RANT: I Just Can’t Let This One Fly By – Nathan Leal’s Irresponsible Articles


ray-gano-medBy Ray Gano

I normally do not make it a habit to call out people like this, but I am sorry, I just could not let this one fly.

Nathan Leal has a “watchman” ministry and I have pointed out errors from him in the past. I don’t have a personal ax to grind with the guy in any way.

But I have a serious concern with how he comes to his conclusions to things. I find his “evidence” that he points to, to be very shallow and in a lot of cases poorly researched.

In the past several weeks he has been publishing a four part series, or I should say, “hit piece” against our newly elected President, Donald Trump.

OK, I understand people’s opinion and such and that is ok. But Leal is using and in my opinion abusing his bully pulpit to truly misinform the body of Christ and make asinine accusations against the President that are just not true and irresponsible.

Here is how he opens up his latest article…

nathan-leal-Shaming-President-Trump“Depending on when you are reading this, Donald Trump is about to become the most powerful man in the world, or it just happened.

He is receiving the keys to Babylon. He is taking possession of the nuclear football; and with that, the capacity to melt sections of the earth.

– He is inheriting the ability to send your sons and daughters to war to enrich the cabal.

– He will have at his disposal the tools that listen to your phone calls and look through your laptop camera.

– He is going to write executive orders that will grieve many lives.

– And for those who end up on his blacklist, they may find themselves with an extended stay at Château Guantánamo.

That’s a lot of superpowers!

And we’re just getting started, because for the first time in history, America will have an unpredictable, unstable president with an authoritarian personality.

– Does anyone else in the room see this as a bad combination?

– Does anyone else find themselves disturbed when they consider the negative consequences of Trump’s manic tendencies and behavior?

He’s not a normal guy folks. And in the coming days, those with the eyes to see – will see. Or perhaps, you already can? If so, praise God. But be warned, those who cannot see will defend Trump’s insanity as something noble and good. They will defend whenever he turns truth into a carcass, and overlook the trampling of liberty, which will happen under the guise of security.”

I am sorry, but this is straight out of the Globalist / CNN / Clinton / Progressive / Communist play book.

BUT… you want to know what Leal’s proof is why Trump is such a bad guy? Folks, you would not believe the totally way out there over reaching that he has done.

Leal Proof #1 – Leal states that Trump is a Dictator, why? Because former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who was corrupt, a globalist progressive president said that Trump was a “ushering in a new era of dictatorship” and used this graphic.

Leal Proof #2 – During the campaign, Trump endorsed the use of a lion to describe himself.

Leal states…

“Ladies and gentlemen, make note that through Trump’s own words, he admits that he does not like or trust either party. But he called the lion reference to himself – “CUTE.” I have been wondering about the lion reference. Why? Because I can find it in several areas of Bible prophecy.

Revelation 13:2 tells us, “The beast I saw was like a leopard, with the feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave the beast his power and throne and great authority.”

…the mouth of a lion…

Prophecy students have tried to decode that reference for centuries. Many people have opinions about it. I have heard many of them like:

The lion beast leader will speak English, because the lion is the symbol for England.

The lion beast will come from English blue blood royalty.

The seat of the beast will be in the West.


Leal used this following graphic below as his evidence.

Leal Proof #3  –  Here I am using Leal’s own words — “if America is Mystery Babylon, that means then we can expect the American leader, who ever he is, to speak for the people.

Enter Donald Trump. Do you remember what he said at his nomination? It was the creepiest nationalist statement that a candidate could say and should give pause to students of history.

Trump said, “I am your voice.”

Leal Proof #4 – Katy Perry riding in on a lion two years ago and Leal states… “ The Illuminati projected a lion in Superbowl 49 with Katy Perry. Remember her entrance on a giant one? That was two years ago. Was this a projection about Trump, or the rising beast …or both?”


OK… we know that Katy Perry is a reprobate and has rejected Christ completely to the point that she has stated that she sides with Satan. But pulling something that happened two years ago as a proof that Donald Trump is a bad guy?

Sure there are the soldiers of Satan who’s denominations are Free Masonry, Illuminati, Club of Rome, CFR and such. But it seems that Leal is seeing these bad people under every rock, around every corner and probably thinks they have spy cameras all over their home keeping an eye on him and his family.

Leal Proof #5 – Trump stole the slogan from Ronald Reagan. He claims that he came up with it, but this proves otherwise.

Leal stated the following …

In March of 2015, Trump said the following:

“The line of ‘Make America great again,’ the phrase, that was mine, I came up with it about a year ago, and I kept using it, and everybody’s now using it, they are all loving it.”
Donald Trump – 2015

Really Donald? Where I come from that’s called lying.

