorize and store God’s Word in your heart.

I was excited when I received my King James Version GoBible Voyager in the mail, but even more excited when I realized they have added the ability to recharge the battery that they provide with the unit. You can now charge the battery from your wall outlet or from your computer using the USB cable that comes with it. This is a wonderful way to make sure you always have your Go Bible Voyager ready to go when you are.

go-bible-voyagerThey have included 3 GB of space to download songs or audio books, as well as all the other features like, Story and Topic Indexes and a Bible in a Year reading program; all of these features and still the small convenient pocket size of previous Go Bibles.

Another wonderful new feature is the voice menu that can be toggled on and off, allowing the blind and visually impaired to also use the Go Bible.

The Go Bible Voyager is a great personal bible tool and also makes a great gift!

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