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crusader-kneelsThis time of the year is known for the stress over what gifts to get people, as well as dealing with the horrible crowds at the shopping malls and stores.

Well, in light of all this drama, I thought that I would put together a list of great gifts you can give for yourself, or to others.

These are NOT your “A” typical sort of gifts. Theses lean more on the “survival / preparedness / self-protection / home protection” arena.

I have tried to cover all the price ranges so that just about anyone could afford a gift in this idea list.

ALSO, if you are like me and HATE going to the malls and stores during the holiday season, that is why all of these gifts are from AMAZON.

I LOVE Amazon! I am able to look at all these cool gift ideas, read reviews and since I have PRIME, shipping is free and the gift shows up on my front door. If I want it that next day, I pay $3.99 and I get it.

No hassles, no fighting the crowds, no hassles with finding a parking spot, or having to deal with the cruddy weather. Amazon is the greatest.


You will notice that I do not have every item pictured. This would “weigh down” the document, so I have only a few items showing their pictures. IF THE ITEM IS BOLDED then it goes with the corresponding picture being shown.


EXAMPLE : Thompson Chain Reference Bible – Large Print KJV – Genuine Leather with Capri Grain –

To go to the item, just click on the link and it will take you to the product page. IF you cannot click, then copy and paste the web address and paste it into your browser. You can then go to the product page.



15 liter Fermenting Pot

Excalibur2900 9 tray dehydrator

Sun Oven GANO Coupon $319 vs $399 –

Foodsaver vacuum Sealer

Blendtec Kitchen Mill 60-Ounce Electric Grain Mill

Nutrimill Grain Mill

All American 921 Pressure Cooker / Canner

260 Gallon Water Storage Tank

525 Gallon Water Storage Tank

ER Emergency Ration 3600+ Calorie, 5-Year Emergency Food Bar

Berkey 22-Ounce Water Filter Sports Bottle

5 Gallon bucket mylar bags

PZ Gamma Lids



Full Tang German Bastard Sword *SHARP* –

15th Century Hand-And-A-Hal​f Full Tang Tempered Battle Ready Hand Forged Sharp Sword *SHARP*

Musashi – 1060 Carbon Steel – Clay Tempered Samurai Sword *SHARP* –

Musashi Handmade 1060 Carbon Steel Clay Tempered Katana (Burgundy) *SHARP* –

Windlass Patton’s Sword –

United Cutlery M48 Kommando Survival Hammer –

United Cutlery M48 Tactical War Hammer –

United Cutlery Honshu Boshin Trophy Master Bowie Knife with Sheath –

United Cutlery Honshu Combat Fighter Knife with Sheath *SHARP* –

Columbia River Knife and Tool – CRKT – Hisshou Knife *SHARP*

Cold Steel Barong Machete with Sheath –

Cold Steel Rajah II Grivory Handle –


Cold Steel G-10 Espada Knife (X-Large)

Cold Steel Spartan Grivory Handle –

Cold Steel Voyager XL

Cold Steel Kuban

Cold Steel Gladius Machete

COVERT WEAPONS / Weapons You Can Hide in Plain Sight

monkey-ringMonkey Fist Key Ring

Multipurpose Tool /Screwdriver / Wedge Weapon –

CIA Defense Tool Set –

Concealable Handcuff Key –

Personal Defense Spike –

Self Defense Money Clip –

Tactical Letter Opener / Pen Set –


Uzi Tactical Pen

Messermeister 8-Inch Take-Apart Kitchen Scissors –

Cold Steel Nightshade / FGX Boot Knife –

Cold Steel Nightshade / FGX Tanto –

Cold Steel Nightshade / FGX Tai Pan Dagger –

Cold Steel Nightshade / FGX Skean Dhu —

gotcha-capThe Strike Spike –

Ray’s Infidel Baseball Cap –

Gotcha Baseball Cap

Cold Steel Pepper Spray Pen –

Zap Million Volt Flashlight –

Stainless Steel Coffee Mug –


In light of some of the events that have taken place where people are dealing with a lone terrorist / gunman; I wanted to give you some ideas on escape and evade clothing. Some of these items are made of Kevlar, so will help protect you against cuts, scrapes, possibly even someone using a knife. Items like the Kevlar Sleeves are also heat resistant and are common in restaurants for people carrying and working with very hot plates, foods and dishes.

black-tac-mask-webThese items are NOT bullet proof, but if worn, it should help conceal your upper torso so that you can crawl, duck and take cover in an office / work environment and work to eventually make it to safety.

The Sap Hat I am including also doubles as a last ditch weapon. There are “BBs” sewn into the cap so that a person can use it as a bludgeoning weapon by grabbing the bill and swinging the cap.

Black Sap Hat –

Black Battle Scarf –

Black Kevlar Sleeves –

Black Sports Mask

Black Long Sleeve Kevlar Shirt –


Gorilla Duct Tape –

Fenix PD35 960 Lumen CREE LED Tactical Flashlight –

1000 Ft of Black 550 Paracord –

Metal Coach Whistle –


Tactical Tomahawk and Military Compass –

Israeli Compression Bandage –


buddy-barI am one who believes that one should try to make their home as invasion proof as possible. This is why I am big on early warning and trying to prevent entry.

I want to point out several things in this list.

The Buddy Door Jammer, I own one of these myself and I can attest to the strength that this has. Using this properly will make your door almost impenetrable. The person/s will have to destroy your door to get in.

Second – 8 Mil Window Film. This is a GREAT product and could possibly save your life. I have done studies on this and if you apply it to both sides of the window, it will prevent bricks, large rocks and in some cases even a single shotgun blast using bird shot or small game shot and even a 22 bullet.

Now I would not stand in front of the window to test it, but in some of the case studies I have seen, this stuff is worth the money. People will not come in by breaking your window, that is a guarantee.

Buddy Bar Door Jammer

Flip Action Door Lock –

Doberman Ultraslim Window Alarm –

8 Mil Security Window Film

Door Stop Alarm –

Window and Door Alarm –




Electronic Ear Thermometer – NO ORAL –

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor –



Tongue Depressors –

Medical Eye Goggles –

Purell Hand Sanitizer with Aloe 8oz –

Notebook for recording vital signs & keeping patient notes

Over The Counter Medicines You Need To Keep On Hand

sambucolSambucol (black elderberry) –

Colloidal Silver –

Echinacea –

Propolis –

Ginger Root –

Vitamin C – Rosehips –

Activated Charcoal –

Bayer Aspirin –

Extra Strength Tylenol –

Children’s Tylenol –

Boiron Oscillococcinum –

Cold-Eeze Immune Support –

Thieves Oil –

Vicks Nyquil Cold & Flu Daytime & Nighttime –

Quantum Health Thera Zinc Spray –

Benadryl 25mg capsules – 1 tablet every 4 hours as needed for nasal congestion, allergy, or itching if applicable –

Tums Ex –

Caffeinated Tea – Helps relieve headache –


israel-america-amazonSurvive The Coming Storm –

Israel – America And God’s Judgment – Discovering God’s Biblical Template For Judging Nations –

Past The Point of No Return – Why 2 Chronicles 7:14 No Longer Applies To US …At Least For Now –

My Name Is Lucifer – Different Sects, Different Religions and Mother of All Harlots –

Survive The Coming Storm – Ebola Crisis: A Prepper’s Guide on How To Prepare For A Killer Global Ebola Pandemic and Treat At Home –


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