PZ Insider Report – Learning To Battle The Flesh – 02-01-16


The PZ Insider Report

Last week I asked “Are You Saved?”

disipcable-meI hope that many of you read that article and took my test at the end. Hopefully it helped you determine your salvation, or possibly the lack there of.

If you were lacking, then I pray that you accepted Christ as your savior. Because becoming a Servant Warrior is futile if you do not have Christ in your life.

Walking the Servant Warrior life is not easy. Believe me I know. It is a daily struggle to always try to do the right thing. It is so easy to slip back into that “slacker common man” mode and choose to just sit around being the couch potato vs being the “superior man” that God has called us to become.

If you have not figured it out by now, when I speak about the servant warrior life, I am really talking about being a hard core bible believing Christian who has truly submitted his or her life to the Lord.

I am not talking about answering some alter call of sorts, raising your hand or checking off some box on a card saying that you have chosen to become a Christian.

I am talking about when you finally hit bottom and there is nowhere else to turn and you finally give up and give it all to the Lord.

It is that that time that you start really walking that Servant Warrior path forsaking all others, picking up your cross and following Him.

Sure there are a lot of people out there that claim this, but in realty there are not many. A lot of folks give lip service, but rarely do most people back it up by really living it out.

Those who do choose to take the action and live it out, are the ones who become The Servant Warriors.

When you choose to walk the servant warrior path, you become the superior person as opposed to that person who has their life set to “autopilot” and just drifting down the river of life taking them wherever.

Now I know that there are some who are reading this and it is upsetting them saying “how dare I call myself superior.”

Like it or not, it is the superior person who tries harder and takes the right path verses the one of least resistance.

With that, I am honored to present the following articles in this issue of The PZ Insider Report.

Servant Warrior – Learning To Battle The Flesh AKA “Despicable Me.” – By Ray Gano

End Time Apathy – By Lynn Sheldon

A Digital Universe – By Matt Ward

Bible Illiteracy: We Should Be Ashamed! – By Belle Ringer

What is Bible Doctrine? – By Barbara Henderson

Iowa and evil fruit – By Bill Wilson


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