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The Demonic Wars – Winning Our Lives Back and Regaining Ground
Being Demonized – The Hard Fight Learning The Long Term Strategic Battle Plan

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DEMONS – The Days of Noah
The Demonic Wars

This DVD has been a labor of love and is a topic that is needed desperately in today’s Christian community.

I have poured over the internet and have found incredible footage documenting the incredible rise in demonic activity.

It is amazing what I have been able to find, stuff that would curl your toes. BUT… this is information that we need to have because folks…


I interview Christina Peck from “Into The Multiverse” TV show and the story she and her husband experience… well it reminds me of that movie “The Amityville Horror” – The was an absolutely incredible interview how she describes the creature in her bedroom.

I talk to Laura Maxwell, Former New Age Spiritualist point blank… are demons real?

Finally, I discuss me and Tracye’s own experiences with the demonic strong hold we experienced as well as the connections to the serial killer “Wild Bill” while living in Central America.

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DEMONS – Days of Noah & The Demonic Wars

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Ray’s Books

Ray’s Books
stcs-3d-book-medSurvive The Coming Storm
The Value of a Preparedness Lifestyle
If you are just getting started in the prepper life, this best selling book for you.….  Order Now
When a Gun Isn’t The Answer
With the crackdown on guns, it is wise to learn other weapons as well as improvised weapons. This book was born out of necessity when we lived in Central America and could not own a gun.Order Now
survive-the-coming-storm-ebola-crisis-ray-gano-web-versionSurvive The Coming Storm
Ebola Crisis
Ebola as well as H1N1 have a lot of the same properties and can both be fought using the same techniques and procedures. In this I show you how to prepare for a pandemic and put more odds in your favor so that you and your family can survive…. Order Now
stcs-pmg-bookcover-webSurvive The Coming Storm
The Poorman’s Guide To Preserving Your Wealth In An Economic Collapse
In this book I try to show non-conventional ways to preserve your wealth that is available to the common man. What we need to remember is that in an economic collapse the ATMs will not be working and cash flow will slow down immensely. How can you protect your wealth when you can’t get to the bank?… Order Now
lucifer-bookcover-medMy Name Is Lucifer
Different Sects, Different Religions and Mother of All Harlot
In the year 2005 I started paying attention to a symbol that seemed to appear almost at every turn of the corner.What was it that kept appearing everywhere?… Order Now

PZ Survival Thumb Drive & Autographed Book

With a gift of over $40.00 you will get an autographed copy of my best selling book “Survive The Coming Storm” and I have put together a 4 Gig thumb drive with over 400 ebooks, PDFs, audio and video files. The great thing about this thumb drive is that you can copy it and give each family member this great survival library.

When you open this thumb drive survival library you will notices that the folders are either all CAPS or upper case lower case. The folders that are all caps are general survival topics that can be used for people living anywhere. The other folders are geared more to the suburban / city dweller and has a lot of information to help in more city / urbanized living environment.

I have even included information to help disabled and seniors with survival and preparedness specific to them.

Also included on the survival thumb drive are the books – “Where There is No Doctor” & “Where There Is No Dentist.” These two books are literal life savers and to this day I still reference them when I need to treat at home.


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