I don’t know about you, but even before Trump was running I have said the same phrase. It is something that is common. So based on “Leal Logic” Trump is the Anti-christ because he said he coined the phrase “Make America Great Again.”

OH and the final one takes the cake…

Leal Proof #5 – Freemason symbology in Trump’s Coat of arms

This one kind of chapped my back side because I have some knowledge of heraldry, or what the symbols and such in a coat of arms means.

Leal states …

“Trump considers himself to be a lion. It is also on his coat of arms…both of them.

That’s right, he has two of them; one that he uses stateside, and one that he uses in Europe. But both of them feature a lion to represent him and his family.”

OK, and this is where Leal really shows his ignorance. The Trump coat of arms dates back to the 1700s, if not earlier. He is of Scottish decent and actually went to court with the heraldic School in Scotland because even though he is Scottish, the Trump name and coat of arms is from Germany.

There are heraldry rules regarding recognizing a coat of arms from one country to the next. He wanted to use his coat of arms in Scotland but the law from 1672 prevented him from using an unregistered coat of arms in Scotland because it’s origin is German.

The Heraldic School of Scotland finally granted him permission to use the coat of arms and “recognized” it as an official coat of arms that can be displayed in Scotland.

I say all this because Donald Trump did not have much say about his families coat of arms. It was created by some distant relative back in the pre-1700s.

So for Leal to make derogatory statements about Trump’s coat of arms is not totally fair. Yes Trump is able to add things and make minor changes, but according to heraldry rules, he can not change the basic coat of arms.

Leal states the following…

“The way that things are progressing, his presidential honeymoon is going to be short lived. He is making enemies all over Capitol Hill. He has been attacking agencies and people that he does not need to attack. It is going to result in many people on the Hill desiring to see the downfall of Trump, which will cause him to behave even more erratically.

When a lion gets cornered, it becomes very dangerous.

Trump is going to begin his Presidency with sharpened claws that slash left and right. He is going to tear into everyone, because he trusts no one. This will cause him to operate with paranoia, which is another tendency of dictators. He will also operate through anger and revenge. His newly enabled power is going to intoxicate him into madness. We will see him doing things that will shock Americans and disturb the world.”

Well, just doing some quick digging I found the following…


So based on this coat of arms, am I to think the same thing that Leal has done to Trump? What we have seen from Leal he is a socialist sympathizer, takes his que from CNN and the Communist play book and based on his coat of arms, most likely an underground Illuminati player looking to deceive the world by posing as some Christian blogger that is trying to influence the world with his own shadow words.

Just look.. two lions on his surrounded by 8 pointed stars and a helmet to boot. A lot of the same Freemasonic symbolism that Trump has.


Those of us who are in the watchmen ministries need to make sure that we are doing our best. We represent the Lord and this sort of trash talking and casting doubt on someone who is most likely a young / newly dedicated Christian.

Just today Trump took a huge step and stopped tax payer funded abortions outside the US.

He has also been very vocal about moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

He surrounds himself with good Christian men and women. I don’t know if you noticed when Pence was sworn in, the bible was opened to 2 Chron 7:14. Today when Reince Priebus was sworn in he quoted Isaiah 40:31.

We are seeing good things with the Trump administration. We need to stand behind this man and give him our support instead of badmouthing him like Nathan Leal has done, not once, but on many occasions dedicating entire series to doing so as well.

We have a chance to make a difference. This is one of the primary reasons that we being called back to the US. To be part of something big and see God move in the US like He has not done in a long time.

As for Nathan Leal, here is some personal advice. Don’t like where you live?  Then have the intestinal fortitude to do something about and leave the country. We did that ourselves and God saw us through. We did not have 2 pennies to rub together and we still do not have 2 pennies. You talk about having faith, then take some steps and get the heck out and STOP bad mouthing MY President.

Move out or get with the program, stop spreading lies and falsehoods about Trump and start doing something positive.

We are coming back to the US and I am not backing down from these people who want to steal our hope and possibility of doing something great. Yes, things are hard, but together we can make a difference if we get behind the new administration and start truly caring for our nation again.

We have to stop focusing on all the speculative “What Ifs” and start focusing on the here and now and see how we can make a difference for our fellow man, fellow brother in the Lord and making our communities a place where God, Jesus and His Word are gladly shared and spoken about once again.

God has given us a reprieve to do something. We can either bad mouth the situation or we can get involved.

As for me and my family, we will choose to get involved and do all we can to serve the Lord in our new home in the US.


You can read Nathan’s article here and judge for yourself – http://watchmanscry.com/?p=6393


  1. That guy sure sounds like an Obama operative for where was he the last 4 years when we had a real dictator who represented only people he liked? I guess he liked Obama destabilizing the entire mideast and on a war footing with Russia. I think you nailed him Ray.