PZ BREAKING NEWS – Ray Gano’s Demonic Deliverance Manual Getting Rave Reviews


Hello PZ Insiders,

I am so excited to let you know that my book at the printer as I type this.

I am going to be really honest with you, from the early review responses I have gotten, this book truly has the chance to be a best seller.

Read These Incredible Testimonies…

“Demonic oppression is a reality and is increasing in these last days. Demons do steal, kill and destroy.

How many leaders’ ministries and marriages are destroyed through sin?

As Gano writes, “Deliverance is not playing the exorcist. It is a willful act of abandoning the very lifestyle that has allowed these influences to take up residence in your life.”

Even though I was involved in healing and deliverance ministry for years, I was afflicted by Fibromyalgia. The Lord revealed to me it was a demon! Once cast out, all symptoms left. Hallelujah!

It’s a myth to assume ministers can’t have demonic issues. So, if you are in ministry, this book is for you too.

The Father loves us so much, He longs for us to be whole and freed from all demonic oppression. Christ died on the cross for our full freedom.

Why do I trust this Battle Plan of Ray Gano’s? I’ve followed the same biblical principles to gain deliverance in my own life and when ministering deliverance to others. Ray uses simple terms and examples. He emphasizes deliverance is an ongoing process of renewing the mind with scripture, replacing toxic thoughts and habits with godly ones, and not merely having the demons cast out.

He reminds us victory remains as we consistently crucify the sinful flesh while walking in holiness and in the spirit.”

Laura Maxwell
Former Spiritualist
Radio Host on Eternal Radio
Our Spiritual Quest – http://ourspiritualquest.com


“I had been asking myself this question, “Can a Christian have a demon?” So, within a four-year period two different pastors had answered me “NO” but my gut told me differently. I needed help and everything I had tried wasn’t working.

Then my beloved husband who had been there for me no matter what, when most men at this point would have literally given up, kept looking for an answer to help his wife. I had been battling these sicknesses for 13 years, and all of my diseases had no cure.

A few of the diseases that I had been diagnosed with included:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neuropathy
  • Degenerative Disc
  • Osteoarthritis

The one disease that my pain management doctor focused on was Fibromyalgia. The pain was unbearable most of the time. I had lost all hope to go a day without pain, and pain medication.

My husband is a very persistent man and he was determined to find the answer for me. So, if someone is diagnosed with something that is incurable, then it’s from the enemy, and he has studied spiritual warfare for years. We had been to many conferences, and he read lots of books on spiritual warfare. Then, as he was searching the internet one evening, he ran across information regarding deliverance from demons and many articles by Ray Gano. He knew of Ray from previous teachings, but not on deliverance. After reading more of Ray’s articles, he reached out to Ray. After my husband received more information from Ray, he explained to me about their conversations and text regarding spiritual warfare.

So, as a married couple we prayed about it…a lot. I was going to have to talk about and give a lot of answers regarding very uncomfortable and personal questions. Some questions I was uncomfortable even asking myself.

As I prayed and pondered on this, I had a feeling and a conviction that came over me. I kept asking myself this question “Can a Christian have demons?” Here was someone telling me YES and he was helping others get rid of them as well.

I said to my husband and myself; “Ok, let’s do this.”

Believe me when I say “I would have never believed this story if it hadn’t happened to me.”

So, yes, I answered all of the uncomfortable questions set before me and I answered them to the best of my ability. If I hadn’t answered the questions honestly, then it would have been a waste of time for Ray, my husband and myself. It wasn’t easy, but that’s how it works. I wouldn’t have experienced deliverance and such a powerful breakthrough, plus, I would be miserable both physically and mentally. To be honest I was slowly dying.

It looks like my question “can a Christian have a demon?” was clearly answered. YES we can! And we can have more than one.

As you will read in Ray’s book “a person going through deliverance when a demon is being cast out, can manifest in many different forms”. So, be prayed up and ready for battle. I’m not saying this whole process is easy, because it’s not. I am blessed to have a husband that honestly had no fear in him when we started this journey. Because what he saw coming out of his wife during our long nights of deliverance was not a pretty sight.

I have taken over my own deliverance. I have no fear. Any demon that was left in me had to know that I was in charge and Jesus Christ had given me the authority.”

Kathy E. Tennessee, USA


Next month I will be debuting it at Hear The Watchman Conference in Dallas 22- 25.

I need to have a lot on hand because the promoter has said that he is getting a LOT of requests about my presentation, so I am going to need about 13-15 cases of books. The conference attendees will be in the number of over 1500+ people.

This is why I am conducting a pre-sale of my book …

The Demonic Wars – Winning Our Lives Back and Regaining Ground
Being Demonized – The Hard Fight Learning The Long Term Strategic Battle Plan

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The Demonic Wars – Winning Our Lives Back and Regaining Ground
Being Demonized – The Hard Fight Learning The Long Term Strategic Battle Plan

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