PZ News – Gano Updates – Finally Settled


Hello PZ Insiders,

THUMB DRIVE NOTE – To all who have ordered the thumb drive and book speical, please be patient. I will be getting them out this coming week. Life was a lot more crazier than I expected and just got in the way of everything.

Well, it is official. We have officially ended our transition from Panama to the US. We are now in our new home and spent our first night. We are so thankful to the Lord for leading us to this home. We did not find it and did not know it was on the radar. Our real estate agent just happen to find it and we are so glad she did.

FYI… this is the first home that we have ever owned. Tracye and I have always rented in the past.

Just want to share a few pictures…

This is our kitchen. It is pretty large, which I love because I am the cook in the family. We also liked the chalk board that the former owners put in their pantry door, it is a great place to put reminders and such. Inside the door is also a chalk board which can help by having a place to write a grocery list.

This is our living room where we have decided to decorate at this time in a “Walmart Camping” theme. You can see our dogs in the back ground. They are glad to finally have some elbow room and are adapting to the new place rather well.

We are totally excited and very grateful to the Lord. We are also excited to start getting to work again and start producing videos, writing books and getting back out here on the road speaking.

Thanks again for being patient this week.

It is good to be home!

PZTV Series – THE DAYS OF NOAH And The Demonic War

demonI am excited to share with you a PZTV series that I am producing. It is called ” THE DAYS OF NOAH and The Demonic War.”

I have had a lot of positive response to the series I have been writing, so I thought that I would put together a video series to correspond with the articles. The latest video is down below.

As you know, I am working really hard to grow my You Tube channel, get more subscribers and get higher in the You Tube ratings. You can help with this by watching my videos, giving them a “Thumbs Up”, commenting, and subscribing to my channel.

I will continue to do my shorter daily videos as well, but I really wanted you know about the demonic series. It seems like this is a topic that the church is not teaching about and living in the days we are living in.

People need to be educated to this in your face fact….


Another thing, I would like to start answering emails on my YT Channel, but to do that, I need you to send me questions. So please start sending me questions that I can answer. I think this will help a lot of people out there as well as helping get your question answered as well.

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