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What do you do at the office where guns are clearly not allowed, even if you have a carry & conceal?

What do you do at home when maybe you can’t own a gun or don’t want to own a gun, how do you protect yourself?

You are at a stop light and some thug is considering carjacking your car, do you know the life expectancy of someone who is carjacked? Slim… What do you do how do you protect yourself?

Do you know that in many states you are not allowed to carry a gun in your car.

So how do you weaponize yourself in that situation?

Many of my readers are bible believing Christians, What did Christ say about weapons, protecting oneself and protecting other innocent lives?

Turning the other cheek and live by the sword and die by the sword are taken WAY OUT of context and have become the pacifist’s call to become a spineless welp.

So what is a proper biblical Christian response to owning weapons, and using deadly force to protect yourself and others?


Ray Gano’s Latest Book

Survive The Coming Storm
Weaponize – When A Gun Isn’t The Answer



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